‘10-Foot-Tall People’: Rare Discovery Made by Archeologists In Nevada Cave

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It’s almost certain that you’ve read or heard in mythology, folklore, or even the bible that giants once roamed the Earth. As the popular saying goes, there’s never smoke without fire and recent evidence does confirm that there might be some truth to this claim.

In Nevada, USA, researchers discovered incredible human remains, with skeletons reaching heights of up to 10 feet tall!

Unearthing Giants: Ancient Discoveries Spark New Mysteries

These giant bodies, some even mummified, were also found to have striking red hair. Isn’t that jaw-dropping?

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This new-found discovery has reignited the popular belief that has lingered for generations that a long-forgotten race of humans once inhabited southwestern America.

Legends Of Thr Si-Te-Cah: Ancient Tales Of Cannibalistic Giants

According to the Paiute, a tribe that lived in Nevada ages ago told stories about red-haired, cannibalistic giants called the Si-Te-Cah who traveled from a distant land down to America.

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These giants were said to have come from a faraway island, crossing the ocean on rafts made of reeds. They became known for their immense height, extraordinary strength, and fierce cruelty, standing out from ordinary people.

The Lovelock Cave Discovery Of 1911

A discovery back in 1911 ignited the fire of curiosity even further. While some miners were digging for bat guano (an important ingredient in fertilizer) in a cave near the city of Lovelock, Nevada, they stumbled upon a trove of absurd objects.

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This sparked two official excavations in 1912 and then in 1924, which led to the recovery of thousands of artifacts.

Mind-Blowing Discoveries Emerge From Excavation

A couple of mind-blowing discoveries emerged from the excavation, including the Lovelock Giants—mummies reaching heights of 8 to 10 feet, as reported by Archaeology World.

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They also unearthed 15-inch-long sandals that showed signs of wear and a boulder engraved with what appeared to be a giant handprint.

Lovelock’s Ancient Enigma Hits Headlines: The Nevada Review-Miner’s Account Of Giant Skeletons

Adding to the intrigue, not long after the second excavation, in 1931, a local newspaper, the Nevada Review-Miner reported in the article the discovery of two giant skeletons near Lovelock’s dry lake bed.

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The remains of these beings measured a towering 8.5 and 10 feet in height respectively and were mummified in a manner that resembles the embalming practices of the Ancient Egyptians.

Spanish Conquistador’s Chronicles: Ancient Peruvian Tales Of Giants’ Arrival

Difficult to believe right? Quite understable but the legend of these strange beings pops up all over American folklore. For instance, in the 16th century, Spanish conquistador Pedro Cieza de León documented an ancient Peruvian legend recounting the origins of these giants.

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In his account, de León wrote that the towering figures “came by sea in rafts of reeds [in] the manner of large boats” and that “some of the men were so tall that from the knee down they were as big as the length of an ordinary fair-sized man.”

Elongated Skulls And Red Hair: Clues To Ancient Civilizations In The Andes

Also, high up in the Andes, somewhere between Peru and Bolivia, discoveries have been made of skeletons with elongated skulls. The remains are thought to be around 3,000 years old and a lot bigger than those of normal humans. Guess what, some of them were also found to have red hair.

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Some scientists claim that this reddish hair color is a result of the environment in which the bodies were buried. Others believe that it is proof that the Si-Te-Cah and their kin do exist.

How Did These Giants Disappear?

Just in case you’re wondering how those huge, powerful giants vanished? Well, the Paiute tribe has a story that explains their disappearance. According to their legend, these giants, called Si-Te-Cah, were super scary.

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They fought with the Paiute and nearby tribes, causing chaos and fear. But after lots of battles, the tribes teamed up against the giants. Finally, they chased the last giants into Lovelock Cave, and that’s where they disappeared

Fire And Folklore: The Mystery Of Lovelock Cave

When the tribes saw their chance, they lit up a fire right at the entrance of the cave. That smoke and heat got to the last few giants, taking them down.

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Pretty wild, Guess what? when folks first checked out the cave in 1911, they found signs of some serious burning right near the entrance. Talk about a fiery showdown!

The Legend Of The Moon-Eyed People In Cherokee Folklore

Among the indigenous tribes of North America, the Cherokee Nation also has tales of encounters with formidable giants known as the Moon-Eyed People written into its folklore. According to Cherokee legends, these beings were unusually tall, with skin as pale as the moon, and possessed luminous, glowing eyes.

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Like the Paiute’s Si-Te-Cah, the Moon-Eyed People were said to be hostile, and engaged in multiple fights with neighboring tribes.

Lost Giants Of The Appalachians

The Cherokee believed that the Moon-Eyed People lived in the Appalachian Mountains long before they arrived in the region. Clashes between the Moon-Eyed People and other tribes led to their retreat into secluded caves and caverns, where they eventually disappeared from sight.

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While archaeological evidence of the Moon-Eyed People remains elusive, their presence in Cherokee mythology serves as a reminder of the indigenous beliefs and traditions woven throughout the Americas.

Captivating Scholars And Enthusiasts Alike

The mystery surrounding the existence of giants has captivated scholars and enthusiasts alike for centuries. While many dismiss these tales as mere folklore, recent archaeological discoveries have reignited the debate and shed new light on ancient civilizations.

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Historically, various cultures around the world have documented encounters with giants in their myths and legends. From the Bible’s accounts of giants like Goliath to the Paiute tribe’s stories of the Si-Te-Cah, these narratives have a recurring theme through generations.

Could The Stories Be True?

While skeptics may question the truth of these accounts, the similarities between archaeological findings and ancient legends point towards an unexpected twist in humanity’s past. The allure of uncovering the truth behind these enigmatic giants continues to fuel exploration and inquiry into our shared history.

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Even if these big 10-foot giants may be just a figment of folklore and fertile imaginations, it’s still a blast when all the pieces of the tale fit together!

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