10 Freedoms Other Countries Have that America Doesn’t

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Most Americans grew up hearing about America being the land of the free, giving the impression that meant others were not. Recently someone asked on Reddit: “What are freedoms many countries in the world have that the United States does not have?” Let’s dive into their top-voted suggestions.

Selling Food Without a Permit

Do you remember when “Permit Patty” called the police on an 8-year-old Black girl selling water “illegally” to earn cash for Disneyland? Apparently needing a permit to sell food isn’t a thing everywhere.

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An Indonesian redditor shares: “I live in Indonesia. I could cook some food, load it in my car, park it on the side of a street, and sell the food from my car. Even the police would buy it.” Some people do note that it’s not legal in the U.S., they see it sometimes.

No Taxes on Lottery Winnings

Australia and Canada have both entered the conversation letting Americans know they do not have to pay taxes on their lottery winnings. Americans have to forfeit 37% percent to the Federal government and even more if their state has a state tax.

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After a commentator had the gall to defend this nonsense, a foreigner replied: “Only an American would think it makes sense for the government to pay someone to hand you cash and then pay someone else to take some of it back.”

Government Funded Healthcare

Healthcare not tied to having a job is a big one. As one redditor notes: “I feel like holding people’s health hostage is a good way to exploit people.” Imagine being laid off when you’re in the middle of expensive tests, treatments, and other crises.

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Women who are pregnant face the risk of losing their job before giving birth is another focus. A lot of foreigners think health insurance in America is a big scam. Medical bankruptcy is a major problem and not going bankrupt without insurance is a freedom many Americans don’t know.

Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave

Depending on the state you live in, for example California, you may receive up to 8 weeks maternity and paternity leave or as they call it “Paid Family Leave.” However, as a country, America doesn’t offer any paid leave.

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Parents experience much more freedom all over the world in regards to maternity and paternity leave. For example, Japan has a 12-month paid paternity leave exclusively for fathers whereas mothers in Bulgaria have a whopping 410 days of paid maternity leave.

Freedom Provided by Public Transportation

One area of freedom that America lacks compared to other countries is a great public transportation system.

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One redditor writes: “The freedom to go places without being dependent on cars, especially for simple things like getting groceries, going to work, or school. Not being stranded at home cause you are too young, old, or disabled to drive a car is nice.”

No School Shootings

As a parent to young children this one hits hard. The entire world watches in disgust as every day brings a new school shooting taking the lives of kids just trying to learn. What’s worse is that the government isn’t doing anything except using the issue to rile up their base.

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There haven’t been any  resolutions or policies implemented to prevent them from happening. Instead of passing common sense gun laws they practice “school shooter drills” that have yet to save lives. There have been 389 school shootings since 1999, according to data from the Washington Post.

No Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of many legal police tools that Americans want to see become illegalized immediately. It gives cops the ability to take your things if they “suspect” you obtained them illegally, without any evidence at all.

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Civil Asset Forfeiture in the U.S. means anyone can accuse you of committing a crime and if you say, have a lot of cash on you, it can be confiscated without any proof or even a trial.

Free College Education

Many other countries have free or affordable higher education. Unlike in America they don’t try to keep people stupid.

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One Redditor stated “instead of having the freedom to study without a substantial financial burden, you have a financial burden for the rest of your life even if you didn’t study.”

Freedom from Big Pharma Commercials

Believe it or not, pharmaceutical commercials aren’t a thing everywhere. They cant constantly advertise to the general public on every platform possible attempting to subliminally program viewers into thinking they need magic pills that come with a long list of possible and likely side effects.

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They go a little something like: “Do you have dry, itchy skin associated with eczema? Try magic pill. While usually mild, some people may experience side effects, including headache, nausea, chronic fatigue, hair loss, diarrhea, chest pains, stroke, heart attack, and on rare occasion, death. Do not take magic pill if you are allergic to magic pill. Talk to your doctor to see if magic pill is right for you.”

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