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50 Things The US Doesn’t Have That Other Countries Do

Source: Hong Kong Transport Department

Would you like to take a journey into the future? Buckle up as we’re about to dip our toes into 50 mind-blowing innovations from around the globe. These remarkable achievements will make you question if the rest of the world has already jumped forward to 3023! While we Americans are lagging behind.

Without any further blabbering let’s get straight into these awe-inspiring futuristic marvels that have yet to grace our shores.

1. Japan Introduced Train Cars

In Japan, passenger safety is a top priority. This train in Japan has a designated car for women only.

Source: Reuters

So ladies out there would feel more secure when traveling solo. And, take a ride when they feel necessary.

2. China’s Movie Theaters Setting the Bar High

This fancy movie theater in China has seats with built-in massaging features for both your feet and back! So you get the experience of a spa right while watching a movie.

Source: Reddit/Sumtinkwrung

They also have phone charging outlets so you don’t have to worry about your devices running out of battery as well.

3. Brilliant Queue Solutions at Disneyland Hong Kong

Waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland Hong Kong is more than just excitement. Yes, it’s also an opportunity to unwind. Wondering how?

Source: Quora

The rails at there Disneyland include fold-down seats for those waiting in line for a ride. Rest while you wait.

4. Some Asian Takeout Restaurants are Leading the Way to a Sustainable World

Source: Reddit/keshaal

Some Chinese and Korean takeout restaurants use recyclable plates, such as clay. They then recollect it for further use. What could be better than not wasting any asset at all?

5. The Relaxing Illusion of Nature

A phony window is projected onto the ceiling of this hospital room in England. It will make you feel like sitting under the bare sky!

Source: Reddit/Black Mirror

Even faking to be close to nature can be relaxing sometimes you know?

6. Ground-Level Lighting in Korean Crosswalks

Crosswalks in Korea are made with ground-level lighting. It makes crosswalks way safer for everyone, from children to adults.

Source: Reddit/Noobmoob

 And, especially for those who walk while scrolling their phones.

7. Comfortable Seating Amenities for Waiting at Crosswalks

Source: Reddit/fightmilk22

And these Israeli crosswalks include seats where you may sit while waiting to see the walk now sign. See some countries have really come a long way when it comes to citizen’s comfort.

8. Bus Stop Benches Keeping You Warm and Connected in South Korea

This bench at a South Korean bus station is heated, we’re talking about countries that really thought about their citizens’ comfort.

Source: Reddit/Lezbi_Nerdy

Again, the seats are not only but also wirelessly charge your phone.

9. Solar-Powered Benches In Israel

Israel seems to be ahead of everyone as they too have benches with solar-powered wireless phone chargers.

Source: Reddit/dumandizzy

When you take a break on the go, and sit on these benches to rest, your devices are charging automatically. You name a thing, Israel has it.

10. Hong Kong Hotel Offers Guests Local Phones with Hotspot Access

Hong Kong is set to reshape the hospitality experience for real. A Hong Kong hotel literally gives its guests a local phone to use during their stay.

Source: Reddit/FightOnForUsc

That’s not all, those smartphones also include a hotspot.

11. Tokyo’s Restroom Solution to Avoid Awkward Encounters

Source: Reddit/Incromulent

This restroom in Tokyo displays a board where you see the information like which stalls are currently occupied. So you do not embarrass yourself or others under any circumstances.

12. Grocery Stores in France Offer Trolleys with Store Maps

France’s shopping experience has been taken to the next level with the introduction of trolleys equipped with a legit store map.

Source: Reddit/le-iboy

Just think, the process of locating things becomes easier than ever!

13. German Supermarket Trolleys Have Built-In Phone Holders

German supermarket introduces a clever addition to its trolleys. We’re talking about a phone holder built into the trolleys.

Source: Reddit/Arakron

Now, shoppers can easily access their phones to check their shopping lists or reviews of an item before purchasing.

14. Australian Supermarkets Have Cupholder Carts

Source: Reddit/NoOtherLeft

Carts with cupholders are common at Australian supermarkets. Although that is not completely new to us but very rarely found in some handpicked groceries.

15. Wheel Repair Signal for Shopping Carts

Source: Reddit/qwerty11055

Speaking of carts with unique additions, this UK supermarket offers a means of signaling the need for repairs for a cart with subpar wheel performance. That saves a lot of hassle honestly.

16. Separate Avocado Containers for Today and Tomorrow

How advanced grocery shopping is in Mexico is evident in the way this store sells avocados.

Source: Reddit/sexsoda

This grocery in Mexico has separate containers for avocados that are ripe now and those that will be ready tomorrow.

17. Pet-Friendly Shopping Stores

Dogs can be parked in this grocery store in Finland while their owners shop inside.


This convenient service allows pet owners to bring their pet dogs along without worrying about leaving them at home or waiting in the car.

18. Dunkin’ Donuts in Georgia Offers Mulled Wine

Source: Reddit/JoeFalchetto

This Dunkin’ Donuts outlet in Georgia offers a surprising addition to their menu and that is mulled wine. We are talking about the country Georgia, not our state by the way!

19. Northern Lights Wake-Up Call

Source: Reddit

In Iceland, hospitality reaches a new height. This hotel phone in Iceland includes an option to wake you up if the northern lights are visible. So you can go see them.

20.  Remote With A Button for Soccer

Source: Reddit/Dep1385

In Peru, television remotes feature a distinctive button for watching soccer. So whenever you’re ready to watch, a soccer game show is just a click away!

21. This Chinese Bank Streamlines Customer Service


This Chinese bank displays exactly how many staff will be working at any certain time. So you can plan your visit or get a better estimate of wait time.

22. Swiss Train Has A Playground Onboard for Kids

Source: Reddit/BIobbie

This Swiss Train understands parents. It has a playground for kids where they can keep themselves occupied and entertained throughout the entire trip.

23. Czech Republic’s Train Seating Has Bottle Opener

Source: Reddit/pzkenny

And in the Czech Republic, the train might not have a playground but the seats are equipped with bottle openers. Making lives easy one way or another.

24. German Trains Offer Seat For Your Luggage Too

Source: Reddit/PlasticTreeTalker

This German train has separate floor areas for luggage. So now you can say goodbye to the hassle of tucking your belongings into overhead compartments.

25. Chinese Vending Machine Scanning Facial Recognition for Payment

Source: Reddit/Stellaeono

We don’t understand whether it’s science or sorcery, but this Chinese vending machine scans your face for payment rather than requiring physical cards.

26. Free Water Amenities in Italy

Source: Reddit/aex_n53

Some localities in Italy offer free water, both cold and carbonated. Alas, we cannot think of that here! We have to pay to drink water, even though that is from our mother nature.

27. Australia’s Free Payphones

Source: Reddit/Rd28T

In Australia, every “pay” phone across the country is actually free. This approach reflects the country’s commitment to connectivity. We are talking about the convenience of the citizens.

28. Advanced Spanish Washing Machines

Source: Reddit/Beton1975

Spanish washing machines are designed with advanced stain-removing capabilities. The machine features options for removing stains of tomatoes and even wine.

29. Some French Streets Have Condom Dispensers


There’s a condom dispenser on this French street. We think it is a timely step toward promoting public health and a safer society.

30. Spain Ensures Safety And Pleasure Together

Source: Reddit/Logical_Scientist221

What’s more is that, this vending machine that you’ll find in some Spain streets not only stocks condoms but lubes too. We can easily say that Spain is ensuring safety and pleasure – together!

31. McDonald’s with a Library Inside – Only in Australia

Source: Reddit/sigillum_diaboli666

The vibe of a library is something else, and this Australian McDonald’s literally has one inside it. Excited to visit?

32. Fancy McDonald’s Outlets in Brazil

Source: Reddit/juniorgallina

We don’t have any fancy McDonald’s stores around here but look at this McDonald’s store in Brazil. It looks like a pretty little house from Disneyland.

33. Vancouver Store’s Clever Solution to Stop Overnight Break-Ins

Source: Reddit/PapaCologne

This Vancouver store has taken some brilliant steps to get rid of overnight break-ins. As proof that there is no money to be stolen, they leave their empty cash register drawer on the ground at the front entrance. What a clever idea!

34. Contact Lens Vending Machines in Germany

Source: Reddit/t_sarkkinen

Are contact lens vending machines even a thing? Have you ever thought of it? They literally exist in Germany.

35. Tokyo’s Robot Snack Vendors

Source: Reddit/Humvee13

You’ll find snack vendors on wheels in Tokyo that are run by robots. These are just some of the examples of Japan’s cutting-edge tech advancements.

36. Japan’s Adorable Fire Hydrants Blending Functionality with Creativity

Source: Reddit/andrewface

This Japanese fire hydrant is on the ground unlike ours blocking a space on the curb. Not only that, those fire hydrants also have a cute graphic that explains their purpose.

37. Free Hair Ties At Korean Restaurant

Source: Reddit/ghost_stowaway

Free hair ties are given out at this Korean pho restaurant, so you may tie your hair back as you dine. When it’s about enjoying a meal, comfort definitely comes first!

38. Freshly Made Fries Straight from a Machine in Slovenia!

Source: Reddit/hobbyhoarder

In Slovenia, you may get freshly made fries from this vending machine. Needless to say exactly what we need here too!

39. France’s Pizza on Demand Vending Machine

After fries, we are talking about freshly baked pizza from a vending machine. You can find one of these in France.

Source: Reddit/Rough3Years

40. Osaka’s Dumpling Vending Machine

Source: Reddit/MillenniumPhalcon

Next, we have a dumpling vending machine. From this vending machine in Osaka, you can purchase your choice of dumplings in minutes.

41. Germany’s Meat Vending Machines

Source: Reddit/CaptainMcSmoky

The country that tops the vending machine competition is Germany. They literally introduced meat vending machines! They have all cuts of meat from bacon to steaks.

42. Cellphone Towers Mimic Nature in Portugal

Source: Reddit/helloitsmeyesme

In Portugal, cellphone towers have taken on a unique disguise. The cellphone towers are disguised as trees. Talking about innovations!

43. Canada’s Wildlife-Friendly Highways

Source: Reddit/OhmanIcanteven

These popular Canadian roads have bridges designed expressly for animals who might cross the roadway. This approach saves animals from hitting by cars.

44. Greece’s Solution to Prevent Caps From Losing

Source: Reddit/Tearing_you_asunder

Greece took this attempt to make bottles with caps that stay attached to the top so you don’t lose them by any chance.

45. Hong Kong’s Solution for Spitting Out Gum

Source: Reddit/nt261999

In Hong Kong, gum comes with paper. So you can spit it out on it. We all need that with our gums, don’t we?

46. Hong Kong’s Use of Projections Instead of “Wet Floor” Signs

Source: Reddit/Another_Traveller

You’ll be surprised to know that Hong Kong has already abandoned the use of “wet floor” signs. Instead, they use projections for signs. This is called the advancement of technology!

47. Hong Kong Supermarket Houses a Small Ikea Inside

Hong Kong continues to make its spot on our list with its many advanced utilities. This Hong Kong supermarket has a small Ikea inside.

Source: Reddit/BaguetteOfDoom

 Literally, the store is the ultimate all-in-one solution for customers.

48. How Korean Cop Vehicles Keep Roads Safe

Source: Reddit/augburto

Korean cop vehicles are equipped with signs that display real-time traffic notices. This ensure motorists stay informed and safe on the roads.

49. Rent-a-Fish Hotel Service in Europe

Source: Reddit/notforlabels

If you’re feeling lonely, there’s one hotel in Europe that allows you to rent a fish during your stay. It may sound petty, yet guests flock to this hotel all year round.

50. Traffic Lights with Countdown

Source: Reddit/lipoppi

Last but not least, we’ll talk about traffic lights that literally have countdowns on them. These are usually found in Thailand, Denmark, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India, among other countries.

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