Amateur Treasure Hunter Strikes Gold With Faulty Detector

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In the rolling Shropshire Hills of England, amateur treasure hunter Richard Brock achieved the metal detectorist’s dream despite arriving late with faulty equipment. His discovery of a 64.8-gram gold nugget, nicknamed “Hiro’s Nugget,” may be the largest ever unearthed in the country, with an estimated value of up to $50,700.

The massive nugget is a shining example that fortune can favor even novices with modest tools when they are attentive to the possibilities beneath their feet.

Amateur Treasure Hunter Discovers Huge Gold Nugget in England

In an astonishing discovery, an amateur treasure hunter stumbled upon an enormous gold nugget in England worth an estimated $38,000.

Source: Mullock Jones

According to reports, Richard Brock used a faulty metal detector when he unearthed the valuable find in Shropshire Hills last May. The 64.8-gram nugget has been dubbed “Hiro’s Nugget” and is believed to be the largest gold nugget ever found in England.

Size and Value of The Gold Nugget

At nearly 65 grams, the golden lump is significantly larger than the previous record holder, which weighed 54 grams. Hiro’s Nugget has an estimated value between $38,000 and $50,700, according to the auction house handling its sale.

Source: Mullock Jones

For Brock, an amateur treasure hunter, unearthing such a valuable find with malfunctioning equipment demonstrates how fortune and perseverance are equally important in the pursuit.

Growing Popularity of Metal Detecting

Metal detecting has become increasingly popular in recent years, fueled by more advanced and affordable technology and the media spotlighting spectacular discoveries.

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Top metal detectors can cost up to $15,000, but basic models start around $200, making the hobby accessible for enthusiasts of all levels.

Connecting with History

While visions of uncovering buried treasure motivate many metal detectorists, others are drawn to the opportunity to connect with history.

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Simon Beresford, who took up metal detecting during COVID-19 lockdowns, described it as a grounding experience that provides perspective on one’s place over time.

Quick Thinking and Luck

Though Brock had traveled over 200 miles to participate in the search, his detecting kit failed upon arrival. He resorted to using an older, faulty machine and, by chance, stumbled upon the valuable find.

Source: Wikimedia/Portable Antiquities Scheme

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what equipment you use if you are walking over the find and are alert enough to what might be lurking underneath the soil, that makes all the difference,” Brock said.

Brock’s Persistence Pays Off Despite Arriving Late With Old Gear

Brock’s discovery demonstrates how persistence and an alert mindset can overcome less-than-ideal circumstances.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Despite arriving late to the organized expedition with faulty equipment, within minutes of setting up one of his older metal detectors, Brock uncovered the valuable gold nugget.

Improved Sensitivity and Precision of Metal Detectors

As technology has progressed, metal detectors have become more sensitive and precise. They can detect smaller metal objects at greater depths, increasing the likelihood of unearthing valuable finds.

Source: Wikimedia/Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias

Modern metal detectors also have discrimination features that can distinguish between types of metals, allowing users to screen out undesirable trash metals.

GPS and Mapping Integration

Many new metal detectors integrate GPS functionality, allowing users to map and track their searches. Detectorists can log the locations of finds, coverage areas, and areas still to be searched.

Source: Wikimedia/Douglas Delgado de Souza

Some provide turn-by-turn navigation to guide users to new search locations. These integrated mapping features make the detection process organized and methodical.

Accessibility and Affordability of Metal Detecting

While high-end professional metal detectors can cost up to $15,000, newer models at lower price points have made the hobby more accessible.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Basic starter kits are available for a few hundred dollars. The increased affordability allows more casual hobbyists and newcomers to get involved in metal detecting.

Online Resources and Communities for Metal Detector Enthusiasts

The rise of the Internet and online video platforms like YouTube have provided additional support for metal detectors.

Source: Wikimedia/Superchilum

Tutorials, reviews, and video channels are dedicated to the hobby. Online forums and communities allow detectorists to share experiences, get advice, buy and sell equipment, and connect with fellow hobbyists.

Metal Detecting is an Escape and Adventure

For other enthusiasts, metal detecting offers an opportunity to escape everyday life and experience adventure. The thrill of not knowing what might lie just beneath the soil provides excitement and a connection with nature.

Source: Wikimedia/Portable Antiquities Scheme

“You can feel the centuries of people before you and you’re just here for your amount of time, then you’re gone. It’s quite grounding,” said Simon Beresford, who took up the hobby during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Looking To Get Started As A Metal Detector?

To get started with metal detecting as a hobby, there are a few essential pieces of equipment and some helpful tips for beginners.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In addition to a metal detector, useful gear includes a shovel or small garden trowel for digging once a target has been located, as well as bags or pouches to store any items found while detecting.

Start With Already Explored Areas

When getting started, newcomers to this pastime should begin detecting areas that have already been searched before, such as public parks, playgrounds, or recreational areas.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

More experienced detectorists often gain permission from private landowners to search agricultural land, pastures, or wooded areas.

It’s Not All In The Equipment

While the possibility of uncovering treasure fuels metal detector hobbyists, Brock’s story shows that skill and persistence can triumph over limitations.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His nugget find proves that significant discoveries are still possible, even with faulty equipment and late arrival. Stories like his will likely inspire more amateur detectorists to take up the hobby. But ultimately, it is a combination of luck, timing and commitment that leads to success. 

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