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Groundhog Rescued from Woman’s Car by Car Wash Employees

Source: Facebook JiffyLubeIndy

A surprising discovery awaited a car owner at a Fort Wayne, Indiana car wash. What began as a simple trip to remove a dead bird from her front grille turned into a wild encounter with a live groundhog. The carwash workers, hoping to lend a helping hand, called in the assistance of employees from a neighboring Jiffy Lube workshop when they found the unexpected furry visitor.

Brining In Extra Help

The Jiffy Lube staff, along with the carwash employees, were taken aback by the unusual situation. They quickly realized that they would need to dismantle the vehicle to safely free the groundhog. However, the determined critter made a daring attempt to escape, making their task even more challenging.

Source: Facebook JiffyLubeIndy

They had to remove the front skid-plate to give the groundhog enough space to leave the engine bay.

Not Quite!

The adventure didn’t end there. The groundhog ran to the back of the car and hopped up into the rear suspension, requiring the removal of the left rear tire to finally set him free.

Source: Facebook JiffyLubeIndy

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the car owner was not charged for the rescue services. However, the mischievous groundhog had caused some damage by chewing through wiring, resulting in a $500 repair bill.

He Did Want To Leave His “Warm Space”

The resilient groundhog, affectionately named “Mike” by the staff, was handed over to a Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control officer for further care and assessment.

Source: Facebook JiffyLubeIndy

Community Support

The local community on Facebook were delighted to see this cute story with a happy ending.

Source: Facebook JiffyLubeIndy

One local resident joked: “How’d he expect to find a shadow in there?” Another commented: “He’s so cute”.

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