Century-Old Notre Dame College Closes Amid Financial Struggles and Declining Enrollment

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Notre Dame College is one of the most prestigious institutions of centuries-old Roman Catholics. Recently, the administration was notified to close the college in Ohio due to impending loans and financial issues. The shutdown of the college posed many questions and concerns within the higher education community.

What Is The Structure of Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College has on-campus housing and boarding facilities. It is expensive and difficult to afford.

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Notre Dame College is faith-based under Roman Catholics. From 2001, school enrolment doubled. 37% of college entree declined after 2014.

The Statement By the Administration About the Closure

The administration has stated that we are saddened to notify you of this decision. We are trying our best to help our students continue their education.

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The Interim President, John Smetanka, asserted, “Our fundamental objective is to keep enlightening students, and the institution will extend this purpose through collaboration with other colleges and universities.

Number of Students at Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College has 1248 students in 2021-2022. After Covid-19, the number of students has declined steeply.

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Notre Dame College was founded in 1922 as a women’s college, which later on became a coeducational institute in 2001.

Reasons Behind Low Enrolment in Notre Dame College

The most important factor behind the closure of college is the rising cost and tuition fees. The year’s tuition is $31,950. It would be a calculated sum of $127,800 without any increase to complete a 4-years Bachelor’s degree program.

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Price is the major reason why many parents do not choose this college anymore. The high cost of college fees has restricted the enrolments. The decisive role behind the closure of the college is the inaccessibility for the average American parent.

Covid-19 a Pandemic For Many Businesses

Covid-19 proved a tipping point. After COVID-19, the college declined due to managerial issues and economic decline.

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Many online education forums have opened. It also impacted the functioning of higher education institutes.

How the Administration Managed to Facilitate Students Enrolled at Notre Dame College

The administration managed to talk with nearby institutions to accommodate their students and encourage them to continue their education. The mission of providing facilities to educate all students will continue as per their commitments and education regulations.

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Nine schools have promised to enroll the students from Notre Dame College. These schools have guaranteed admissions for those who have completed 60 credit hours. As per the policy of these schools, all students will get equal financial aid as they were getting at their previous college, and their credits will also be shifted.

Rachel Burns’s Views About the Decline of College

Rachel Burns is a senior policy analyst at SHEEO. She has policy expertise in higher education.

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She told The Hechinger Report that “It’s not about the financial corruption or mismanagement of funds. It is about the declining enrolments in the college”. The declined enrollments couldn’t further improve the college’s functioning.

What Efforts Did Notre Dame College Make to Save the Closure

As per the Board of Trustees claims, they have worked hard to save the college. There have been established efforts to inform authorities and raise the voice of the college.

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Among those efforts is the struggle to raise avenues by working with major donors and stakeholders. Additionally, they have launched a Centennial fundraising campaign to save the college from shutdown. Trustee said that they have used Federal and State COVID-19 relief funds strategically to continue the mission of Notre Dame College. Among those efforts, they worked with two higher education institutions for a possible merger or acquisition.

The Partners Willing to Enroll Students

There are nine partners who have agreed to teach the students of Notre Dame College. Among those partners, the potential names are below;

Baldwin Wallace University

Cleveland State University

Hiram College

John Carroll University

Kent State University

Lake Erie College

Ursuline College

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All these colleges and universities will help them to keep students’ education going on, as stated by the trustees.

Expressions of Some Students About the Closure of the College

Ryan Maslay said, “He is devastated and heartbroken because it is difficult for him to continue and keep composure.

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Carson Heidecker, an NDC student, said that it sucks to think that we are not going to see a lot of people again. Lots of memories and friendships will end with this closure.

Optimism Amidst Pessimism

College trustees stand high while reporting that the “Board of Trustees” remain obliged and thankful for all the help and funds from partners who aided Notre Dame College.

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The press release also stated that Notre Dame College has contributed 5000 alumni and left a positive legacy in the past, present, and future.

Notre Dame College’s Debt Exceeded $10 Million

In November, the President of Notre Dame College resigned when the debt exceeded $10 million. The resignation surfaced the speculations about the financial vibrancy of Notre Dame College.

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In these circumstances, the college tried to continue, but the stark reality of the financial burden forced the college to shut down the operation.

Closure is a Symbol of Erasure

The closure of the college highlights the removal of a century of service by Notre Dame in higher education.

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The sudden closure is not an abrupt move but the consequence of persistent issues like demographic shifts in the area and the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19.

Declining Situation of Higher Education in the United States

The closure of college is not an isolated instance but a reflection that higher education is at a stalling position in the United States due to external factors like high inflation and low affordability of the masses.

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This incident raises concerns about higher education that demand strategic planning and careful consideration.

Administrative Lapse or External Factors?

Colleges in America are run by bad administration. The administration has low concerns about the declining enrolments and financial issues. As enrollment in Notre Dame College has been at a low since 2014, the administration couldn’t take substantial steps and measures before COVID-19.

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Colleges suddenly hike the tuition price When they can’t make the designated sources and management. These issues combined caused the closure of Notre Dame College.

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