Couple Adopts Seven Siblings After Already Raising Five Kids

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Life is full of surprises, and Gary and Pam Willis experienced just that when they made the spontaneous decision to adopt multiple children. Their incredible story quickly went viral on social media, capturing the attention of people all over the world.

Pam and Gary’s Early Life Together: A Journey of Love and Growth

Pam and Gary tied the knot at a young age, with Pam being just 16 and Gary 18. Despite their youth, they had big dreams and even discussed having 10 children. Little did they know, their journey to parenthood would take an unexpected turn.

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In a twist of fate, the happy couple had no idea that their simple act of kindness would catapult them to social media stardom three decades later. Little did they know that their inspiring gesture would capture the hearts of thousands and spark a wave of compassion in others.

Starting a Family: Embarking on the Journey of Parenthood

Pam and Gary wasted no time in pursuing their dreams of starting a family and building their careers. Pam’s desire to become a mother was unparalleled, and she was blessed with the arrival of their babies right away. Meanwhile, Gary enlisted in the Navy, while Pam embarked on her journey of becoming a nurse by enrolling in nursing school. It took Pam six years and the birth of their third child to achieve her goal of earning a Bachelor’s degree. During this time, their family grew to five members.

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Gary’s Navy service meant that Pam had the responsibility of looking after their children while he was at work. Surprisingly, she found great joy in this role.

Pam Embarks on a Nursing Journey in Beautiful Hawaii

Fresh out of nursing school, Pam wasted no time launching her career. In 1997, she found herself at Kapi’olani Medical Center in Hawaii, where her husband was stationed. Despite the chaos, Pam cherished every moment as a brand new labor and delivery nurse.

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During this period, the Willis family expanded with the addition of two new members, making a total of two adults and five children. As a result, Pam and Gary found themselves faced with a busy household, juggling the needs and demands of their growing family.

A Plethora of Movement Across the United States

After their time in Hawaii, Gary’s Navy career led the family on a journey across various states. Pam, a dedicated nurse, seized the opportunity to work in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, and back to California. Throughout their travels, their five children, Matthew, Andrew, Sam, Alexa, and Sophia, were always by their side. Pam had already dedicated fifteen years to her nursing profession, gaining valuable experience along the way.

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Years of working as a nurse ignited a passion for a different facet of the medical field, setting in motion a series of events that would forever alter the course of the Willis family’s lives. Little did they know the incredible journey that awaited them.

Pam Embarks on a New Path, Pursues Higher Education

Pam, a former labor and delivery nurse, discovered her passion for the legal aspects of the medical field during her time working in healthcare. After her youngest child started school, she decided to embark on a new adventure of her own by going back to school.

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Pam juggled multiple responsibilities, working part-time as a nurse, attending law classes, and caring for her five children. Her determination to pursue two demanding careers while managing a busy household is truly inspiring. Despite the challenges, Pam’s unwavering commitment to her goals is a testament to her strength and resilience.

The Children (Mostly) Fly from the Nest

Pam successfully obtained her degree and pursued a career as a lawyer, while Gary embarked on a new job at the U.S. Postal Service. Throughout her challenging 3 1/2 years of education, Pam’s supportive husband and five children stood by her side. Despite working part-time as a labor nurse to make ends meet, Pam persevered. The family decided to settle in California during this period, and as time passed, their children gradually grew up and left the nest.

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In the end, only one child remained – Sam, the youngest, who was not yet old enough to live on his own. However, this presented an opportunity for Pam and Gary to open their doors to those in need, extending their home and their love.

Pam and Gary Embark on a Journey to Become Foster Parents

When children leave home, it often marks a new chapter in their parents’ lives. However, Pam and Gary weren’t content with an empty nest. They became foster parents, hosting children until they could be reunited with their biological families. Over six years, they provided a loving home, always prioritizing the goal of reunification.

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The Willis family’s fostering experience was always temporary, with no intention of adoption. However, one child changed their plans.

Fostering a Newborn: Nurturing the Future

Pam had always tried to maintain a certain distance from the children they hosted, knowing that they would eventually be reunited with their biological parents. However, everything changed when a newborn arrived unexpectedly on their doorstep. Initially, there were few visitors and they kept saying they were searching for a family to take him. Pam told herself not to get too attached, but she quickly found herself failing at that.

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The Willis family welcomed the baby into their home when he was just three days old. This heartwarming photo captures the precious moment of his arrival.

Falling ‘Head Over Heels’ for the New Baby

Pam’s fears quickly became a reality. The immediate bond with the newborn could be attributed to the couple’s lack of previous experience with just one foster child in their home, or perhaps because the baby had no mother visiting him, or simply because he was a sweet and vulnerable little soul all on his own. Whatever the reason, Pam fell head over heels for him.

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Regardless, it was evident that this new addition had a profound impact on the couple. They had developed a deep affection for their newest family member.

Pam Breaks One of Her Own Rules: No Calling Her Mom

As Gary and Pam watched their baby grow, they noticed that no one had come to visit them during this time. Pam recalled how weeks turned into months, and still, no one showed up to see the baby. This made her break one of her cardinal rules. While all her other foster children called her Auntie to avoid conflict with their biological mother, this baby was different. He was the only one who called her Mama, and she couldn’t help but feel a special bond with him.

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The adoption agency had been unsuccessful in finding a family for the small baby, leaving Pam and Gary to grow increasingly attached to the toddler as time went on.

Will He Officially Become a Member of the Family?

Gary and Pam’s journey led them to a moment they never expected – adopting a toddler. Social services eventually approached them with the question of making the situation permanent. Without hesitation, they said yes, recognizing that this was a sign from God to open their hearts to adoption. Their story serves as a reminder that sometimes life takes unexpected turns, leading us to places we never imagined.

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In a surprising turn of events, the Willis family found themselves with a new addition, bringing their total number to eight. Little did they know, this unexpected change would set off a chain of events that nobody could have anticipated. Stay tuned to find out what happens next in this captivating tale.

A Captivating Viral Story Grabs Pam’s Attention

Pam and Gary had no intentions of adopting more children after taking in the toddler. The latest addition to their family was not even planned. However, a news story caught Pam’s attention, spreading like wildfire on social media. It was about seven children in desperate need of a loving home. Pam couldn’t shake the feeling that no one out there would have enough space in their hearts for all seven foster kids.

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As she looked around, a realization suddenly struck her: she and Gary had an extra room that could become a safe haven for these seven children, a place they could truly call home.

Pam’s Gut Feeling: A Revelation About the Seven Siblings

The tale of how the seven children found themselves in the care of foster parents was truly heart-wrenching. Tragically, their parents had lost their lives in a devastating car accident, leaving the children to navigate through the uncertain and unstable world of foster care for an entire year. However, their remarkable story caught the attention of the media, shedding light on their plight. It was during an interview with Today that Pam, a compassionate and intuitive woman, shared her profound connection to the children. “I can’t quite put it into words, but deep down, I just knew that I was meant to be their mother,” Pam revealed, her voice filled with conviction and love.

Source: Instagram/second.chance.7

While Pam and Gary were both getting ready for retirement, Pam decided to tag Gary in the comment section of the article. She eagerly anticipated discussing it with him later that evening.

Begging Gary for Help on Social Media

Pam felt a mixture of nerves and uncertainty as she contemplated discussing the idea with Gary that evening. After all, it seemed illogical to adopt seven children when they already had five grown and out of the house, had recently welcomed a toddler into their lives, and were on the verge of retirement. Nonetheless, Pam took a leap of faith and reached out to Gary informally through a tagged photo, asking him about the possibility of adopting the seven children.

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When Pam spoke to Gary, she was expecting him to think she was crazy. However, their conversation later that night turned out differently than she anticipated.

What Did He Think?

When Pam went into the talk, she expected to have to convince Gary about adopting the kids. But to her surprise, he didn’t need much convincing at all. “He just said, ‘Yeah…’ and then paused and said, ‘We should adopt them,'” Pam recalled. She was completely taken aback by his response. It was as if everything in their lives had aligned perfectly for them to take this step, and it felt absolutely right.

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From that point forward, everything was settled. The two individuals dialed the provided number to initiate the adoption process and get it moving forward.

The Journey of the Siblings into Foster Care

The siblings faced a heartbreaking journey after their parents tragically passed away in a car crash. Moving from Las Vegas to California, their lives took a devastating turn just seven months later. The oldest sibling, aged 12, and the youngest, only 1, found themselves in foster care, their world forever changed.

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In their journey through the foster care system, the children eventually found themselves in San Diego County. It was there that the author and their family were fortunate enough to come across them. However, their story took a complicated turn long before the tragic accident occurred.

Their Troubled Home Life: A Tale of Struggles and Turmoil

The siblings’ struggles began long before they entered the foster system. Adelino, the oldest child, revealed that they experienced homelessness multiple times. It was a truly challenging and chaotic time for them, with scarce food and constant arguments with their parents, who often secluded themselves in their room. Adelino never imagined that they would eventually find a family willing to take all of them in, given their large number.

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Taking seven kids, especially with all the problems they have, may seem crazy. However, this man’s initial belief would soon be proven wrong.

A Sign That It Was Destiny

Months went by before Gary and Pam finally had a meeting with the social workers in charge of the children’s case. When they finally sat down together, something happened that made them feel like it was meant to be. The social workers asked if it would be alright for the kids to attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One of the workers explained that the older kids had briefly experienced a church they really enjoyed.

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Pam and Gary were active members of the church they attended, which also happened to be their own. Pam proudly served as the leader of the girl’s youth group, while her husband, Gary, held the position of executive secretary. Their deep involvement in church activities showcased their commitment to their faith and community.

Pam and Gary Devastated as His Biological Family is Found

As the couple prepared to adopt the seven siblings, an unexpected twist came their way. Social services reached out to inform them that they had finally located the family of the beloved toddler who had arrived at their doorstep as a newborn. Pam recalled the heartbreak of foster care, where love and loss walk hand in hand. She expressed her unwavering love for the little boy, just as she would for any of her other children.

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The couple then embarked on the task of introducing their toddler to his extended family, hoping to make the transition as smooth as possible, despite their heartbreak over the situation.

The Toddler’s Transition Period: A Time of Growth and Change

In California, blood relatives have certain rights that can help them gain custody of a child. Pam shared a story where a child was taken from their familiar home and placed with family solely because they were related. However, she worried that the child’s family might not be the best fit for them.

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Fortunately, her worries were proven unnecessary. While their paperwork was being processed for a span of six months, the family was able to spend time with the toddler. Pam reminisced that the entire transition went incredibly smoothly.

Struggling to Adapt: Overcoming a Challenging Transition

As the toddler was getting to know his blood relatives, the seven siblings were experiencing a more challenging transition. They seemed hesitant to fully trust that the couple was here to stay. One night, the 7-year-old child sought comfort in the couple’s room, possibly after a bad dream.

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The seven-year-old replied, “No, I just wanted to check if you were still here.” It was clear that their year in the foster system would make it difficult to adjust.

The Family Expanded Rapidly

Gary and Pam’s lives were thrown into chaos as they welcomed seven new children into their home all at once. On top of that, they were also navigating the challenges of helping a toddler adjust to being with his biological relatives. While most parents experience a household full of kids at some point, for Gary and Pam, it became the defining aspect of their lives.

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Despite appearing superhuman, the overwhelming responsibilities eventually took a toll on both their mental well-being and their relationship. The pressure of juggling multiple tasks at once became a source of stress for them.

Marriage Struggling Under the Weight of Daily Stress

Pam and Gary’s relationship was solid, but the challenges of raising a household full of kids took a toll. Pam shared that they had resorted to sleeping separately to accommodate the younger children. It was a tough time, but fortunately, they had experienced similar difficulties in the past.

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Their experience as parents proved invaluable during this challenging stage, as they knew that patience was key and that things would eventually improve.

A Multitude of Trauma was Experienced

Having children means sacrificing a lot, especially time. Gary and Pam desperately needed some alone time, but their concerns about leaving their children, who had a difficult time in foster care, made it difficult to find a solution.

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Pam shared that a few of the siblings experience anxiety when they are left alone, as the trauma they have endured still lingers. Additionally, they will soon have to cope with the departure of the toddler.

Exploring Their Roots: A Journey to Ancestral Homelands

During this transitional period, Pam and Gary had a brilliant idea to provide some stability for the siblings. They decided to embark on a family vacation to Las Vegas, the city where the children were born. It was their first time returning since their move to California. To make the trip even more meaningful, they planned to meet with their biological mother’s closest friend while in Las Vegas.

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Pam expressed that the experience was filled with emotions and served as a valuable connection to their family history. It also provided a wonderful opportunity for the family to bond and engage in a shared activity.

A Heartbreaking Farewell

After spending some time with their long-lost relative, the toddler’s family members gradually formed a bond. Finally, the day arrived for them to bring the toddler home. Pam, the foster parent, shared, “He now has two amazing daddies who adore him. They bring him to visit me every few weeks, and he still calls me Mama.” Pam also acknowledged that foster care can be challenging at times.

Source: Instagram/second.chance.7

“It’s a whirlwind of emotions, messy yet beautiful. Throughout it all, children can find solace in the knowledge that they are loved and adored by many.”

Adoption indefinitely postponed

In 2020, just as the siblings’ adoption was about to become official, the COVID pandemic struck, throwing a wrench in their plans. The courts abruptly closed, leaving everyone in limbo. Despite the setback, the family still found a way to celebrate their one-year anniversary of meeting. However, deep down, they longed for the day when their adoption would finally be recognized by the law.

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Fortunately, the closure of the courts was only temporary. Although waiting was difficult, it was worth it when they finally reopened. 

The Long-Awaited Adoption is The Official Announcement of the Long-Awaited Adoption

Gary, Pam, and their siblings patiently waited for the courts to reopen, which took an additional five months. When the day finally arrived, everyone was prepared and excited. They set up a large TV screen in the park so that everyone could gather safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The atmosphere was filled with love and support, as even the couple’s biological children came out to show their solidarity.

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The entire family gathered together, eagerly anticipating the start of a truly enchanting celebration. Little did they know just how extraordinary this event would turn out to be. It was a moment destined to be remembered forever.

Sharing Their Adventures on Social Media

Pam created a special social media account to showcase her children and their adventures. She believes it’s important to raise awareness about the many children in need of homes. Pam wants people to understand and have compassion for this world, which is often overlooked.

Source: Instagram/second.chance.7

She was proven right when the account gained popularity. Soon, people began to follow the family as they embarked on vacations, dined at restaurants, and celebrated important milestones.

Finding Their Audience: Uncovering the Perfect Target Market

Pam’s account gained popularity, but it was her viral video that truly brought the Willis story into the spotlight. The short video showcased Pam and Gary’s journey together, from their wedding to the adoption of the siblings. It quickly went viral, with celebrities like Kristen Bell and Michael Buble sharing it on their own Instagram accounts. The video’s success propelled the Willis family into the public eye, garnering widespread attention and support.

Source: Instagram/kristenanniebell

Pam shared their incredible journey, filled with ups and downs. From starting a family to adopting multiple children, their story quickly captured the attention of the online community. It spread like wildfire, becoming a viral sensation.

Mixed Reviews for Some

Despite the heartwarming nature of the situation, there were inevitably some critics who emerged. Soon after the account gained popularity, Pam began receiving hurtful comments. “It starts to take a toll… being told that I am exploiting my children ‘like animals in a zoo’ deeply wounded me,” she shared, emphasizing that she simply wanted to proudly showcase her children like any other parent.

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The siblings wasted no time in coming to their parents’ defense, expressing their gratitude for pulling them out of a challenging period. “Without you, we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you for everything,” one of them heartfeltly expressed.

Capturing the Kids’ Adventures on Instagram

Pam diligently documents every milestone in her siblings’ lives, capturing precious moments like this photo taken before a birthday celebration. In the caption, Pam shares how she and Gary go above and beyond to create unforgettable birthdays. Sadly, some of the siblings have no recollection of ever having birthday parties in their youth, which Pam attributes to the lasting impact of past traumas. She emphasizes the importance of creating lasting memories, as children grow up in the blink of an eye.

Source: Instagram/second.chance.7

Pam, who has already raised one set of kids with her husband Gary, can speak from experience. In her recent post, Pam reflects on how quickly time has passed, noting that it feels like just yesterday when her biological children were the same age as their adopted siblings.

A Joyous Father’s Day Celebration for Gary

In the realm of chronicling the siblings’ achievements and life stages, Pam ensures that Gary receives his fair share of recognition. This particular snapshot was captured on Father’s Day, showcasing Gary’s remarkable ability to homeschool their five kids single-handedly, while also shuttling them to various destinations day in and day out. Pam admires his dedication and affirms that he is truly excelling in his role as a stay-at-home dad. Undoubtedly, Gary deserves all the shoutouts and more.

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In every photo, he and Pam radiate pure happiness, and this one is no exception. Their joy is so palpable that it’s difficult to envision them as empty nesters, living out their lives without their children by their side.

The Exciting Maiden Voyage of the Siblings

The Willis family used to have a regular boating routine, shared Pam. But that was back when their older kids were still young. Since their biological children moved out, they haven’t been out on the water as often. However, they recently decided to change that and took their adopted children on a boating adventure. The result? An absolutely adorable picture that perfectly captures the fun-filled family outing. Pam excitedly shared, “Yesterday, we had our very first boating trip with all the kids!”

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Pam expressed her long-standing desire to have summers off and spend quality time with her children. She yearned for the opportunity to be fully present in their lives, day in and day out.

An Exciting Summer Schedule

Pam is living her dream of spending quality time with her kids during their summer break. Ruby, in particular, has managed to save up enough money for a plane ticket to Vegas, where she will reunite with her cousins. Meanwhile, Pam and Gary are taking the rest of the siblings to see the majestic redwoods. Additionally, a few of them have also made plans to attend summer camp. It’s going to be an exciting and eventful summer for the whole family.

Source: Instagram/second.chance.7

Pam and Gary are well aware of their jam-packed schedule, but they understand the importance of making the most out of every moment in life.

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