Cyber Claus – Tesla CyberTruck Going Christmas Tree Shopping

Source: Twitter: niccruzpatane

The hotly-anticipated Cybertruck is here and it’s already been put to good use! However, the internet has picked up on some obvious flaws.

Take The Truck

NicCrusPatane on twitter spotted this Tesla Cybertruck doing a spot of Christmas tree shopping in Granite Bay, California.

Source: Twitter: niccruzpatane

On top of the car already been viral, this photo has certainly caught the attention on social media

Reddit Has Spoken

One of the main comments alludes to the fact that the trucks bed looks to be a touch too small to haul anything of significances

Source: Reddit

Is the Christmas tree on the truck a 10 ft tall one or is the bed of the cyber truck really too small?

What Else Can You Fit In It

Another image has been circulating social media comparing another object

Source: Twitter

What Are The Measurements

So how big is the bed of the truck and how does it compare to its competition? During Tesla’s Q2 earning report, the measurements were revealed outlining a bed longer than six feet.

Source: Twitter: niccruzpatane

As for competition, the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning are only 4.5 and 5.5 feet long. However, the awkwardly angled bed could cause issues for placing large objectives in them

The Holiday Season Is Coming

With the holiday’s just around the corner, those who are lucky to get their allocation will be able to do all the holiday shopping in the new CyberTruck.

Source: Twitter: niccruzpatane

They just might have to plan exactly what they are going to buy and hope it fits!

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