Dangerous Cookies Recalled Due to Undeclared Peanut Content

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A convenience store chain based out of Michigan has recalled hundreds of units of a popular no-bake cookie product over major concerns that the snacks could trigger life-threatening allergic reactions in unsuspecting consumers.

On Friday, Wesco, Inc. issued a voluntary recall for 750 packages of its name-brand Mint No Bake Cookie Bites. The company said the cookies may contain undeclared peanuts – an oversight that could prove dangerous or even deadly for those with peanut allergies if consumed.

Overview of the Cookie Recall

Wesco, Inc. recently issued a voluntary recall of 750 units of its Mint No Bake Cookie Bites. The company discovered that the product contained peanut butter despite the ingredient not being declared on the packaging.

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The recalled items were sold in 9-ounce plastic cups at Wesco convenience stores in Michigan. The cups featured a “sell-thru” date between March 15, 2024 and March 18, 2024, and the UPC 750308040474.

Potential Health Risk

For those with peanut allergies, consuming mislabeled cookie bites could lead to a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.

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Symptoms may include hives, rash, tingling mouth, swelling of the face or throat, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, and difficulty breathing. Currently, no illnesses have been reported in connection with the recall. However, Wesco urges consumers to return the affected products for a full refund.

What Should You Do?

If you purchased Mint No Bake Cookie Bites from Wesco with the specified “sell-thru” dates and UPC, do not eat them. Return the items to where you bought them for a refund.

Source: Reddit

You can also contact Wesco directly with any questions at 231-719-4385 or Double-checking ingredient labels and being extremely cautious for those with peanut allergies is always a good idea.

How the Mix-Up Happened

Wesco initiated the recall after discovering that peanut butter cookies were incorrectly packaged in containers meant for mint cookies.

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An internal investigation found that the error was caused by a glitch in the company’s new production software. Although no illnesses have been reported, Wesco warns customers of the potential danger.

Responsibility to Inform

Food producers are responsible for labelling products with allergen warnings to protect consumer safety accurately.

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In this case, Wesco failed to account for peanut ingredients in their packaging and labeling properly. While unintentional, this oversight put the health of peanut allergy sufferers at risk.

Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction

Consuming peanuts may lead to the outbreak of raised, red patches and welts on the skin, often accompanied by severe itching. Facial swelling, especially around the eyes and lips, is also common.

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Ingesting peanuts can irritate the stomach and intestines, resulting in cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The body attempts to expel the peanuts before they can be fully absorbed quickly.

Product Dates and Labels

According to the recall notice, the recalled products were labeled with “sell-thru” dates within a 4-day period: March 15, March 16, March 17 and March 18, 2024.

Source: Reddit

These dates can be found on the product packaging to determine if your purchase is part of the recall. The UPC number 750308040474 is also printed on the product packaging and can be used to identify the affected items.

Other Recent Allergen-Related Recalls

Some recent recalls have been serious enough to be potentially life-threatening, especially for those with allergies. In January 2024, Byrne Dairy recalled lots of its chocolate ice cream after discovering it may have contained undeclared peanuts.

Source: Byrne Dairy

The company warned consumers with peanut allergies risked a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they ate the affected ice cream. Fortunately, no illnesses were reported in that case either.

Weekly Recalls on Consumables

Nearly every week, some food product is recalled due to undeclared allergens that pose risks to consumers.

Source: Food Allergy Research and Resource Program

Often, the issues arise from problems with new equipment or changes in manufacturing processes, as in the case of Wesco’s cookie recall. Other times, mislabeling or cross-contamination in processing facilities have been to blame.

A Matter of Life and Death

For those with allergies, consuming even a small amount of allergenic food can be extremely dangerous.

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The proteins in foods like peanuts, milk, eggs, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and shellfish can trigger an immune system reaction and lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction. Epinephrine injections, like EpiPens, must be administered quickly to prevent a potentially fatal outcome.

Tips for Avoiding Allergen Exposure

Carefully check the ingredient list and any allergen warnings on product packaging before purchasing or consuming the item.

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Consumers should also be wary of bulk bins, self-serve areas, and unlabeled products with higher cross-contamination risks.

The Recall Notice is Vital for All Consumers

While no one has fallen ill, Wesco is taking the right steps by pulling the products and warning consumers. Heeding the recall notice is vital for those with the affected cookies.


Even if someone isn’t allergic themselves, they may serve the treats to a child or friend who is. Thankfully, full refunds are available, but anaphylaxis is not.

What is The Impact of The Wesco Recall?

The recall impacts Wesco’s reputation and sales. The undeclared allergen issue and resulting recall show a lapse in Wesco’s quality control or supplier oversight.

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Consumers may lose some trust in the brand and be cautious about purchasing Wesco products again. The recall also removes the affected products from store shelves, impacting short-term sales.

Careful Checks Are Needed

The recall of Wesco Mint No Bake Cookie Bites is an important reminder for food manufacturers to carefully check ingredients and labeling to prevent serious harm to consumers.

Source: Instagram/gowesco

While no illnesses have been reported so far, the error demonstrates the ever-present danger of allergen cross-contamination.

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