Democrats Poised To Take Over House Amid Mike Johnson Ouster Threat

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to remove a vacant resolution against House Speaker Mike Johnson. This could present a chance for Democrats to seek compromises from the Louisiana Republican.

But if Johnson is removed, a Democrat might become the new speaker and conservatives are worried about this. On Friday, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, filed a motion for a vote to decide if Mike Johnson should be removed from his leadership role.

House Republicans Split Over Funding Bill

Greene’s motion came after Johnson endorsed a bill to fund the federal government and by doing so, prevent a shutdown. However, many of the GOP’s most conservative lawmakers didn’t support Johnson’s move.

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More than half of the Republican group in the House disagreed with GOP Speaker Mike Johnson’s omnibus funding bill. They are not in support of his plan to prevent a shutdown before Friday’s deadline. The House voted on the bill broker by Johnson on Friday, and it passed with 286 votes for and 134 against.

$1.2 trillion Funding Bill Labeled A ‘Swamp Omnibus’

The bill needed at least 280 votes to pass. Although it got support from both parties to move to the Senate, 112 Republicans and 22 Democrats voted against it. Only 101 of Johnson’s fellow party members supported the bill.

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Some conservative lawmakers and critics alike are not in support of the $1.2 trillion government funding bill. The bill has also been labeled a “swamp omnibus” by many. This is because the bill is lacking in clarity and doesn’t stick to the GOP’s usual preference for more focused spending.

Potential Government Shutdown Looms If Bill Isn’t Passed

If the bill isn’t passed, there’s a chance the government could shut down this weekend. Although the bill still needs approval from the Senate, President Joe Biden has promised to sign it into law quickly once Congress passes it before the deadline.

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The discussion focuses on key matters such as funding for defense, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. It also involves controversial topics like immigration policy and environmental protections.

Budget Size Sparks Partisan Divide

Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on how big the budget should be. Conservatives want to cut spending to lower the national debt, while progressives want to spend more on social programs and fighting climate change.

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Republicans are also unhappy with the money allocated for border security in the bill. They think it’s not enough to solve many important problems. While the bill would make some improvements, it would also reduce funding for the border wall.

Johnson Accused Of Betraying Republican Voters

Greene told reporters it was “more of a warning” for Johnson, accusing him of a “betrayal” of Republican voters. Although a vote isn’t expected soon, the resolution puts Johnson in a tight spot as he prepares future bills.

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Specifically, he’ll have to decide whether to hold a vote on a bill for more funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, a bill that Greene already disagrees with.

Johnson’s Speakership Hangs In The Balance

If Johnson votes on this bill, Greene might ask for her motion to be voted on too. Then, Johnson might need Democrats’ help to stay as speaker because Republicans have only a few more members in the House. It’s unclear if Johnson has enough Democrats who would support him.

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After Representative Ken Buck leaves on Friday, there will be only five more Republicans than Democrats in the House, with 218 Republicans and 213 Democrats.

Can’t Afford Any Defections

If there’s a vote, Johnson can only have two Republicans disagree without needing Democrats’ help. Democrats will likely seek changes on policy issues like the foreign aid bill.

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A Democratic lawmaker said there was a bipartisan majority to bring the supplemental bill to the floor. They also said many people would work hard to ensure it happened, no matter how it’s done.

Getting It Passed Is Urgent

They advised caution, stating, “I think everyone should be careful because the supplemental, getting it passed is urgent.”

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“It is a critical national security vote and arguably the most important vote we’ll take in this term. I think most folks don’t want to do anything to undermine our ability to get that on the floor.”

He May Not Want To Be Saved

That lawmaker also noted that Johnson “may not want to be saved.” stating that “McCarthy didn’t want to be saved, and he may not want to be saved either,” they said.

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Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican who was involved in removing former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, told NBC News that he thinks removing Johnson could result in a Democratic speaker.

Republicans Might Vote For Jefferies Instead

Representative Matt Gaetz has said that he’s concerned Republicans might support Hakeem Jeffries instead of Johnson.

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He mentioned, “I worry that we’ve got Republicans who would vote for [House Minority Leader] Hakeem Jeffries at this point.” He added, “I knew that with certainty last time. I don’t know it with certainty this time.”

Johnson’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Responds

Raj Shah, Johnson’s deputy chief of staff, responded to the resolution in a statement, saying, “Speaker Johnson always listens to the concerns of members, but is focused on governing.”

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“He will continue to push conservative legislation that secures our border, strengthens our national defense, and demonstrates how we’ll grow our majority,” he added.

Absurd That He Could Get Kicked Out For Doing The Right Thing

Representative Tom Suozzi, a New York Democrat, indicated to CNN that he would likely vote to save Johnson, stating, “It’s absurd that he’s getting kicked out for doing the right thing, keeping the government open.”

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He added, “It has two-thirds support of the Congress, and the idea that he would be kicked out by these jokers is absurd.”

Democrat Rep Weighs Speaker Options Amidst Political Uncertainty

Representative Marcy Kaptur, an Ohio Democrat, stated that she wants to “keep her options open.” She mentioned that the speaker she “really wants to vote for” is Jeffries. Kaptur explained, “We’ll see what happens. There have been a number of Republican resignations. They are leaving early because of the chaos and extremism on the other side of the aisle.”

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She added that things might be hard to predict in the next few months. Kaptur said she was sorry that the actions of the representative from Georgia have made things more chaotic when America needs to be focused on its responsibilities at home.

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