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Emaar Group Debuts Plans for New World’s Tallest Building that Would Dwarf Burj Khalifa

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The world’s tallest building title may soon belong to Thailand if newly unveiled plans come to fruition. The company behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the current record holder, has proposed an even loftier structure for Bangkok.

Details remain scant, but Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin touted investment and tourism benefits after meeting with Chinese and Middle Eastern partners last week. While Saudi Arabia previously tried and failed to outdo the Burj, Thailand seems poised to snatch the crown finally.

Plans Unveiled for New World’s Tallest Building in Bangkok

The prime minister of Thailand announced plans to build the world’s tallest building in Bangkok.

Source: Contact Center World

Emaar Properties, the company behind the record-holding Burj Khalifa in Dubai, would develop the unnamed tower.

A New World Record

According to the prime minister, the new skyscraper would surpass the Burj Khalifa’s height, though the exact dimensions remain unclear.

Source: X/Thavisin

He believes the ambitious project would attract investment and boost tourism in Thailand’s capital city. While some critics argue resources would be better spent addressing other issues like poverty or education, supporters counter that iconic architecture can raise a city’s profile and stimulate economic activity.

A Multi-Purpose Marvel

The proposed tower would include a mix of uses, from hospitality to commercial space. Plans call for hotels, department stores, offices, and entertainment venues with casinos.

Source: X/Thavisin

The development aims to create a self-sustaining community by incorporating various functions under one roof.

An Uncertain Timeline

Talks are still preliminary, and there is no set timeline for construction to begin. The prime minister has challenged Emaar to design a taller tower than Burj Khalifa, but the company’s founder says discussions remain in the early stages.

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Ambitious skyscraper projects often face obstacles related to funding, permits, and market conditions. While the proposal has government support, the future of the world’s tallest building in Bangkok remains to be seen.

Ambitious Plans For Bangkok

After meeting with Chinese and Middle Eastern investors, the prime minister revealed the plans. He believes the new skyscraper will stimulate Thailand’s economy by bringing in revenue from tourists and businesses.

Source: Beloved Planet

While details are scarce, the building would feature offices, hotels, casinos, shopping, and entertainment venues. Emaar Group’s founder said discussions are still preliminary but confirmed the company is interested in developing an iconic tower to surpass the Burj Khalifa.

A Familiar Strategy For Emaar Group

Developing record-breaking skyscrapers is not a new strategy for Emaar Group. The Burj Khalifa has held the “world’s tallest building” title since 2010.

Source: CTBUH

Building taller and taller towers is a way for companies and countries to gain prestige and status on the global stage. However, the strategy is not without risks. Saudi Arabia attempted a similar plan but halted construction halfway through, showing how ambitious skyscraper projects can stall.

Envisioned Features of the Massive New Structure

The yet-to-be-named tower is envisioned as a mixed-use structure, combining residential, office, retail, entertainment, and hotel space.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As Bangkok’s commercial and financial hub, the tower would house numerous offices and workspaces. Corporate headquarters and international companies are expected to lease space in the tower, bringing in steady revenue and employment opportunities.

Potential Economic Benefits for Thailand

Tourism is a major industry in Thailand, contributing over 20% to the nation’s GDP. Thailand has steadily increased visitor numbers in recent years, with a record 39.8 million foreign tourists in 2019.

Source: VIE Hotel Bangkok

A new record-breaking skyscraper would generate worldwide media attention and put Bangkok on the map as a must-see travel destination.

A Source of Jobs For Thousands of Thai Citizens

The tower itself would also be a source of revenue and jobs. Such an ambitious construction project would require a large workforce, employing architects, engineers, construction workers, and many others.

Source: VIE Hotel Bangkok

Once completed, the building would need staff, including security guards, cleaners, retail workers, and hotel employees.

A Potential Source of Foreign Investment

In addition to tourism and jobs, the new tower may attract foreign investment in Thailand. Global companies would likely want a presence in a prestigious address like the world’s tallest building.

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This could persuade foreign investors and multinational corporations to establish offices in Bangkok or expand their existing operations there.

How Tall Could the New Building Be?

Emaar could aim to build a “mega-tall” tower, defined as anything over 600 meters (1,969 feet) high. Only a handful of these exist so far.

Source: Airbnb

At over 1,000 meters, a new tower in Bangkok would shatter existing records and usher in a new era of ultra-supertall skyscrapers.

Other Countries’ Attempts to Break Height Records

Saudi Arabia once aimed to build a skyscraper three times the size of London’s Shard, but their plans were abandoned halfway through construction.

Source: Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

The building sat empty for years amid disputes between investors, though there is a chance the project could resume.

China’s Set The Pace for Tall Buildings

China holds the record for the most skyscrapers over 200 meters tall, so it’s no surprise they aimed to claim the world’s tallest title.

Source: Dezeen

The Sky City One tower was proposed to stand over 2,700 feet with 220 floors but has faced many delays and setbacks. Construction began in 2013 but was quickly halted due to building code violations and a lack of necessary government approvals.

Excitement For The New Proposed Tallest Building Structure

While the plans are still in the early stages, the prospect of building a structure even taller than the Burj Khalifa is exciting.

Source: Flickr/Tapanuth Termboonvanich

If successful, Bangkok would hold the coveted title of the world’s tallest building. However, as Saudi Arabia learned, ambitious projects of this scale can falter.

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