From Set to Screen: 10 Interesting Chandler BTS Facts from Friends

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Chandler Bing, portrayed by Matthew Perry, is a beloved character known for his quick wit and sarcastic remarks. He has earned the title of the sitcom king of sarcasm, endearing audiences with his biting humor and self-deprecating jokes.

Another Actor Almost Took on His Role Instead of Matthew Perry

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Jon Favreau, who later appeared as Monica’s wealthy boyfriend in season three, also vied for the roles of Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani. While Favreau initially auditioned for the role of Chandler, the writers ultimately saw Matthew Perry as the perfect fit.

He Wasn’t In The Original Four Person Cast Of Friends

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In the early stages of the show’s development, the writers initially crafted just four main characters: Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Monica. Phoebe and Chandler were intended to have smaller roles, but Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow’s comedic talents won over the producers, resulting in their characters receiving more screen time.

His Controversial Scene Was Cut Because of 9/11 Timing Constraints

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In the episode ‘The One Where Rachel Tells Ross,’ Monica and Chandler head off on their honeymoon by plane. However, there was an interesting behind-the-scenes tidbit that many fans may not be aware of. According to The Whisp, a scene was originally shot for the episode where Chandler makes a joke about there being bombs on the plane. However, due to the tragic events of 9/11, the scene was ultimately removed from the final cut.

His Was A Taurus

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Fans of the popular show have successfully deciphered the star signs of each character based on their birthdays mentioned in certain episodes. Chandler’s star sign is believed to be Taurus, which aligns perfectly with his personality. Known for his stubbornness, Chandler is also a dedicated and loyal friend.

He Was Heavily Inspired By Matthew Perry Himself

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The character of Chandler in the show was heavily influenced by Matthew Perry himself, as revealed by the writers. This is evident in the recurring joke of Chandler’s awkwardness around women, which mirrors Perry’s own self-consciousness in the presence of the opposite gender.

Similarities Between Him and Monica with Courteney Cox and Her Then-Husband David Arquette

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In the later seasons, the show took on a compelling storyline centered around Chandler and Monica’s struggle to conceive their first child. This plotline mirrored real-life events as Courteney Cox and her then-husband David Arquette faced their own challenges in trying to get pregnant.

He Was The Highest Paid Friend

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Chandler holds the highest-paying job among the main cast of Friends, working in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. However, this privilege comes at a cost, as he frequently expresses his disdain for his job and even explores other career paths in one episode of the ninth season.

His And Joey’s White Ceramic Dog Actually Belonged To Jennifer Aniston

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In the iconic apartment shared by Chandler and Joey on the hit show “Friends,” there is a notable white ceramic dog that catches the eye. Surprisingly, this dog actually belongs to actress Jennifer Aniston, who lent it to the show as a stage prop. It was given to her as a good luck present from a friend when the shooting of “Friends” began.

Chandler Became A Popular First Name After The Show Aired

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Before the show aired, the name Chandler was not widely recognized or popular. In fact, the writers of the show even poked fun at the character’s name, suggesting that it held no significant meaning. Interestingly, the name Chandler actually derives from the trade of candlemaking, and it gained popularity after the show started to gain recognition.

His Weight Fluctuation Was Due To A Real Life Drug Addiction

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Chandler’s weight changes in the series have a surprisingly dark backstory. Perry battled drug addiction for years, even admitting to not remembering filming most of the show’s middle seasons. He sought rehab in 1997 and 2001 for alcohol and prescription drug addiction.

He And Monica Were Only Supposed To Be A One Night Stand

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In the end, Chandler and Monica’s relationship became an integral part of the show’s legacy. It showed us that love can bloom in unexpected places and that sometimes the best things in life are worth fighting for. Their journey together will forever be remembered as one of the most beloved storylines in television history.

Most Of His Lines Were Written By Matthew Perry Himself

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During the brainstorming sessions for the show, the writers of Friends were so impressed with Matthew Perry’s wit and intelligence that they often invited him to join them. This allowed Perry to contribute his own jokes and suggestions, which were then incorporated into Chandler’s lines. This showcases Perry’s versatility and talent as both an actor and a comedian.

The Number On His Apartment Changed Halfway Through The Show

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During the course of the hit TV show Friends, the producers made a change to the apartment numbers for Monica and Chandler & Joey. This alteration came about when they realized that Monica’s character should actually live on a floor higher than the number 5. As a result, Monica’s apartment was renumbered to 20, while Chandler and Joey’s apartment went from being number 4 to 19.

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