GOP Impeachment ‘Smoking Gun’ Goes Up in Smoke As CIA Says Whistleblower Allegation Proved ‘False’

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The GOP’s latest smoking gun in their impeachment probe targeting President Joe Biden is going up in smoke. In a major blow to House Republicans’ efforts, the CIA just refuted a whistleblower’s allegation at the heart of the investigation.

The agency said claims it blocked a federal probe of Biden’s son Hunter are “false.” This marks yet another setback as credibility issues continue to plague the sprawling inquiry. Despite the CIA’s rebuttal, GOP lawmakers are standing firm, insisting the whistleblower claim is valid.

CIA Refutes GOP Whistleblower Allegation in Biden Probe

The House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden hit another roadblock this week. The CIA outright denied allegations from a whistleblower that the agency blocked federal investigators from interviewing a benefactor of Hunter Biden.

Source: Wikimedia/Adam Schultz

The CIA called the claim “false” in a letter to the Republican chairs of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees.

What Did The Whistle Blow have To say?

The whistleblower had informed the Republicans that the CIA prevented the IRS and Justice Department from questioning the unnamed benefactor.

Source: CNN

However, the CIA director wrote that the agency “did not prevent or seek to prevent IRS or DOJ from conducting any such interview. The allegation is false.”

House Republicans Claim Whistleblower Credible Despite CIA

House Republicans are standing firm that a whistleblower’s allegations are truthful, even after the CIA declared them “false.”

Source: Newrepublic

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, finds this refusal to allow Democrats to review the new whistleblower’s allegations concerning.

The Witness Already Testified

In a letter to the committee chair, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., Raskin noted that the witness, Kevin Morris, whom the whistleblower alleged the DOJ and IRS blocked from being interviewed, already testified in January that he cooperated fully with law enforcement.

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An IRS agent also confirmed to investigators that he was allowed to interview Morris. Raskin says Comer’s refusal to allow Democrats to vet the whistleblower “creates the unavoidable implication that this information … cannot withstand even the most cursory scrutiny.”

Latest Blow In Impeachment Probe

The CIA’s statement is the latest blow to the credibility of an impeachment probe that has relied heavily on questionable sources.

Source: Radio Free Europe

In February, a confidential FBI source repeatedly cited by Republicans was charged with lying to the FBI about an alleged corruption scheme involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Democrat Demands GOP Share Whistleblower Info as Credibility Questioned

As the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden continues to struggle for credibility, Rep. Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, is demanding that Committee Chair James Comer share details about the latest whistleblower allegations with Democrats.


Without this information, Raskin says, “the unavoidable implication” is that the claims “cannot withstand even the most cursory scrutiny.”

New Whistleblower, Same Problems

According to USA Today, Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan sent a letter to the CIA in March saying a whistleblower told them the agency blocked the DOJ and IRS from interviewing someone who could provide information about Hunter Biden.


However, the CIA has denied this claim, calling the allegation “false.” This is just the latest blow to the flailing inquiry, which has relied on confidential sources who were later charged with lying to the FBI.

GOP Pushes Ahead Despite Setbacks

Although the inquiry has so far turned up no evidence implicating Biden and has faced multiple credibility issues, Republicans are standing by the latest whistleblower’s allegations and pushing ahead.


The top Republican on the Oversight Committee called the CIA’s statement “false,” though he did not provide evidence to counter it. The Judiciary Committee spokesperson also said the allegation “is not false.”

FBI Source in GOP Probe Charged With Lying About Biden Corruption

The House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden has faced another major setback.

Source: YouTube

Their confidential FBI source, Alexander Smirnov, was charged in February with lying to the FBI about an alleged corruption scheme involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Partisan Motivations To Damage Biden’s Presidency

Critics argue the impeachment probe is a partisan effort to damage Biden’s presidency. The inquiry has so far turned up no evidence directly implicating the president in wrongdoing regarding his family’s business dealings.

Source: Bloomberg

The new revelations about the GOP’s unreliable FBI source and witness further undermine the credibility of an already questionable investigation.

Exit Strategies Considered as Evidence Remains Elusive

The setbacks have led some House Republicans to express misgivings over whether sufficient evidence exists to impeach Biden.

Source: Rollcall

The top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Comer, has searched for ways to end the inquiry while saving face. One option is to refer criminal allegations to the DOJ in hopes that a future Republican administration will investigate further.

GOP Lawmakers Doubtful on Biden Impeachment Without Smoking Gun

As the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden faces mounting setbacks, House Republicans are growing increasingly skeptical about moving forward without concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

Source: YouTube

After months of investigating, House Republicans have yet to turn up evidence directly implicating Biden in corruption. The whistleblower allegations that sparked the inquiry have crumbled under scrutiny.

GOP Doubts From Within

As the inquiry falters, GOP lawmakers have voiced doubts about impeaching Biden without a “smoking gun.”

Source: History

While Comer remains determined to find evidence incriminating Biden, other Republicans believe the probe has gone on long enough without results and are ready to abandon the effort.

The Probe Facing Another Bump on The Road

With the probe facing one setback after another, GOP lawmakers have started voicing doubts about moving forward without substantial evidence directly implicating President Biden.

Source: The Associated Press

The inquiry’s credibility issues, the lack of incriminating findings, and the need for an exit strategy may force Republicans to settle for criminal referrals rather than pursuing a doomed impeachment vote.

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