High School Students Walk Out As Adults Advocate For Trans Rights

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Recently, some parents have raised concerns about how school teachers are more concerned about pushing LGBTQ agendas instead of teaching their kids. It appears that even the kids are tired of this approach.

Some students at a high school in New York gathered to protest. Their issue is with a new policy that allows Trans students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity.

Understanding The New Policy

The controversial news starts with John Jay High School in the Wappingers Central School District, New York. They passed a policy that made it ok for Trans people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

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Therefore, someone with male genitalia can walk into a female’s bathroom. All that’s required is that they say that they’re Trans. Naturally, the students weren’t having it!

‘It’s Uncomfortable’

Shortly after the school announced its new changes, the students were outraged. The idea of sharing such a vulnerable space with someone not in the same gender as them scared them.

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According to one of the students: “A bunch of people from our school, John Jay, feel uncomfortable. We want to change that and give them their own spaces to make us more comfortable and them more comfortable.”

Why Is It Uncomfortable

Before pointing hands and screaming “transphobia”, some people have a neutral stance on the topic. The bathroom is a vulnerable place that’s judged solely by genitalia. Anyone who doesn’t fit this category faces harsh treatment immediately.

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It’s also worth noting that only 4 to 13% of Trans people have done “bottom” surgery. And the chances of teens having a complex surgery like that are low.

The Students Provided A Solution To The School Board

To show these teens have no “beef” with Trans people, they offered an alternative. Trans people can live their best lives in the school however they want. But when it comes to the sacred bathroom, they need a separate one.

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Basically, these students are asking the school to create a bathroom dedicated to Trans people. Surprisingly, this recommendation isn’t the first. Other schools facing the same problem received suggestions to make a gender-neutral bathroom.

People Gave The Same Recommendation In Sports

These student’s suggestions may be a great idea. How? It’s similar to other people that’s said the same thing about Trans people in sports. Essentially, these people argue that Trans women have an unfair advantage compared to others.

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To ensure this isn’t a problem, authorities need to create a separate category for Trans people. This ensures the sports stay fair and also gives these unique people the visibility they truly want.

‘We’re Being Silenced’

As expected, Trans students in John Jay High School aren’t taking the protest lightly. They feel offended that something as simple as using the bathroom can cause the entire school to fight back.

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One Trans student named Cory Pittore gave their opinion on the protest. They argued that the students were against inclusion, but regardless, Trans people will not be “silenced.”

The School Responded

News of the students’ disagreement with the new policy spread like wildfire. Naturally, the school had to address the issue and calm the storm. This message was conveyed by John Jay’s District superintendent.

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He explained the school is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all students. This promise includes both Trans and “cis” people. At the same time, they promised disciplinary action for the students who left the school premises in protest.

‘We Will Support All Their Rights’

The district superintendent doubles down on the school’s decision. He explained: “We want to support all of their rights. But we’re also going to be following the proper protocol that we are responsible for following.”

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It’s worth noting that during the speech, he mentioned that he was unaware of “the incident” that happened in the bathroom. Apparently, one reason they are against the new bathroom rule is that it exposes different genders to abuse.

Sexual Assault By Trans People In The Toilets

Sexual assault is the biggest argument why these students won’t share a toilet with their Trans peers. For the girls, they fear the Trans boys may take the opportunity to spy on girls or even get physical in such a vulnerable space.

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This fear is valid to an extent. There are several reports of Trans people sexually assaulting others in the bathroom. One famous incident was of a 12-year-old girl who got taped by a Trans peer in the bathroom.

Sexual Assault Cases Are Rare

Others argue that these sexual assault cases are used to promote transphobia. Just like shark attacks,  they aren’t that frequent. “Haters” only focus on a few unfortunate incidents and use it to spread transphobia.


However, opponents argue that these supporters miss the point. One YouTube commentator explains: “The problem isn’t how often it happens, but that it can happen.” Essentially, critics only want to keep everyone safe.

‘It’s A Human Rights Violation’

The school’s small LGBTQ community sees the students’ request as a human rights violation. “We’re human, just like everyone else,” says Cory Pittore.

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They further explained: “I, myself, have been struggling with this for so long, and I just feel like we shouldn’t be silenced because we’re human ourselves.” But will this be effective in calming the storm?

Students Are Still Outraged

Forcing people with other genitals to enter their sacred space has enraged people. They’re worried it creates the opportunity for sexual harassment, especially as Trans women try to use the bathroom.

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So far, the school doesn’t see the issue. They have doubled down in their opinion, calling the new law a win for inclusion. Furthermore, they plan to punish students who left the school in protest.

Parents May intervene

If the protests continue and the school fails to make any adjustments, parents may intervene. They might take their kids out of the school or pressure the administration to modify the new bathroom law.

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Parents typically have the power to make schools change their rules. One example was an inappropriate book depicting sexual acts for minors. Parents challenged the school and forced its removal. But as for John Jay High School, only time will tell.

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