Judge Calls Out Blatant Double Standards By The Biden Administration

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The Biden administration might be finding itself in hot water since it’s taken unprecedented steps in the Hunter Biden investigation to impede justice. U.S. District Court Judge Ana Reyes criticized the Department of Justice for their handling of the matter. Let’s see what she pointed out.

Stone Walls in One Direction and Pursuit In the Other

Judge Reyes asked aloud if the prosecution was joking because of their tactics to pervert the course of justice in the Hunter Biden inquiry.

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Their stonewall tactics were the very same ones they recently imprisoned former Trump adviser Peter Navarro for, suggesting that the rules only apply to a select few.

Many More Discrepancies

The DOJ has a lot to answer for, operating like it simply wants to let the charges against Hunter Biden fade into obscurity. It allowed the felonies against Hunter Biden to lapse unchallenged.

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What’s more, the Biden Administration moved to actively block testimony from two prosecutors, Jack Morgan and Mark Daly. Given the state of the investigation, this smells rotten.

Whistleblowers Chime In

Several IRS whistleblowers were willing to talk about the case, stating that they had motions on the table to extend the statute of limitations to ensure that the case didn’t fall through the cracks.

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Again, the DOJ didn’t pursue the extension of the statute of limitations and simply let the timer tick out on them. Since the DOJ was considering a plea, it made no sense for them to allow the charges to lapse.

Special Treatment All Around

In most cases, when a person is being investigated, the investigators take the time to do due diligence on the source and try to surprise them to make them admit wrongdoing.

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In Hunter Biden’s case, the DOJ warned him in advance of any interviews and actively scuttled searches of Biden’s property in case anything incriminatory was discovered.

A Ridiculous Plea Bargain

When the DOJ halted its investigation, they offered a sweet plea deal to Hunter Biden, who took it. Uncharacteristically, it included a clause that stopped future prosecution on the exact charges.

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Not only did it offer this plea deal, but it failed to pursue active charges that were still viable. Charges such as being the agent of a foreign power still applied to Hunter Biden and were simply let to lapse.

Plea Agreement Falls Apart

The American justice system can be silly sometimes, but in this case, it was instrumental in holding up the DOJ’s plea as laughable. In open court, the judge asked the prosecutor if he had ever seen such an immunity deal.

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The prosecutor said he hadn’t, raising the question about why he would introduce it into the deal or even suggest that something like that should be added to any sort of plea deal for a case like this.

DOJ Seems To Be Bending Over Backwards

In the American justice system, all people are expected to be equal under the law. This is why the DOJ’s moves to create this sweetheart deal for Hunter Biden are so egregious.

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It suggests that Hunter Biden is more special than anyone else. The only reason for this special treatment comes from his relationship with the sitting President. The DOJ denies any wrongdoing.

Sweetheart Deal Was Too Good

After the Judge’s meltdown, which led to the plea deal falling apart, the DOJ admits that it tried to salvage the agreement, adding back most of the original clauses and language despite the judge’s warnings.

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Unfortunately, Hunter Biden wanted it all, and since there was no settlement that could be reached, the DOJ had to charge him for tax and gun crimes, which he was initially accused of.

Impeachment Inquiry Hinges On This Case

The House is currently considering an impeachment inquiry that focuses on many issues, not least of which is the administration’s interference in the Hunter Biden case.

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The DOJ stated that the administration did not exert undue pressure on the case, yet it blocked all key sources of evidence, leading to House subpoenas to investigate.

Interviews are Key

House investigations require interviewing critical members involved in the case. These two attorneys are among the most vital links to determine what happened during the investigation and what led to the statute of limitations running down.

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Without the investigation, Democrats can simply say there’s no evidence of wrongdoing, so there’s no reason to impeach. However, if the DOJ is blocking the evidence, it becomes difficult to get anything in the light.

Judge Reyes highlights the Navarro Case

Peter Navarro was sentenced to four months in jail for failing to show up for Congressional testimony despite being subpoenaed. The DOJ had pushed for the sentence to be extended to six months.

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Yet, in this unique instance, the DOJ itself is blocking attorneys from testifying, raising several questions from Judge Reyes about why the double standard exists and what the DOJ is trying to hide.

Ridiculous State of Affairs

Judge Reyes was critical of the DOJ, pointing out how they used these subpoenas to jail the people they wanted to but decided that they didn’t have to show up since subpoenas didn’t apply to them.

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Peter Navarro is not the only former Trump aide to be jailed for avoiding Congressional testimony through a subpoena. Steve Bannon was also jailed for four months on similar charges.

Setting a Dangerous Precedent

The DOJ, as the arbiter of justice, shouldn’t treat subpoenas as if they could be ignored. Judge Reyes reminded them that if they could do it, they were setting a bad example for others.

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Imagine all the attorneys who could look at the DOJ’s example and say if there’s a subpoena out that they disagree with, they could just not show up to court. The system would fall apart. She insisted no special treatment be given to the DOJ as a result.

Justice Department Defends Itself

In their defense, the Justice Department said that it was different when their own attorneys refused to testify in front of Congress and noted that Congress had given them special treatment before.

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Congress had refused a demand to have other DOJ sources present during deposition, and the decision to disregard the subpoena came after deliberations with a source “at a high level.”

A Travesty of Justice

It’s clear that whoever is making decisions for the DOJ at this point is not in the room. Judge Reyes asked the sitting attorneys if the subpoenaed individuals could testify if other DOJ attorneys were to sit in.

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The DOJ representatives present noted that they could not say if it would be acceptable at that time. The blatant interference coming from a source “at a high level” is concerning.

Pulling Strings To Make Things Happen

It’s of particular concern to American citizens when its government starts doing things to make something happen. Movements like this create an unfair environment and shade potential wrongdoing.

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In a court of law, regardless of whether someone is the president’s son or not, they should be treated the same as anyone else. Meddling in this case perverts the course of justice and creates a bad precedent.

Less Than 20% of Americans Trust Their Government

A Pew Research Center survey released in September 2023 showed that as little as 15% of Americans had any trust in their government. This was a 1% improvement from 2020 to 2021.

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Americans’ trust in their government has been steadily eroding as more and more information comes out about what their government does behind the scenes. Pulling the strings in a federal investigation is far from the worst of it.

They Don’t Need to Talk

Daly and Morgan are crucial pieces in this case, but even if the DOJ allows the pair to testify in front of Congress without supporting attorneys, neither have to say anything that would incriminate them or anyone else.

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Both Morgan and Daly were involved in a five-year probe into the Biden family’s finances, and their knowledge is protected. They could invoke these protections to avoid having to answer questions under oath.

Arguments No One Would Normally Accept

Judge Reyes called the DOJ’s dismissal of the subpoenas “quite rich,” highlighting how they decided which laws to follow. She also attacked their arguments.

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She claimed that the DOJ was making arguments that they themselves wouldn’t accept from any other litigant. The DOJ argues that subpoenaing Daly and Morgan would breach the separation of powers.

Most People Don’t Know What’s Going On

For over five years, the Republicans have been trying and failing to prove that during his stint as vice president, Joe Biden used his connections to help his son’s business. The more they dug into it, the more roadblocks they would come up against. This final key to the puzzle might also turn up nothing.

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Some Americans still believe in justice, but this latest stunt by the DOJ has shown that the administration is willing to throw justice out the window if it applies to their supporters. It’s the latest in a series of actions that show, regardless of whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, people will abuse the justice system to get what they want.

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