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MH370: New Theory Suggests Pilot Deliberately Buried Plane In Ocean Trench

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The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has been one of the most enduring enigmas in aviation history. Flight MH370 vanished inexplicably despite extensive international search efforts for it. This blog post looks at the new theory raised by Simon Hardy, a British Boeing 777 pilot.

How Did Flight MH370 Disappear?

A Boeing 777 named MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 am local time with its destination being Beijing. The plane’s cruising altitude was reached at 1:01 am when it achieved an altitude of thirty-five thousand feet above sea level. At 1:07 am, ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System) which provided data about the aircraft’s performance sent its last transmission and then turned off.

Source: Wikimedia/Aero Icarus

At 1:19 am, the last voice communication from the crew took place; thereafter at exactly one minute later -1:21 am-, the aircraft’s transponder that communicated with air traffic control was switched off as the crew prepared to enter Vietnamese airspace across the South China Sea. Despite massive searches conducted, the airplane remains untraced.

The Ocean Trench Theory

Simon Hardy observes that flight take-off documents indicate premeditated mass murder-suicide by the pilot. Malaysian Airlines flight plan and technical log show a last-minute change to cargo including additional fuel of three thousand kilograms and extra oxygen indicating Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah directed “They were headed to oblivion.”

Source: Flickr/justaslice

By following along “satellite clues,” he says he can be convinced he knows where it is-just outside the official Seventh Arc search area-within the Geelvinck Fracture Zone trench hundreds of miles long in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Who Was Responsible For The Accident?

During March 2014, The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 disappeared when veteran chief pilot Zaharie died among other passengers plus crew numbering up to two hundred and thirty eight people altogether. Investigators have always maintained that there must have been someone responsible for the aircraft when it was flying off its intended route.

Source: Wikimedia/Andy Mitchell

Since then Zaharie has been the subject of relentless scrutiny, with claims his behaviour while flying the plane was affected by extreme stress, deep financial problems or he was even involved in a plot to crash it and take his own life.

Unnecessary Extra Fuel Was Loaded Onto The Airplane

Flight documents show that an additional 3,000kg of fuel were loaded onto the airplane just before it took off. This is maximum extra fuel that can be on board a Boeing 777.

Source: Wikimedia/Simon_sees

Simon Hardy suggests that this extra amount of fuel would have given him another half hour in which to fly the plane into daylight. The extra fuel allowed him to fly an additional two hundred and forty-four nautical miles.

Additional Oxygen Was Requested For The Pilots

The cockpit’s oxygen levels had been topped up before the flight, even though there was already enough for a short trip to Beijing. One note can be seen on the logbook that shows this top-up being requested for the cockpit but nowhere else on-board except here.

Source: Flickr/Miikka H

Hardy finds it strange coincidence that topping up crew oxygen which is only for the cockpit not cabin crew happened lastly before heading towards oblivion.

The Plane Was Ditched Perfectly In The Ocean

According to Hardy, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah – an experienced pilot – successfully landed the plane in the Southern Indian Ocean. The presence of flaperon found on Reunion Island confirms there was an active pilot until end of flight.

Source: Wikimedia/Wing

Given that the flaps are down and there is a liquid fuel, somebody is pulling a lever and this person knows what he/she is doing. These all point to one thing.

The Plane Might Be Entombed Underwater

According to Hardy, the pilot who ‘suicidally’ did not want to be dissolved by sinking his plane into a deep oceanic trench at the bottom of the ocean with all the passengers on board. There are often earthquakes in this part of the sea so probably by now there are tons of rocks that buried this jet under the southern Indian ocean abyss.

Source: Pexels/Pixabay

The British pilot spent months sketching lines of constant speed until he came across one that was unusual, and he had his “eureka” moment.

New Extensive Search Efforts To Get Underway

This was one of history’s most extensive searches for a missing aircraft. This international effort saw dozens of ships and aircraft scouring waters over South China Sea and Southern Indian Oceans. A big sonar search covering 46,000 square miles underwater was conducted using submarines and airplanes.

Source: National Oceanography Centre

In spite these attempts, the official search ended in January 2017. Nevertheless, efforts to find out what happened continue unabated. This has prompted two private companies: Ocean Infinity and Deep Sea Vision to advocate for new search operations based on new data analysis and technology.

Documentary Examines The Details Surrounding Flight MH370

The BBC documentary “Why Planes Vanish: The Hunt for MH370” unravels some intricate details about MH370. These include investigation into theories such as experienced pilot theory and groundbreaking radio technology which presents new evidence concerning possible location of MH370.

Source Flickr/Elliott Brown

These include interviews with families of victims among others such as aviation experts, former Malaysia Airlines staffs as well as current serving airline captains. They seek to piece together what may have happened to flight MH370?

Did The Experienced Pilot Deliberately Crash The Plane?

The experienced pilot theory suggests a skilled pilot crashed it intentionally. According to Jean Luc Marchand, a former air traffic manager at Eurocontrol, and retired commercial pilot Captain Patrick Belly, an experienced aviator diverted this airplane off course.

Source: Pexels

They claim satellite phones were deliberately turned off thus rendering crew members incapable of contacting anybody on land; only an expert could carry out maneuvers leading to disappearance of a plane if such is the case.

There Are Speculations That Evidence Is Being Withheld.

There are claims of an intentional effort to cover up what happened to flight MH370. Some believe that the reason the mystery hasn’t been solved is because somebody doesn’t want us to know what happened.

Source: Pascal SIMON

The report claims that the combination of the high-speed impact designed to break up the aircraft and the extended landing gear designed to sink the aircraft as quickly as possible both show a “clear intent to hide the evidence of the crash”.

Amateur Investigator Have Recently Lead The Search

Even after ten years, nobody knows what happened to MH370. The extensive searches and many theories haven’t found it yet.

Source: Pix4Free

Some amateur investigators and experts still hope that it can be found. They have used advanced data analysis and modeling techniques in order to recreate what might have occurred during this disaster. However, the exact location of this aircraft has never been established.

What Impact Does The Disappearance Have On Aviation?

The disappearance of MH370 has had a profound impact on the aviation industry. It highlighted the limitations of the industry’s capabilities in tracking aircraft and sparked discussions about the need for improvements.

Source: Publicdomainpictures

The MH370 incident has also raised questions about pilot mental health and the need for better screening and support systems. The incident has left a lasting imprint on the aviation industry, serving as a stark reminder of the need for constant vigilance and improvement in safety measures.

Hope For Answers and Closure Continues

Despite the extensive search efforts and numerous investigations, the exact circumstances of the plane’s disappearance remain unknown.

Source: Pixabay

Various theories have been proposed, including the ocean trench theory by Simon Hardy, but none have been definitively proven. As the search for MH370 continues, so does the hope for answers and closure.

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