Heartfelt Surprise: Mysterious Wooden Addition on Utility Pole


In the quiet town of Ucacha, Argentina, a mysterious wooden addition on a utility pole holds a heartfelt surprise that will warm your heart. This unexpected object sparks curiosity and invites us to uncover its significance. Journey along the road out of town and discover the captivating story behind this enigmatic piece of wood and the acts of kindness that unfolded.

What’s That On The Utility Pole?

Nestled in the sparsely populated heartland of Argentina, lies the unassuming town of Ucacha. Surrounded by vast expanses of untouched wilderness. Stretching as far as the eye can see, a network of utility poles connects Ucacha to the outside world, silently carrying the lifeblood of modern civilization. Beyond its tranquil facade, this town holds a heartfelt surprise.


Perched on one of these poles, there is an intriguing object that tells a captivating story about human kindness.

The Enigmatic Piece of Wood on the Roadside Electrical Pole

As you journey along the road out of town, your sharp eyes might catch a glimpse of something intriguing. High above, on the side of a concrete electrical pole, hangs a piece of wood, seemingly out of place. This unexpected sight sparks curiosity and invites us to delve deeper into its significance.


That seemingly ordinary piece of wood holds a value that is beyond measure. Its purpose and origin may not be immediately apparent, but it is truly priceless.

During Infrastructure Upgrade

A local journalist stumbled upon a heartwarming tale when he discovered the origins of an unusual wooden artifact. The story unfolded as utility operators undertook the task of modernizing the infrastructure along a particular road, replacing the longstanding wooden poles with sturdy concrete structures.


During the removal process, project manager Gustavo Bernardi stumbled upon an unexpected surprise. Hidden within one of the wooden poles was a bustling family of woodpeckers, making it their cozy home.

Going The Extra Mile

Instead of displacing the birds, Bernardi took a different approach. He instructed his crew to preserve a specific piece of wood just for them. By doing so, he ensured that the birds would have a home to call their own. This compassionate decision showcases Bernardi’s commitment to coexisting with nature.


Perusia carefully positioned the shelter on a nearby concrete post, ensuring it matched the height and direction. With uncertainty, they hoped it would provide refuge for the birds. Surprisingly, their attempt proved successful

The Timeless Nest of Harmony and Care

Perusia quietly observed the occupants of the retrofitted nest, as they went about their daily activities. For generations, this cozy spot has been their chosen place to raise their family. The scene was peaceful, with the nest serving as a sanctuary for their harmonious existence. The timeless tradition of nurturing and caring for their young continued, as Perusia watched in awe.


Years have passed since the woodpeckers’ home was spared, thanks to a compassionate act towards nature. Perusia reveals that the birds still utilize the shelter to this day.

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