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One-In-A-Million Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered By Miners In Uruguay

Source: Instagram/Uruguay Minerals

Almost every human on the planet has come to agree that the shape of the heart is the symbol of love. But what are the odds that the Earth itself would agree with this cute emblem that we’ve unanimously chosen to represent the most powerful force in the Universe?

What if we told you that there is an extraordinarily heart-shaped amethyst crystal out there that wasn’t carved or polished? Instead, this ready-made gem was handed down to us by Mother Earth. Follow us closely as we bring you the story of this Geode crystal that was discovered by some miners in Uruguay.

The Place Is The New Santa Rosa Mine

It was at the Santa Rosa Mine in the Catalan Area in Artigas that this natural beauty was unearthed. According to one of the mine officials, it was a regular work day to dig for more amethyst stones in the new mine when they found a geode for the books.

Source: Wikimedia/Caitlin Childs from Santa Rosa/kxyoung

There has been a lot of buzz on platforms like Reddit, where the news of the discovery has gone viral with over 115,000 upvotes, 1,200 comments, and 100 Reddit awards.

A Joke? Or Not

This Uruguay mine is close to Brazil’s border, and the basalt in that area is pretty hard. While working, one of the miners joked, “‘now we have to find some amazing beautiful stones due to the hard work we have to do here.”

Source: Instagram/starworldlab

It turns out they did since they cracked open something spectacular that has made history in some way.

They Were Just A Bunch Of Miners Who Were Hard At Work

Of course, they never saw it coming, but these men were giving their all in digging as they usually do. After persevering for about three hours on this basalt rock, they cracked it open with the excavator machine. And voila! They beheld a heart-shaped gem that had never been seen.

Source: Unsplash/Curioso Photography

In the most unexpected union of the hard work of Mother Nature and these miners, a rare mineral geode was unearthed.

Uruguay Minerals Has Made Geodes Into Various Shapes And Sizes

Uruguay Minerals is known for discovering, processing, and exporting semi-precious stones from their mines in Artigas to different parts of the world. They have some of the finest selection of fascinating minerals like Amethysts, Citrines, and Agates.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Rob Lavinsky

A quick look at their previous discoveries, and you’ll find geodes that have been transformed into all kinds of sizes, weights, and shapes, including angels, Christmas trees, and hearts. But this discovery is the first natural heart-shaped geode they’ve dug up, and they have decided not to process it.

The New Treasure

Uruguay Minerals has taken to its social media pages to share this unique precious stone that has won the hearts of many. Some people were left in awe at how super adorable the rare stone looks.

Source: Instagram/Uruguayminerals

On the flip side, others have said that it is a sign of love from our planet and a reminder to reciprocate this love to our natural home. A subtle hint of the role of humanity in the prevailing climate change problems.

The Origin Of The Heart-Shape As A Symbol of Love

There are so many stories in history about how the heart shape became the symbol of love. Some historians believe that the symbolization was inspired by the shape of ivy leaves, which represented fidelity.

Source: Flickr/Ann

Another popular theory claims that the symbolism stems from the fact that the heart holds the soul and is the seat of emotions and love. This idea eventually led to the association of the heart shape with romantic love.

It’s A Purple Pearl Of Great Price

A picture of two miners carrying either side of the geode shows that the crystal is purple, and it’s a heavy one. But, if we consider it carefully, the weight of a pearl of great price is definitely worth the lift.

Source: Instagram/Uruguayminerals

With these pictures circulating the internet, people have been making jokes about the images looking like a cleaver engagement between both miners.

How Are Geodes Formed

Geodes are rocks that have spaces within them that house an inner layer of crystals. Just like raw gold that doesn’t look as glorious as when it is refined.

Source: Instagram/Uruguayminerals

The outer layer of this rock looks like any random rock you’ll find. However, when you crack it open, you’ll find beautiful crystals sitting pretty in them.

How Are They Formed In The Earth

You can trace the origin of these rocks (geodes) to as far back as thousands or maybe even millions of years. They start as hollow bubbles formed through animal burrows or tree roots in the rocks.

Source: Instagram/@primalmontana

With time, groundwater enters these hollow spaces, and the minerals in the water precipitate along the walls of the holes when they dry out. As the process continues, more crystals are deposited further in the hollow.

The Purple Heart Is Up For Sale

It has been revealed that both rocks weigh a total of about 150 pounds (80kg) and that a bid of $120,000 has been made for them. If you are interested in making your bid, you can also contact them through their website.

Source: Flickr/Karma Enlightenment/Barrios Amethysts

Alternatively, there are smaller hearts and other budget-friendly versions of the February birthstone that the company has created that are up for grabs.

They Are Believed To Have Meta-Physical Properties

Geodes are believed to have metaphysical properties and the power to cause physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Additionally, they contain crystals that create good mood and energy to help with meditation and stress relief.

Source: Unsplash/Sarah Brown

Now imagine this gem in the shape that is believed to represent a man’s soul and the seat of his emotions and love. Needless to say, you can expect the most vibrant energy from this unique crystal.

A Beauty To Be Cherished Forever

A purple heart engraved on two halves of a geode crystal definitely rocks! (pun intended). And nothing can ever come close to this story of science, chance, and beauty.

Source: Instagram/Uruguayminerals

So, when next you face an unexpected difficulty, it might be worth it to face it head-on. Who knows, you just might find a heart-shaped beauty that you’ll cherish forever.

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