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President Biden Faces Backlash for Misleading Statement on Family’s Education History

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The president of the United States of America has been called out by the public on a statement he made recently. There’s been a lot of harsh and intense criticism aimed at Joe Biden after he claimed that he was the first in his family to ever set foot in college.

They’ve termed the president as a liar going as far as tagging him to be a pathological liar. They believe the president has no reason to lie and this is nothing but a compulsive attempt to make us believe what is not.

A Speech In Wisconsin

The president made this comment while he was giving a speech in Wisconsin about his administration’s most recent policies on student loans.

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And while Biden was talking about this topic he also expressed how well he could resonate with a lot of those students. Biden mentioned that just like a large number of students in the audience he was also the first person in his family to attend college.

Biden’s Harmless Statement Became A Subject Of Scrutiny

Of course when Biden mentioned that he was the first to attend school in his family, a lot of individuals were eager to find out if this was true. And before we knew it Greg Prince was ready to scrutinize his entire statement.

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Although Biden’s statement looked all harmless on the surface, individuals like Greg Prince who is a digital strategist and conservative influencer had a whole lot to say about it.

A Clip From Two Years Ago

Greg Price quickly got to work and was ready to counter the president’s speech. Greg made his way to X to share his observations with the entire public. Greg pulled out a video clip from 2 years ago, and this video shocked us all.

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In this video, Joe Biden had a speech where he boasted about how his grandfather participated in the college’s football team and their games. This is a great contrast to the president’s statement in Wisconsin.

Greg Prince Wasn’t Having It

Greg wasn’t having it. He stated that these two statements can’t be true at the same time. He went ahead to quote Biden’s statement and categorically stated that it was all a lie.

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Greg was sure this was all a lie and to him, this was because the president has severally boasted about his grandfather being in college, which means that if his grandfather went to college there’s no way Biden could be the first in his family to attend college. Something is not adding up.

Another Clip From 2020

Prince went all out to make sure no individual would buy this lie from Biden. He mentioned that there was another clip to confirm that Biden was not telling the truth. This clip was from a speech the president made in October 2022.

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In the Clip Biden mentioned that his grandfather would be so proud of him before going on to mention that his grandfather was an All-American football player, this means that the grandfather was a notable college football player.

Something Similar Happened In 1987

Greg knew the public needed more information and he was ready to give them. He went ahead and shared another clip from the Republican National Committee’s Research X Account.

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This post was pointing at a particular article that was from the New York Times where they also spoke about the president’s contradictory claims. Prince went ahead to mention that Biden had also made some contradictory statements in 1987.

An Article On Biden’s Plagiarism

The article further helped to explain Prince’s shared post. There was an excerpt from the New York Times article that solely focused on the president’s attempt to mislead the general public.

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This topic was one of those topics that Biden was criticized for when he was campaigning for president for the first time in 1987.

A Quote From The Almost-40-Year-Old Article

The article also quoted President Biden’s statement where he spoke about him being the first person in his family to go college.

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However, in 1987 Biden later admitted and clarified his earlier statement and told the interviewer that members of his mother’s family also went to college.

Biden Got Caught Lying

We have several people who are ready to call the president out on his lies. Dan McLaughlin who is a senior writer for National Review also has something to say.

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Dan mentioned that Biden’s lie is not just untrue, it was a lie that Biden was publicly exposed for 37 years ago. This is enough evidence that the president has been telling these lies for years now!

A Pathological Liar

It seems like a lot of individuals in the United States have come to know President Biden for who he is, someone who does nothing but compulsively lie.

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A TikTok account handled by a woman named Chaya Raichick expressed how baffled she was when she heard about the situation. She mentioned that Biden is not only senile but has now decided to add lying to his problems.

How Does He Even Get Away With It?

These are the questions we need to ask. Mike Huckabee, the former Republican governor of Arkansas spoke about how surprised he is that the president is always able to get away with all these lies.

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And the media seems like they’d never be able to call him out on his lie. Instead, they’d continue to encourage him and keep acting like they enjoy every bit of his lies.

No One Should Still Believe Biden

Chicks on The Right, a duo known for always giving their conservative views and opinions also had something to say.

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They couldn’t help but express how much they doubted the president’s trustworthiness. They went ahead to state that it is a thing of shock to them that there are still people who believe Biden on any topic.

A Sad Conclusion

Just like every other person, Tim Murtaugh, the author and columnist for the Washington Times expressed his disappointment and frustration over the matter.

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He went ahead to point out the obvious difference between Biden’s statement on being the first in his family to ever go to college and the actual truth. To Tim, it is a very sad thing that such an obvious contradiction even had to be pointed out.

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