President Joe Biden At Risk Of ‘Attacks And Shooting Rampages’

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A college professor that studies extremism reportedly claims that President Joe Biden may be a target of “single actor attacks and shooting rampages.” The professor also went to court in the past to argue that Donald Trump should not be able to remain on the Colorado ballot during the 2024 presidential election.

Professor Claims Trump Supporters May Inflect Violence On Politicians

Dr. Peter Simi, a professor at Chapman University, stated in a recent interview that Trump’s supporters could possibly inflict violence on various politicians. Simi claims that the violent attacks could target local-level politicians all the way up to President Joe Biden himself.

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According to Simi, “public officials at the highest level are in a very vulnerable position.” He also highlighted that local public officials may be even bigger targets than the likes of President Biden since “they don’t have that level of security.”

Simi Thinks The U.S. Faces Threat Of ‘Another January 6 Kind Of Attack

Dr. Simi claims that there is now a “greater opportunity” for anyone that wants to harm a public official. According to the professor, the country faces “the threat of another January 6 kind of attack.”

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Simi added that the country continues to also face the risk of “single-actor attacks.” He also referenced that the threat of “shooting rampages most often in the case of the far-right” is a major concern.

What Exactly Happened At The ‘January 6 Attacks?

A violent mob of Trump supporters broke through the security barriers at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. While a joint session of Congress was underway, the mob then stormed the Capitol building.

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The breach of the Capitol complex led to a substantial amount of property damage. Congress members and other officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, were immediately evacuated from the premises and sheltered in place.

The Joint Session Of Congress On January 6 Focused On 2020 Election Results

The joint session of Congress that was held on the same day as the infamous January 6 attacks focused on the certification of the Electoral College results from the 2020 presidential election. The election in question confirmed the victory of now-President Joe Biden.

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The events of the January 6 attacks launched condemnation from Republicans and Democrats alike in addition to international leaders. Many people viewed the attack as a blatant attack on democracy in general.

Trump Tweet From December 2020 Sparked In-Person Response

Donald Trump has made headlines with tweets and social media posts over the years. He was even banned from Twitter at one point due to the content of his tweets.

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However, there was one tweet in particular from December 19, 2020 that received the most attention – especially after the January 6 attacks. The former U.S. president tweeted, “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

Hundreds Of Defendants Claimed They Answered Trump’s Call To Action

Over 200 defendants from 40 states in addition to Washington, DC were charged for their participation in the January 6 attacks. However, many of them claimed that they were simply answering the call to action issued by the former U.S. president.

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The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) team examined court transcripts, filings, and news items related to the defendants. It was determined that the defendants viewed Donald Trump essentially as their leader. Many of them felt as if they were following Trump’s lead simply by supporting the insurrection.

Defendant Languerand Tweeted ‘We’re Picking Up Your Messages’ And ‘Listening’

Defendant Nicholas Languerand was charged with assaulting officers during the January 6 attacks. He reportedly assaulted the police officers with a pepper spray can, traffic barrier, and other objects.

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A deep dive into his social media posts showed that Languerand posted the hashtag “#MessageFor45” on Twitter several days before Trump’s controversial “will be wild” tweet. Languerand mentioned that “we’re picking up your messages and we’re listening.”

Defendant Jensen Said Trump ‘Got Us All Fired Up To Go’ To The Capitol

Defendant Douglas Austin Jensen reportedly told investigators that Donald Trump got them “all fired up to go” to the Capitol. He referenced Trump’s tweet implying for them to “make sure you’re there” on January 6 for the rally in Washington DC.

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Jensen reportedly chased a Capitol Police officer up a single flight of stairs inside of the Capitol during the insurrection.

January 6th Select Committee Blamed Insurrection On Donald Trump

The January 6th Select Committee was formed to investigate the events surrounding the January 6 attacks. The committee did not hesitate to put the blame directly on Donald Trump.

Source: Wikimedia/US House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack

According to the Committee’s findings, “the central cause of January 6th was one man, former President Donald Trump.” The Committee added that “none of the events of January 6th would have happened without” Trump.

Simi References ‘Full-Throated Attack’ Of Conspiracy Theories Online

Simi, who has also become known for his studies on the far-right, also claimed that the country continues to “see the spread of conspiracy theories online.” According to the professor, the theories are focused on “radicalizing individuals.”

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He further added that the country is currently experiencing a “full-throated attack” that is “quite frightening.”

Simi Said, ‘Violent Far-Right Extremism’ Has Been ‘Allowed To Fester For Decades

Dr. Simi opened up about the January 6 attacks during a January 2021 interview. He then said that “violent far-right extremism” like what was seen at the insurrection “has been allowed to fester for decades.”

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Simi noted that the networks involved “built a massive infrastructure in online spaces where highly emotive propaganda is created and widely shared.” He also highlighted that the “radicalization of MAGA supporters is being hailed on various neo-Nazi Telegram channels.”

Simi Believes COVID-19 Pandemic Created A ‘Petri Dish For Extremism

The sociologist and associate professor further claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic created psychological and social conditions that could be described as a “petri dish for extremism.” He highlighted the substantial amounts of misinformation, social isolation, and uncertainty as contributing factors to an individual’s “susceptibility to extremism.”

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To add to the overall chaos, Simi mentioned that it all occurred during the “most polarizing presidential elections” in recent U.S. history. Simi explained that the “anti-lockdown” movement that emerged overlapped existing extremist movements, including a movement that focused on anti-government militia.

‘Communities Should Focus On Being Proactive’, Claims Professor

To counter violent extremism, Dr. Simi stated in his 2021 interview that “communities should focus on being proactive.” He referenced the “Not in Our Town” movement as one of the existing programs developed by a community.

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He also noted that community or school-based early prevention efforts are significant. He added that these programs “almost always can use additional support in terms of volunteers and donations.”

Maryland Congressman Vows To Launch Legislative Response From House

Jamie Raskin, a congressman from Maryland, has reportedly promised to launch a legislative response directly from the House of Representatives. Raskin stated that Congress “will have to act.”

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Multiple reports confirm that Raskin is currently “working on” drafting a new bill that proposes the removal of Donald Trump from voting ballots, according to Axios.

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