Restaurant Adds $50 Surcharge for “Loud” Kids to Family’s Bill

Source: Lyndsey Landmann / Toccoa Riverside Restaurant

A restaurant in rural Georgia is causing a stir online after implementing a policy that charges an extra $50 for families with unruly children!

Is ‘Kidflation’ the New Norm?

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant’s menu includes a warning that states, “Adult surcharge: For adults unable to parent $$$.”

Source: Toccoa Riverside Restaurant

In recent times we have seen large debates about the tipping culture in restaurants, but now additional surcharges are being added for parents with children! Is this the definition of ‘Kidflation’.

Shocked Family Hit with Unexpected Surcharge

Lyndsey Landmann, who visited the restaurant with her family, was shocked when they were hit with the additional charge.

Source: Lyndsey Landmann /Trip Advisor James Karl D

In their opinion, despite the children being well-behaved throughout the meal, the owner claimed they were “too loud” and even confronted the family, yelling at them.

Customers Express Dissatisfaction and Share Negative Experiences

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant has faced criticism for its policy of charging extra for unruly children. Landmann’s husband, Kyle, expressed his dissatisfaction with the establishment by giving it a one-star review on Google.

Source: Reddit

He is not the only parent to do so, as others have also shared negative experiences with the restaurant. One reviewer mentioned that the owner was rude to their grandchildren, making a three-year-old cry.

Discriminatory Surcharge Sparks Debate on Parenting and Public Behavior

Another criticized the discriminatory nature of the surcharge, questioning how parents are supposed to teach their children to behave in public without bringing them out.

Source: Reddit

The restaurant has faced backlash for its treatment of children and its overall poor service.

Social Media Storm Erupts as Controversy Spreads

The controversy surrounding the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant has spread to social media and review sites.

Source: Tripadvisor

The reviews have become so bad, the restaurant’s Yelp page has been monitored by the platform’s support team to manage the public’s opinion

Some Users Defend Controversial Restaurant Rule

However, some users believe that the rule is necessary to address parents who allow their kids to misbehave in public.

Source: Reddit

They argue that something needs to be done to hold these parents accountable.

Critics Question Enforceability and Legality

On the other hand, some users find the policy problematic and criticize the vague language used to describe the surcharge. They question its enforceability and legality.

Source: Canva

The controversy has divided opinions, with supporters applauding the restaurant and detractors condemning its treatment of families.

Supporters Defend, Critics Condemn as Discriminatory

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant’s decision to implement a $50 surcharge for unruly children has ignited a fierce debate.

Source: TripAdvisor / gagirlsusan

While some people support the restaurant’s attempt to address disruptive behavior, others find the surcharge discriminatory and offensive. What do you think?

What do you think?

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