RFK Jr. Poised for Ballot Wins in Battlegrounds, Worrying Dems

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Bobby Kennedy Jr. has his eyes on the prize in three key battleground states that could determine the winner of the 2024 presidential election. RFK is poised to be on the ballot in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia when voters head to the polls in November 2024.

With razor-thin margins separating Biden and Trump in those states in 2020, Kennedy’s presence could potentially play spoiler and sway the election one way or the other.

RFK Jr. Poised to Be on the Ballot in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has positioned himself to secure spots on three key battleground state ballots, worrying some Democrats that he could peel away votes from President Biden in close elections.

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Kennedy’s campaign announced Tuesday that it collected enough signatures to qualify for Nevada’s ballot, while an allied super PAC said it had gathered sufficient signatures in Arizona and Georgia.

RFK Jr. Secures Ballot Access: Nevada

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is closing in on securing a spot on the ballot in several battleground states, a promising sign for his independent presidential bid.

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In Nevada, Kennedy’s campaign announced they had cleared the signature threshold to get on the ballot. The state was decided by fewer than 40,000 votes in 2020, so Kennedy’s presence could impact the outcome.

RFK Jr. Secures Ballot Access: Arizona and Georgia

The American Values super PAC, which has pledged up to $15 million to get Kennedy on state ballots, said they’ve collected enough signatures in Arizona and Georgia.

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Biden won both states by razor-thin margins in 2020, so Kennedy may play spoiler. The group is also working to qualify Kennedy for the ballot in Michigan, Texas, and New York.

Democrats Efforts to Block Ballot Access

Democrats have tried to block Kennedy’s ballot access, alleging illegal coordination between his campaign and the super PAC.

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“The DNC is using every dirty trick in their playbook and inventing new ones, spending millions in a futile attempt to keep Bobby Kennedy off the ballot,” said Tony Lyons, co-founder of American Values 2024.

Impact on Biden’s Campaign Resources

Kennedy seems poised to be a thorn in Biden’s side. His name recognition and message of hope could appeal to some disaffected Democrats and independents in states where Biden needs every vote.

Source: Susan Walsh

Kennedy’s presence on the ballot may force Biden to spend time and money shoring up support from voters Democrats typically count on.

RFK Jr.’s Ballot Presence Could Impact Biden vs. Trump Rematch

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is poised to qualify for the ballot in several key battleground states, worrying some Democrats that his presence could sway close races in 2024.

Source: Drew Angerer

Kennedy already qualified in Utah, and according to his campaign, he cleared the signature threshold in Nevada and New Hampshire.

Super PAC Support

Kennedy’s super PAC, American Values 2024, has pledged up to $15 million to get him on state ballots.

Source: Michael M. Santiago

They claim to have enough signatures for Kennedy to appear on ballots in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina and are close in Michigan.

Criticism from Democrats

Kennedy’s presence on key state ballots could impact the outcome in a close 2024 election, worrying Democrats in states where Biden narrowly defeated Trump last time.

Source: Annelise Capossela

However, Kennedy’s controversial positions and coordination with a super PAC to gain ballot access have also drawn criticism.

Kennedy Might Not Be A Mover But He Is a Shaker

While Kennedy is unlikely to win the presidency, his presence on the ballot in close states could sway the outcome by drawing support away from either of the major party candidates.

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Kennedy’s name recognition and family legacy may attract some Democratic-leaning voters, while his criticism of government overreach during the pandemic could also win over some Republicans and independents.

DNC Complaint and Response

The Democratic National Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission last month, claiming Kennedy’s campaign illegally worked with the super PAC to get on state ballots.

Source: Linkedin

American Values 2024 co-founder Tony Lyons called the DNC’s complaint “Every dirty trick in their playbook.” Lyons said the DNC is spending millions to try to keep Kennedy off ballots.

RFK Jr. Banned From Social Media for Spreading Vaccine Misinformation

Kennedy has falsely claimed that vaccines are linked to autism and other harms despite overwhelming scientific consensus to the contrary.

Source: Annelise Capossela

In 2021, Instagram and Facebook banned Kennedy from their platforms for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. YouTube also removed some of Kennedy’s videos.

DNC Files FEC Complaint Against RFK Jr., Alleging Illegal Coordination

The DNC recently filed a complaint against Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign with the FEC, claiming that Kennedy’s campaign illegally coordinated with American Values 2024.

Source: Medium

The DNC alleges that the super PAC and Kennedy’s campaign are working together to get Kennedy on state ballots across the country, violating campaign finance laws.

RFK Jr. Seen as Alternative for Voters Who Don’t Want Biden vs. Trump

Voters who don’t want to see a rematch between Biden and Trump in 2024 view Kennedy as an appealing alternative candidate.

Source: Pavlo Gonchar

However, Kennedy’s views on vaccines and his relationship with groups accused of spreading health misinformation may turn off some moderate and progressive voters.

RFK Jr. Making Waves

While Kennedy’s pathway to the presidency remains a long shot, his growing presence on ballots in critical swing states poses a real threat of siphoning votes away from Biden and Trump.

Source: Linkedin

Though banned from major platforms, Kennedy’s anti-vaccine message continues to find an audience, signaling there is a not-insignificant portion of voters who feel unheard by the two-party system.

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