Tesla Hacker Discovers Secret ‘Elon Mode’

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While exploring the capabilities of Tesla’s latest software release, white hat hacker Greentheonly stumbled upon a new mode on the Tesla that could change the whole cars trajectory.

God Mode

A Tesla hacker has uncovered a hidden feature called ‘Elon Mode’ that takes the car’s self-driving capabilities to new heights.

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This secret mode, internally known as ‘God Mode’, allows the car to operate without constant driver input.

Sense Of Humour

Musk certainly has an interesting sense of humor, so it’s not surprising to hear that Elon decided to codename ‘God Mode’, Elon Mode!

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This leads us to think what other hidden secret features and codenames are there!

Still In Beta

Currently in beta and not available to the public, Elon Mode turns off steering wheel prompts and relies solely on the internal camera to monitor the driver’s attention.

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The hacker who discovered this mode tested it for over 600 miles and found that while the forward collision warning was triggered more frequently, the number of ‘nags’ or prompts for driver attention was reduced.

What is Elon Mode?

‘Elon Mode’ is a feature that stops Tesla vehicles from ‘nagging’ their drivers. This is done through a variety of means, so that the driver must stay alert and ensure they have their hands on the wheel at all times.

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When the Tesla isn’t in ‘Elon Mode’ and instead it is using one of the brands driver assistances, such as Autopilot or FSD software, the car will initially display a symbol telling the driver to hold the steering wheel.

Free For Those ‘Who Know How

It is rumored that Tesla will make this feature available to customers who can stump up $15,000 for the feature.

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However, leaked reports in recent times indicated that FSD has listened to customer complaints regarding random braking and abrupt acceleration.

Reddit Has The Answers

For those who cannot afford the $15,000 upgrade or are impatient for its releases turned to reddit for answers.

Source: Reddit

The hacker hasn’t released how they did it, so unfortunately reddit is out of luck on how to unlock ‘Elon mode’.

NHTSA Concerned

The Department of transportation NHTSA has expressed its concerns over this feature.

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They have requested that Tesla should hand over its data regarding the secret configuration currently known as ‘Elon Mode’.

‘Elon Mode’ or ‘A Mode Too Far’

With these secret cheat modes finding their way into the public hands, do you think this is a mode gone too far?

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This isn’t a video game, this is real life and we certainly aren’t operating in a simulator. What is your opinion about this new secret feature?

What do you think?

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