Texas Sheriff Greg Capers Loses Reelection Bid Following Controversy

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Greg Capers, the sheriff of San Jacinto County, Texas, recently lost his reelection bid. This comes after a period of intense scrutiny following a mass shooting incident in the county.

Capers had sought a fourth term as sheriff in San Jacinto County, which is about 60 miles north of Houston. However, on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Capers lost the Republican nomination for sheriff to San Jacinto County Precinct 3 Constable Sam Houston.

The Shooting Incident

In April 2023, a man named Francisco Oropeza was accused of killing five of his neighbors. The attack happened near the town of Cleveland, north of Houston. The victims had reportedly asked Oropeza to stop shooting his gun near their house.

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This tragic incident drew national attention and put the spotlight on the sheriff’s office. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Francisco Oropeza, the San Jacinto County man accused of the killings.

Response to the Shooting Incident

Capers faced criticism for initially providing inaccurate information about deputies’ response time to the shooting. The Associated Press reported that San Jacinto County deputies arrived four times longer to the mass shooting than the sheriff’s report indicated.

Source: David J. Phillip

This discrepancy led to a feeling of neglect among some residents. Some residents said they felt neglected by the sheriff’s office, complaining about minimal or no responses by deputies to shootings and other incidents.

FBI Investigation Into Sheriff Greg Capers

In November 2023, it was revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had launched an investigation into allegations of corruption against Sheriff Greg Capers. The probe was initiated following claims made by Jenifer Jones, who had approached the FBI with concerns regarding Capers’ handling of her brother’s murder case.

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The federal investigation came after an AP investigation found longstanding accusations that Capers had ignored deputies’ misconduct and neglected basic police work.

Accusations of Neglected Police Work

An investigation by The Associated Press found longstanding accusations that Capers had ignored deputies’ misconduct and neglected basic police work. Some of the major complaints against Capers included the lack of attention to police work.

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Deputies did not arrest Francisco Oropeza after he was reported for domestic violence and never contacted federal authorities to check his immigration status, although he was in the U.S. illegally. The county paid $240,000 in 2020 to settle a whistleblower’s lawsuit accusing Capers of wide-ranging misconduct.

Asset Seizures and “Fear-Based” Culture

Capers was also accused of pursuing asset seizures that boosted his office’s $3.5 million budget but didn’t always hold up in court. The LION Institute found evidence that Capers fostered a “fear-based” culture and oversaw the improper seizure of tens of thousands of dollars of property.

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Former deputies said questionable seizures were common, and Capers conceded in a deposition to paying one person $2,815 for missing property, including diamond earrings.

Capers’ History As Lawman

Greg Capers spent decades as a deputy in the Houston area before being elected sheriff in San Jacinto County in 20141. He was the classic picture of a Texas lawman, often seen with a white cowboy hat on his head, a gold star pinned to his chest, a white cross on his belt, and a large pistol emblazoned with his name on his hip.

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Despite being the picturesque lawman, his tenure as sheriff was marked by several controversies, as mentioned this included accusations of corruption and neglect.

Capers Reelection Bid

Despite the controversies and the ongoing FBI investigation, Capers sought a fourth term as sheriff in San Jacinto County. His re-election bid was seen as a test of the public’s trust in his leadership.

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The public was well aware of his past particularly in light of the criticism he faced for his handling of the mass shooting incident and other incidents of alleged misconduct within his office.

Lost Election As Sheriff

On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Capers lost the Republican nomination for sheriff to San Jacinto County Precinct 3 Constable Sam Houston. With no Democratic candidates on the ballot, Houston is set to be elected as the new sheriff in November.

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The election results were seen as a reflection of the public’s desire for change in the sheriff’s office, confirming the public’s distrust in their previous sheriff.

No Democratic Candidates On Ballot

In the recent election, there were no Democratic candidates on the ballot. This is not uncommon in areas where one party is dominant.

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In this case, the Republican party had a strong hold in San Jacinto County. With no Democratic candidates on the ballot, Sam Houston, who won the Republican nomination, is set to be elected as the new sheriff in November.

Public Reaction To Capers Loss

The public reaction to Capers’ loss has been mixed. Some residents expressed relief, citing the controversies and allegations of neglect that marked Capers’ tenure. They hoped for a change in leadership and a fresh start for the sheriff’s office.

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Others expressed disappointment, as Capers had his supporters who appreciated his years of service and his commitment to law enforcement. The election results sparked a dialogue about the future of law enforcement in San Jacinto County.

Future of the Sheriff’s Office

The future of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office will likely be shaped by the new leadership’s approach to addressing the issues that plagued Capers’ tenure.

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This includes the handling of misconduct allegations, response times to incidents, and the overall relationship with the community. The new sheriff will also have to deal with the aftermath of the FBI investigation

Impact on Local Politics

The Sheriffs defeat has sparked a renewed interest in local governance among the residents. Many are now more invested in the actions of their elected officials, demanding greater transparency and accountability.

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This shift in public sentiment could potentially influence future elections, with candidates who champion transparency and community engagement gaining favor. The impact of Capers’ loss may thus extend beyond the sheriff’s office.

Importance Of Accountability

The story of Greg Capers serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and transparency in law enforcement. Law enforcement will be held accountable to a higher standard than the average citizen.

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It serves as reminder for individuals who are appointed as public officials to be transparent and honest with their work failing by which they risk losing their jobs.

The Future Of San Jacinto County

The loss of Greg Capers in the reelection bid marks the end of an era in San Jacinto County. It remains to be seen how the new leadership will address the issues that plagued Capers’ tenure.

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The publics stance that the County needs to move on from the previous era and focus on current policing issues while ensuring that Capers will be held liable for his actions.

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