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The Unexpected Passenger: Virginia Man Gets Pulled Over with Bull in Passenger Seat

Source: Youtube

When you think cars, you think horsepower. Well in this particular situation its more like bullpower! On a regular day in Norfolk, its citizens and police enforcement encounter something that can only be described as unique!

Not Your Average Passenger

Picture this: A regular Norfolk morning, with birds playfully darting and the sun casting golden hues on the streets.

Source: Youtube

Suddenly, murmurs ripple through town. There’s a car, and its passenger is… a Watusi bull?

A Ringing Phone Changes Everything

The Norfolk Police Station is used to the ordinary: a cat stuck up a tree or a lost wallet. Then, the phone rings. A call different from the rest.

Source: Youtube

Whispers start. A man’s cruising eastbound on 275, but he’s not alone. Beside him, taking in the sights, is a majestic bull with horns reaching for the skies. But could the rumors be true?

Eyes Wide, Jaws Drop

As police cars race, officers mentally prepare for a cow. They’ve seen it all, or so they thought. Maybe it’s a pet calf or someone’s idea of a joke.

Source: Youtube

But as they approach, their eyes widen. There, enjoying the car’s AC and probably some country music, is Howdy Duty, the Watusi bull. He’s not just bigger than they imagined; he’s grander, stealing the show and overshadowing the car itself!

The Man, The Myth, The Bull

So, who’s the brave soul sharing his ride with this magnificent beast? None other than Lee Meyer from Neely, a man known for his quirks.

Source: Reddit

Lee, with a twinkle in his eye, chats with the officers. Howdy Duty, it seems, is not just any bull. He’s Lee’s buddy, his road trip pal. The two, inseparable, share adventures and now, this unexpected spotlight.

This Isn’t His First Rodeo

According to the side of the car, Howdy Duty and Lee regularly attend parades and events together. For seven years, Lee has been chauffeuring his 2,200 pound around

Source: Youtube / Facebook

Today was the Nebraska ‘Big Rodeo’ Parade and Lee was going for 1st place in ‘Best Car Entry’. There is one thing for sure, the event name is certainly fitting!

Maybe he should change his license plate

In all traffic stops the police usually run the person’s license plate. In this instance, there was an error

Source: Youtube

That’s one large dog with horns! The plate should have read ‘Man & Bull’, not Boy & Dog!

A Gentle Warning and Waves Goodbye

The police, though amused, had a job to do. Traffic rules, after all, are for everyone, even those with bovine buddies.

Source: Youtube

Officers scribble a friendly warning. The message? “Take Howdy Duty home, and maybe get a bigger car!” With chuckles and waves, Lee and his horned friend drive off, leaving behind smiles and a story for the ages.

A Drive Down Memory Lane

Norfolk has seen its fair share of unusual, but this? This was special. A man, his bull, and a drive that the town won’t forget.

Source: Youtube

As the sun sets, one can’t help but wonder: Where are Lee and Howdy Duty off to next? One thing’s for sure: wherever they go, adventure’s sure to follow!

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