UFO Spotted Hovering Over Nuclear Power Plant In India

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Syed Abdul Kader

Footage has surfaced that shows an alleged UFO ‘zig-zagging’ over a nuclear power plant. above a nuclear power plant. The mysterious bright unidentified lights sighted hovering above the biggest nuclear station in India, igniting concerns about safety. Syed Abdul Kader, an Indian police investigator took video footage of the light speck darting around in the sky above the plant.

He fears the flying object is an extraterrestrial visitor, and he is not the only one concerned over it. India’s leading UFO expert Sabir Hussain, with backing from former US military experts, has urged for years for more serious action after several unexplained sightings near the country’s nuclear facilities. 

UFO Spotted Hovering 

On August 8th of last year, Kader captured a shaky video that  shows a bright dot flying roughly at the altitude of an airplane. The intrigued UFO spotter told his wife as he was following the unexplained object, “It’s shaking when it’s moving! It’s going up and down.” He stated that because of the way it was moving there is no way it could be an airplane. 

Source: Syed Adbul Kader

He made this statement to MailOnline, “It’s in a southern direction. It’s standing or hovering in the direction of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant.” You can hear his wife saying “It is always coming in at this time, when it is not too dark, nor too bright. I’ve seen this many times” on the video. 

“Its So Close”

You can also hear Kader’s wife saying, ‘it’s so close’ before she asks ‘how come no one else is seeing this?” The police officer replies,”No, that’s why the DGP (Director General of Police) he, himself, has seen it. And that’s why everybody’s talking about this.”

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There were other reported sightings of aliens on the eastern coast of Neelankarai-Mahabalipuram on the outskirts of Chennai around the time of Kaders sighting. The area is home to the Madras Atomic Power Station in Kalpakkam. UFO specialist Sabir Hussain, director of the Indian Society for UFO Studies (INSUFOS) in Chennai, was the first to get Kader’s videos.

Camera Movement

The alleged sighting may have been influenced by the continuous camera movement. Occasionally planets like Jupiter and Mercury, or theSirius star have been mistaken for UFOs. 

Source: Flickr/cmdraleon

However, these common bright planets don’t give an explanation for Kader’s sighting which was captured at 7.30pm local time, MailOnline reports. A sky map for his hometown Tirunelveli shows that Venus was completely obscured at that time, below the western horizon and below the sunset, the outlet argued. The nuclear plant is located around 50 miles south of Tirunelveli near the Indian southern tip.

Dismiss Reports

In 2019 Hussain petitioned the Indian Supreme Court in an effort to warn officials not to dismiss reports of UFO activity near the biggest atomic power sites. He said it could lead to an unintentional nuclear war between India and its neighbor Pakistan who have a strained relationship, mainly over the Kashmir region. Both countries are in possession of nuclear weapons. 

Source: Flickr

MailOnline reports that his petition was endorsed by former US counterintelligence official and Pentagon UFO investigator Lue Elizondo, US Air Force veteran Robert Salas, and other UFO experts from America and Europe. During their meeting the experts told the outlet that he briefed Kader he told him the UFO usually came from the direction of Kudankulam power plant, went towards it or was ‘stationary in that direction’. Kader said UFOs were sometimes spotted hovering nearby the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Propulsion Complex..

Kudankulam nuclear power plant

Construction for the contentious plant set off in Marck of 2002, but it was quickly met with delays after local fishermen protested against it. The fight against this plant dates back to 1979 when it was first presented.  

Source: The Hindu

Throughout the years, protesters in opposition of the plant, including children, have faced serious sedition charges. Almost 200 other anti-nuclear campaigners were detained for hours after a protest erupted following continuing works on two reactors. In 2019, the country’s nuclear power corporation confirmed a hostile malware in the plant’s administrative network, but they said the critical internal network was isolated. The malware was linked to a hacker group in North Korea.

Alien Suspicions 

The space complex and its laboratory situated atop the Mahendragiri hill in the state of Tamil Nadu are  renowned for testing cryogenically stored rocket fuel and other space programmes. This site is just about an hour away from Kader’s home also in Tamil Nadu state. 

Source: Unsplash/Brian McMahon

The Deccan Chronicle reported in 2019, Hussain expressed that he had suspicions that aliens had interfered with communications between ISRO and its Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander. Hussain told DT Next that Kader’s sighting in August happened  ‘just 10 days after former DGP [Director General of Police] Prateep V. Philip took pictures of a UFO on the Muttukadu sea shore near Chennai.’ 

UFO Expert 

In the United States, a former Pentagon UFO expert has made claims that senior officials prohibited him from releasing top secret findings.  

Source: ABC News

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick revealed he was  prohibited from sharing more details about the government’s investigations into unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).This took place after his resignation and subsequent admittance that there could be some truth to a whistleblower’s claims that the US government is hiding evidence of aliens.

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