YouTuber Installs Gas Generator in Tesla

Source: Youtube Warped Perception

Range anxiety has long been a concern for electric vehicle (EV) owners, with the fear of running out of charge and limited charging infrastructure holding many back from making the switch. However, one YouTuber has taken an unconventional approach to tackle this issue.

Matt Mikka, the man behind the popular YouTube channel Warped Perception, recently installed a gas generator in his Tesla Model S to eliminate the need for frequent charging during a grueling 1,800-mile road trip across the Midwest.

The Challenge of Range Anxiety

For EV owners, the thought of being stranded without access to a charging station can be a major deterrent. With limited charging spots compared to gas stations, the fear of running out of juice is a real concern.

Source: Youtube Warped Perception

Matt Mikka, an avid Tesla enthusiast, decided to address this challenge head-on by finding a solution that would allow him to take long road trips without the need to stop and plug in his vehicle.

The Gas Generator Solution

After meticulous planning and over a year and a half of designing, Mikka successfully installed a gas generator in his Tesla Model S. His goal was to ensure a seamless road trip experience without the hassle of charging stops.

Source: Youtube Warped Perception

While the Model S already boasts an impressive range of up to 405 miles on a single charge, Mikka wanted to go the extra mile (pun intended) and eliminate any potential charging interruptions.

The Road Trip Experiment

Armed with his modified Tesla, Mikka embarked on a challenging 1,800-mile road trip across the Midwest. His unconventional setup allowed him to avoid plugging in his vehicle throughout the entire journey.

Source: Youtube Warped Perception

However, as with any experiment, there were unforeseen challenges along the way.

Successes and Setbacks

Mikka’s gas generator-equipped Tesla did prove successful in completing the road trip without the need for charging stops. However, it wasn’t a completely hassle-free experience. While he didn’t have to stop to charge, Mikka did have to make regular stops for gas to keep the generator running.

Source: Youtube Warped Perception

Additionally, the energy consumption of the Tesla Model S exceeded what the generator could produce while driving, resulting in daily stops of 5-6 hours to charge the vehicle. This meant Mikka had to find accommodations that allowed him to leave the noisy generator running overnight in the parking lot to ensure a nearly full battery for the next day’s drive.

Unintended Consequences

The modified Tesla also brought about some unintended consequences. Mikka’s efforts to conserve energy and maximize the generator’s output led to him driving at a slower pace, resulting in being pulled over on the highway for impeding traffic.

Source: Youtube Warped Perception

His attempt to cross the US in this modified Tesla certainly outlines the unique challenges and compromises that come with unconventional solutions.

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