10 Hilarious Christmas Tree Fails That Make Charlie Brown Look Like A Pro


There is nothing like the heart-warming and all too familiar chaos of Christmas time, where the smell of gingerbread and the sound of Jingle Bells color the quest for the perfect Christmas tree. However, amid the holiday cheer there lies unending comical mishaps. Below are 10 funny Christmas Tree fails that will have you tearing up from laughter.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to water your tree or your tree might be streaking on Christmas Morning.

Source: marcusknutsson82/Instagram

Here’s a hot tip, when you bring your tree home from the lot, pour some hot water and lots of sugar in the base and repeat that every couple of days. Or when the water level gets low enough again. The last thing you want is to wake up on Christmas morning to this disaster.

Watered Down

On the flip side, just be careful how much you water your Christmas tree. Who knew it could be this dangerous?

Source: grazona/Instagram

This is what happened when one woman took on the task of watering the christmas tree all month and overserved her tree. Oops!

Costco Fiasco

The last thing you want to find out after you get home from your arduous tree shopping at Costco is that your tree was full of dead pine needles, spiders and other creepy crawlies. But that’s exactly what happened to this Costco shopper.

Source: chelceac/Instagram

After bringing home her tree, getting it positioned perfectly and finally unwrapping her tree, 6 pounds of dead pine needles fall to the ground as well as some disgusting creatures that were not invited to the holiday celebrations.

Christmas Cat-astrophe

There’s nothing like the look your cat gives you right as the tree starts to tip over. Cats are notorious for their mischief and their fondness for Christmas trees. All of those dangling targets and all the time in the world to make a mess of your christmas.

Source: kelbell326/Instagram

This cat lover’s tree was commandeered by her cat making it impossible to keep in an upright position.

The Upside Down

Speaking of tree-hugging cats. What is it about the one thing in your house you want your furry friend to stay away from that they absolutely must go after?

Source: ollivandercat/Instagram

A Tall Order

If you don’t have enough lights to cover the whole tree, is it even a christmas tree? If your Christmas tree is reaching for the stars but missing the mark on lights it’s like a festive metaphor for high expectations and low delivery.

Source: av1dneves/Instagram

The room’s buzzing, but the tree’s dim glow says it all-epic fail! Lesson learned: either get enough lights to cover your tree or get a smaller tree.

Fall Flat

Imagine a Christmas tree drowning in ornaments, like it’s auditioning for an over-decorated kids school play. The branches are sagging, and you half-expect it to tap out, yelling, “I surrender!” You know the old adage about editing your outfit before you leave the house. Always take off one thing.

Source: colinkun/Instagram

Lesson learned here? Sometimes less is more because this tree went for the gold but ended up doing a faceplant in tinsel.

Topsy Turvy

This Instagram enthusiast gave it a good go but their Yuletide excitement turned topsy-turvy. In a funny holiday plot twist, half the tree ended up upside down, defying both gravity and festive norms.

Source: pbshuttleworth/Instagram

Call it a mistake or call it avant-garde but either way it garnered confused comments and amused emojis. While social media influencers thrive on uniqueness, a vertically challenged tree might be pushing it a bit too far.

Bare Bones

Not content with just stealing joy, it seems that the grinch also wanted to steal the backside of this Instagramers christmas tree too!

Source: ELauerVose/Twitter

They didn’t let it get them down. Instead they decided to get creative and decorate the front while hiding the naked truth behind.

She’s a looker

The tree hunt took an unexpected turn when they got home and realized their ceiling was cramping their christmas style. Off with her head?

Source: marisaceverett/Twitter

It’s looking like the only way to remedy this situation is to cut the top off try to hide the stump on top

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