11 Reasons You Don’t Want To Retire In Florida

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As your retirement approaches, are you thinking of spending your days in the allure of sandy beaches and year-round sunshine? Let me guess you’re thinking Florida is the best option for you. Of course, the Sunshine State is portrayed as the quintessential haven for the post-working lifestyle.

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However, before packing your bags and embracing the palm tree-lined paradise you need to ask yourself some important questions and consider a myriad of factors. From financial implications to lifestyle considerations, these eleven compelling reasons will let you know why Florida isn’t the best place to enjoy your retirement.

Florida Is Filled With Senior Citizens

Before you hurriedly hop on the bandwagon of retirees heading to Florida, we’d advise that you give this, first, second, and even a third thought. The Sunshine State for retirees is not an exclusive sentiment. This is because within its borders resides an estimated population of 21 million among which 4.2 million are aged 63 and above.

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Fun fact, these figures are expected to rise by about 6 million senior citizens in 2030. Now consider the implication of you joining this booming demographic. If you want to move to Florida to meet new people and have new adventures this is bad news for you.

Florida Is Home To Lots Of Animals And Creatures

If you’ve done your research properly then the news about Florida teeming with critters will not be a surprise. Florida has a lot of alligators and other weird animals like invasive Burmese pythons, herpes-carrying wild monkeys, and green iguanas. Let’s not forget about the rats, and how they can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time.

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You can find rats on the beach, it won’t be that surprising to find them in palm trees and sometimes on your roof. Moving to Florida could mean spending hundreds of dollars on pest control instead of enjoying your retirement.

It’s Called The Sunshine State For A Reason

It’s sunny all year round in Florida. If you don’t remember to wear your sunscreen this can have long-lasting negative impacts on your skin.

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According to the Florida Institute of Neuroscience, too much sunlight can cause the skin to become tough and leathery, also causing sun spots. Too much exposure can also cause sunburn. Frequent sunburn can increase your chances of getting Sun Cancer.

Florida’s Sun Will Make You Sweat-A lot

Let’s get one thing straight, if you decide to move to Florida, you’ll sweat a lot. However, this largely depends on where you’ve decided to move to. If it’s south Florida then you’re in for a ride because even in deep winter you’ll still be slammed with 80 degrees.

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Some of Florida’s most popular cities even got featured as one of the sweatiest cities in the U.S. with Tampa as No. 1, Miami as No. 2, and Orlando as No. 5. Another reason you might want to rethink your retirement relocation plans.

Swimming Pools Don’t Come Cheap

Since most of the days will be sunny, you might want to take a dip in a pool, relax, and just have a good time. But owning a pool doesn’t come cheap, especially not in Florida.

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Maintaining a standard pool costs about $177 a week and about $3000-$5000 annually. Enough reason to not consider moving down to Florida after your retirement if you ask me.

Florida Is Known For Its Unusual And Peculiar Characteristics

Calling Florida a state filled with weird things and people might come across as mean but I think Florida has earned this name fair and square. Especially from the news and the infamous “Florida man” joke. According to Craig Pittman, “Florida is America’s weirdest state”

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Florida is a melting pot of various characteristics, featuring not only charlatans and lunatics but self-acclaimed plastic surgeons (yes’ you read that right). It’s a hub of corruption with Ponzi scams topping the list. All these distinct features contribute to Its inherent weirdness.

No State Income Tax Doesn’t Mean No Tax At all

Don’t get it mixed up, Florida is famous for its “No state income tax policy” especially on social security benefits, pensions, and other retirement incomes. But trust me they know how to make up for it.

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They do this by charging taxes on your retirement savings. Even when you buy yourself a retirement car you get charged a state sales tax which is kind of huge. So at the end of the day, you’re paying, one way or another.

You Won’t Be Having As Much Fun As You Think

One of the things on your bucket list as a retiree is having as much fun as you can, after spending half of your entire life in the office. The heat and humidity here in Florida might be a stumbling block to all your plans.

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The weather in Florida is too hot and let’s not forget that there are many outdoor insects to be wary of. Getting bitten by flies and mosquitoes while you’re out having fun might not be the perfect retirement plan for you.

Florida Has A Long Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane has a very long season and the fact that Florida has experienced many of these deadly and destructive hurricanes isn’t surprising either. The hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30 and peaks in August through October.

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For several years Florida has witnessed powerful storms with the one in 2018 taking the lives of 20 people. This came with losses of about $25 billion. Florida also lost about $52 billion in 2017 due to hurricane damage.

Hurricane Insurance Premiums Will Have You Gagged

With the long hurricane seasons and how deadly they can be it’d be wrong to not insure your home. However, hurricane Insurance in Florida often ranges from 2% to 5% and sometimes even 10%.

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It even gets worse when you live on a barrier island. No insurance company will want to take that risk. So why should you?

You Will Miss Your Family

Moving away from your family is never an easy transition, after spending decades together, deciding to move down to Florida will have you missing them dearly. And yes, they can visit you now and then.

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But it gets hard trying to keep up with everyone and everything. You’ll have moments when you feel alone and calling might help but, believe me, it can never fill up that void.

Captivating Sunshine State

While the alluring beauty of the Sunshine State May captivate you, one thing you need to know is that Florida might not be the perfect place for your retirement plans. Also, you’ll need to make sure that your well-crafted retirement plans align perfectly with your vision of an ideal retirement.

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The following downsides of moving to Florida provide an insight into how things are over there. And you might just have to look for an alternative destination. Remember that the road to retirement is like life itself, it’s a unique journey and it is essential to carve a path that resonates with your retirement dreams and aspirations.

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