15 Things Liberals Would Ban Forever If They Could 

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In the heated realm of political debate, the Democratic Party’s dedication to regulatory measures stands as a pillar of progressive ideology, challenging existing norms and igniting nationwide debates. From the vibrant streets of urban areas to the serene corners of rural America, the push for bans on practices that are deemed harmful to the public’s health, environment, and societal values echoes a demand for profound transformation. 

Plastic Bags

The push to prohibit the use of single-use plastic bags stems from concerns about environmental pollution and harm that could be caused to wildlife, specifically marine environments. 

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Liberals endorse bans that take measures to minimize waste and encourage the use of  reusable alternatives, with the intention of significantly reducing the ecological footprint of consumer habits. 

Right To Work Laws

Opponents of “right to work” legislation contend that they weaken labor unions and lead to lower wages and benefits for workers. 

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Liberals advocate for repealing these laws to bolster unions and enhance working conditions and wages for employees. 

Hate Speech

The push for more stringent regulations on hate speech is driven by the desire to eliminate incitement to violence and shield communities from discrimination and harm. 

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Liberals contend that free speech is important, it should not incorporate speech that threatens the safety and rights of others. 

Private Health Insurance

Certain liberals advocate for phasing out private health insurance in favor of a single-payer healthcare system to guarantee universal coverage and manage healthcare costs. 

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They argue that the profit driven motives of private insurance companies are often the cause for higher costs for consumers and unstable coverage. 

Styrofoam Containers

The reason behind wanting to ban Styrofoam containers comes from concerns about the environmental impact of these items, because they are not biodegradable and are extremely difficult to recycle.  

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Liberals make the argument that if these containers were to be banned it would reduce pollution and aid in protecting wildlife, especially aquatic environments where Styrofoam can be particularly harmful. 

High-Capacity Magazines

Liberals push for the ban of high-capacity magazines as part of comprehensive gun control measures that are meant to reduce the lethality of firearms. 

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They contend that these kinds of magazines give shooters the opportunity to fire an excessive number of rounds without needing to reload, which can cause a higher death toll in mass shootings. 

Pesticides Harmful To Bees

Given the crucial role bees play in pollination and the global food supply, liberals advocate for banning certain pesticides that are known to be harmful towards bee populations. 

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They make the argument that bees need to be protected for multiple reasons including biodiversity, the health of the ecosystem, and agriculture. 

Selling Public Lands

Liberals reject the sale of public lands for private interest, contending that these lands should be safeguarded for public use, conservation, and biodiversity. 

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They assert that privatization may lead to limited access and environmental deterioration. 

Advertising Tobacco 

Liberals advocate for the ban of advertising tobacco, they believe this could reduce smoking rates and mitigate tobacco-related diseases, specifically among the youth who are easily influenced by marketing.  

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They assert that public health considerations should take precedence over the interests of tobacco companies. 

Owning An Exotic Animal 

The drive to outlaw private ownership of exotic animals stems from concerns related to public safety. 

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Liberals make the argument that exotic animals often require specialized care and habitats that private owners cannot provide, resulting in welfare challenges. Banning exotic animal ownership is viewed as being important for the health and wellness of both the public and the animals.

Testing Animals For Cosmetics

The movement to prohibit animal testing for cosmetic purposes stems from ethical concerns regarding animal cruelty and the availability of alternative testing methods. 

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Liberals contend that the cosmetic industry can and should embrace cruelty-free methods that avoid harming animals. 

Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

The efforts to ban single-use plastic water bottles comes from the impact they have on the environment, the contribution to plastic pollution, and claims that they are unnecessary given the alternatives that are available. 

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This is seen as part of the broader efforts to protect the environment and reduce the use of plastics. 

Flavored Vaping Products

Liberals support the removal of vaping products to prevent their appeal to children and adolescents.  

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They contend that flavors such as fruit and candy hide the health risks that are associated with vaping and serve to attract a younger audience.

Voter ID Laws

Liberals contend that voter ID laws unfairly disenfranchise minority and low-income voters, who may bump into challenges obtaining an ID. 

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They push for the elimination of these laws to guarantee access to voting and maintain democratic principles.

Advertising Junk Food To Children

With concern for the obesity epidemic and the implications that it has on people’s health, liberals support the ban of advertising junk food to children. 

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They make the argument that advertising such as this only adds to unhealthy eating habits and they say children are especially vulnerable to marketing tactics. 

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