AITA: Mom Gets Targeted By Her Child’s Preschool Teacher with Passive Aggressive Signs

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Parents almost always think that their kids are the center of the universe. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In this situation, a mom gets taught a few things by her kid’s preschool teacher. Let’s see how it all plays out and figure out if Mom had it coming.

A Simple Request

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Reddit users on the subreddit “Am I the A**hole,” or AITA as it’s known in Reddit circles, got treated to an interesting discussion as a mom decided to post about a situation that was happening at her kid’s preschool. It turns out the mom in question thought she was quite reasonable in what she was asking.

A bit rude from the teacher, but after dealing with so many kids for a few hours, it’s natural that she won’t have the time to go searching for a single sticker. Mom wasn’t going to let that rest, though. She felt as though this teacher insulted her and her kid personally!

Things Begin to Escalate

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While this mom might not be the only one complaining about the situation, she was the only one who posted it online. The teacher seemed to have taken matters into their own hands and decided to post reminders to parents. Based on what this mom demanded, she was probably right to put it in writing.

So, the kid’s dad seems to have the right idea, which probably comes from having a bit more experience with what goes on in a professional environment. He states that the mom is overreacting. She doesn’t seem to think that way, though, and went to Reddit for backup. That’s when things got interesting.

The Dynamics Of a Preschool

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Anyone who has had to deal with kids in a preschool will know that there’s a certain level of chaos in those surroundings. One child between the ages of three and five is a handful. A preschool contains several dozen of them, all wanting the teacher’s attention at the same time.

With so many kids with all that energy, and one adult to supervise all of them, there’s bound to be a few things that they can’t deal with. In such a den of chaos, finding a single sticker belonging to a single child might be the very least of the teacher’s concerns.

Reddit Strikes Back!

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The denizens of Reddit are a wide cross-section of society, so it’s no surprise that many of them immediately pointed out the problems with Mom’s expectations about the teacher’s ability to deal with this situation. Imagine expecting a preschool teacher to spend four hours looking for a single sticker!

As the replies pointed out, it’s unlikely that she had ever experienced life in a preschool. One commenter noted that the teachers are looking after the kids but not their belongings. Ideally, it should be up to the parents to ensure that the kid’s belongings are properly labeled since there are so many things that could go wrong.

Signs Make The Right Call

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According to the post, the teacher put up signs that the mom thought were specifically targeting her. Aside from the fact that this mom thinks she’s the only parent of note in the entire class (or maybe the only one who complained about their kid’s toys), the signs would save the teacher some headaches.

Teachers have to remind parents about the way things are in preschool. If they don’t want to lose their kids’ toys, they need to label them properly. As Reddit pointed out, maybe Mom could learn something and advise her kid not to take to school anything she might lose.

The Mounting Disbelief About Mom’s Lack of Awareness

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Several commenters noted that mom was either doing this because she wanted the internet to rage at her or that she was just so out of touch not to realize what she was asking. Even Redditors who didn’t have kids understood that it was a bit much for a parent to ask this much of a teacher.

Some people on the post clearly pointed out that teachers weren’t paid nearly enough to deal with this. They were willing to forgive the teacher’s snarky comments since it’s likely that this mom wasn’t the only one who was complaining about her kids’ stickers and toys going missing.

Survey Says: Mom Definitely Overreacted

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When this mom posted her rant on Reddit, chances are she thought the internet would support her. It’s very likely that she wanted to show that she wanted something reasonable and the teacher was being mean.

The commenters, of course, were ruthless in their statements about the mom. Many did point out that this was probably the mom’s first kid, and she didn’t have any experience with it. Still, it wasn’t enough of a reason to declare her NTA.

So Who Was Right and Who Was Wrong?

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When it comes to public opinion, it’s said that the person who complains the loudest is the one who’s always right. However, in this case, the opposite might be true. While mom seems to be complaining vociferously online, the rest of the internet sided with the teacher.

Based on what was said, mom may have overstepped in her expectation of what the teacher could do. However, mom might have just wanted to be sure her kid didn’t lose toys that she bought for her. The expectation of who was responsible for the toys seemed to have been misplaced.

Knowing Better Means Doing Better

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Teachers are people too, and running a preschool is no easy feat. Kids have endless amounts of energy, and many times, teachers are playing catch up. Parents should understand that dealing with a few dozen kids makes it impossible to manage their kids the way they may want.

If you’ve got kids, this might help you to see things from the teacher’s perspective. If you’re a teacher, maybe you could be a little kinder in reminding parents of their responsibilities. After all, we’re all on this earth together.

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