No Free Refills: Grubhub Driver Delivers Cup Of Urine Instead Of Milkshake on ‘Accident’

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A Utah man’s horrifying experience left him scarred when he unknowingly sipped from a cup of urine delivered by a Grubhub driver instead of the Chic-fil-A milkshake he ordered. The incident is enough to make anyone shudder at the thought.

Shaken to the Core

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In an interview with a local news outlet, Caleb Woods revealed that he placed an order for fries and a shake from a fast food establishment using the Grubhub delivery service.

“When I eagerly dug into my delivered meal, I nonchalantly inserted a straw into the cup and took a sip,” recounted Woods. “To my utter shock, the liquid I tasted was not the refreshing beverage I had anticipated, but rather a disturbingly warm cup of urine delivered by the GrubHub driver.”

Confrontation Over the Mix-Up

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The delivery driver was confronted by Woods just as he was about to leave. The entire conversation was captured on Woods’ home security system, providing a clear record of their interaction.

As Woods held up the styrofoam cup, he couldn’t help but comment on the driver’s mix-up. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he exclaimed. “This cup is half full of pee! Did you even realize that?” The driver’s mistake was clear, and Woods couldn’t help but point out the absurdity of the situation. The Grubhub worker made a startling admission: he accidentally switched the cups.

Facing Challenges on the Job

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Surprisingly, the driver revealed that he resorts to using a cup in his car to relieve himself due to the long hours he works. This shocking revelation sheds light on the challenges faced by delivery workers and raises questions about their working conditions.

Lacking Customer Service

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Despite the unsettling experience, Woods only received a partial refund and was not fully compensated.

“Wood revealed that the order cost approximately $25, with only $18 being refunded for the actual cost of the food. However, the delivery fee and tip were not included in the refund. Grubhub has responded to the incident, stating that they took immediate action by terminating the driver’s contract. The company is also reaching out to the customer to apologize and providing guidance to the representative who previously interacted with the customer.

It Might be an Industry Issue

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Earlier this year, DoorDash faced backlash when a driver spat on a 13-year-old boy’s food due to a low tip. The company issued an apology, acknowledging the driver’s behavior as unacceptable and not aligned with their commitment to providing a high-quality experience.

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