MTG Sparks Outrage, Accuses Biden of Flying in 32k “Illegal” Migrants

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The internet was ablaze after Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted accusations that the Biden administration was secretly flying in tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants.

She alleged this represented a “massive national security risk” and amounted to “treason,” sparking outrage online. Critics charged the White House with illegal and dangerous conduct, demanding accountability and decrying the reported secret program allowing asylum-seekers to fly directly to U.S. cities.

Biden Secretly Flew in 32,000 Undocumented Immigrants

While Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tweet sparked outrage and was deemed ‘treason’ by some, others supported her claims.

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According to Greene, illegal border crossings have reached record highs under President Biden. However, these numbers do not account for the thousands of undocumented immigrants Biden has allegedly been flying directly into the country, posing security risks.

Backlash and Support

Greene received mixed reactions for exposing this information on Twitter. Some called it ‘treason’ and demanded legal action.

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Others supported Greene and blamed Biden for any potential terrorist attacks, stating, “The blood will be on the hands of Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and every open borders Democrat.” However, others argued that Greene provided no evidence to substantiate her claims.

No Response Yet

The Biden administration has not yet responded to Greene’s tweet or the Daily Mail’s report. While the locations of these alleged secret flights cannot be disclosed, the lack of transparency and verification has left citizens divided.

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If substantiated, Biden may face legal consequences for bypassing standard border control procedures and oversight on immigration.

Biden Administration Expands Use of CBP One App for Asylum Requests

The Biden administration has expanded the use of the CBP One mobile app to allow migrants from their home countries to apply for asylum.

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

According to the administration, the goal of the expansion is to reduce the number of migrants making the dangerous journey to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Expansion of CBP One App

The controversial expansion of the CBP One app allows migrants to apply for asylum through a mobile app instead of traveling to the border.

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Concerns exist that the policy will lead to a surge of new migrants attempting to take advantage of the lax enforcement.

Calls to Close Borders

There have been calls from Republicans and immigration hardliners to halt the CBP One expansion and secret flight programs immediately.

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They argue these policies violate U.S. immigration laws and threaten national security. Representative Greene has called on the Biden administration to “close the border now” in response to news of the secret flights.

CBP Refuses to Share Program Details

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has refused to share specifics about the air transportation program, citing national security concerns.


Revealing the arrival cities or other details could create “vulnerabilities,” the agency said. The program was implemented to reduce the number of migrants crossing the southern border, which has reached record highs under the Biden administration.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Cries ‘Treason

Upon learning of the secret airlifts, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter to slam the Biden administration.

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She called the program a “massive national security risk”. She said that if any terrorist attacks occur in the U.S., “the blood will be on the hands of Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas, and every open border Democrat.” Greene accused the administration of treason and demanded the border be closed immediately.

Safety First For Thousands of Immigrants

According to the Daily Mail article, the Biden administration refused to disclose details about their program arranging flights for thousands of undocumented immigrants from foreign airports directly into U.S. cities.

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Revealing locations and numbers could create “National security vulnerabilities,” officials said. The safety of citizens is the top priority.

Ongoing Debate Over Border Security and Reform

There is an ongoing debate over immigration reform and border security. Supporters argue that legal immigration enriches society and the economy, while critics argue that illegal immigration strains public resources and threatens security.


There are debates over migration’s root causes and the most ethical, compassionate solutions. The Biden administration aims to take a more humane approach, while critics argue for stricter enforcement of existing laws.

Border Crossings Remain Near Record Highs Under Biden Administration

According to reports, illegal border crossings have remained at record highs since Joe Biden took office as President.

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The Biden administration has taken measures to address this issue, including expanding the CBP One app to allow migrants to apply for asylum digitally before entering the U.S.

Record High Apprehensions

While the Biden administration has taken steps to provide asylum seekers with legal methods of entry, the reality is border crossings have surged under his presidency.

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According to CBP, border apprehensions reached record highs in 2021, with over 1.7 million encounters. The influx of migrants has strained resources and raised humanitarian concerns. Both critics and supporters argue more must be done to reform the immigration system.

The Southern Border Remains a Complex Situation

The situation at the southern border remains complex, with no easy solutions. All sides likely agree that balancing national security, humanitarian interests, and immigration reform is paramount.

Source: Lucy Nicholson

However, there are sharp disagreements on the best path forward. As the crisis continues, the Biden administration faces increasing pressure to take bold action.

Public Outrage Over Lack of Transparency

The discovery of the Biden administration’s clandestine program to fly thousands of undocumented immigrants into the U.S. has led to public outcry and accusations of treason from critics.


While the administration cites national security in refusing to share details, many argue the lack of transparency undermines security and trust in the government.

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