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Footage Shows Jay Alvarrez Trampolining In The Sky

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

Social media has created celebrities for some of the oddest things. Some people have skyrocketed to internet fame for their cleaning tips, some for their makeup routines. And others like influencer Jay Alvarrez, have become known for their truly outrageous and outstanding stunts that he shares for clicks online.

Jay Alvarrez: Extreme Stunt Man

Jay Alvarrez is a model, actor, and social media personality that has become known for his depiction of extreme sports online. He first started posting his videos of outrageous stunts on Youtube and Instagram in 2015, and his following quickly started growing from there.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

Alvarrez is also a travel influencer, and many of the videos that he posts of extreme stunts are done on the trips that he takes around the world. He was first born in Hawaii, so it makes sense that his love of travel would be the thing that propelled him to fame.

A Social Media Sensation

Alvarrez has 8.5 million followers on Instagram, where he posts short videos and photographs of his adventures. He has ventured in dozens of different extreme sports, including cloud walking in Brazil and skateboarding on a half-pipe ramp suspended 10,000 feet in the air.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

One of his most recent stunts, though, has followers looking on, completely flabbergasted by his boldness – or his stupidity, depending on who you ask. Alvarrez recently partnered with a company called EvoSim Universe, and they made it possible for him and a group of friends to go jumping on a trampoline suspended in the sky.

It Started With a Trampoline

Many of us have jumped on a trampoline one time or another throughout our lives. It’s not an activity that would typically rank on the “dangerous” or “crazy” scale, but Alvarrez and his friends managed to take a somewhat mundane entertainment and take it to the next level.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

First, Alvarrez reached out to a group of friends that he thought would be down for this type of adventure. It goes without saying that jumping on a trampoline thousands of feet in the air is something that most people would think was absolutely insane, so Alvarrez knew that he had to pick his crew carefully for this particular stunt.

Reaching out to EvoSim Universe

Then he reached out to EvoSim Universe, which is an up-and-coming crypto company. The company, of course, was happy to work with him as a social media influencer, as well as a company willing to push the boundaries of what most people would consider to be crazy.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

The video that Alvarrez posted on Instagram was an immediate smash. The video sees him and his friends jumping on a trampoline and playing with a ball, though at first it appears to be a pretty standard video of playing on a trampoline. You know, on the ground.

The Trampoline Was in the Sky

When the camera pulls back, though, it becomes clear that the trampoline is not, in fact, safely planted on the ground where the only injuries that could be achieved would be a potentially broken bone.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

No, the trampoline was revealed to be suspended high in the air, among a bunch of fluffy white clouds. On first glance, it actually looks like it might be green screen animation, to give the appearance of the trampoline being suspended in the air.

Jumping Over the Edge

That’s before one of Alvarrez’s friends catches the ball that they’re tossing around, then throws it back, turns around, and does a somersault off the edge of the trampoline. It’s a stunning moment that makes your heart jump up into your throat, and that’s before the others on the trampoline start to jump off as well.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

Alvarrez reassured his audience in the comments that everyone who was on the trampoline with him that day were trained skydivers, and that none of them were in any danger from this particular filmed stunt.

The Audience Was Mesmerized

Still, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch what appears to be the individuals jumping to what could be certain death. Many of the commenters on the video shared the sentiment, with one person commenting, “My anxiety levels watching this were at 100000%.”

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

Of course, on the internet there is no one singular opinion on any topic. As many people commented stating that the stunt seemed dangerous or risky, just as many reacted with joy. The adrenaline rush of seeing someone else do something risky – even if the risk is mitigated or eliminated altogether – is something that many of Alvarrez’s fans enjoy, and this stunt was no exception.

The Half-Pipe in the Air

This is not the only time that Alvarrez has worked with EvoSim Universe on a stunt, either. Another video, which is pinned to the top of his Instagram profile, sees him skateboarding on a half-pipe skate ramp, also suspended thousands of feet in the air.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

The videos of his extreme air stunts with EvoSim Universe have racked up millions of views on Instagram, combining to nearly 8 million views in total. Each video has also gathered thousands of comments likes, as the audience lives vicariously through Jay and his friends and watches eagerly to see what insane stunt he’ll pull next.

What Will Jay Do Next?

Influencers like Alvarrez have made their living relying on the extreme and the outrageous. Clearly, the man knows what he’s doing as far as safety goes since he’s still engaging in these extreme stunts years after his presence hit social media, but watching his videos is still a nerve-wracking experience all around.

Source: Instagram/ jayalvarrez

Alvarrez is clear on his socials and in interviews about how much he loves his life, though. Every caption on his social media page expresses his gratitude for the life that he’s able to lead in one way or the other, and his interactions with his fans are always sincere. It’s more than a lot of internet celebrities can claim, and is like the reason his fans keep coming back for his stunts time and time again.

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