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These 5 Coins Made After The Year 2000 Are Worth Up To $2,000

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Collectors have always loved rare coins that have some historical significance or a compelling story. In this article, we discuss 5 coins that were minted recently but are highly in demand from collectors. You might have a few coins with you that are possibly worth a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

What Makes A Coin Valuable?

Usually, coins are only worth their face value. But sometimes, if a coin is hard to find, its value goes up. Coins might be rare due to many factors, like minting errors, coins minted in limited quantities, or coins that have historical significance. The value also depends on the condition which independent firms like PCGS usually value.

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You might think these coins are super rare to find. But not all coins are so elusive. There are some highly valued coins that might be hiding in your bedroom because they were minted recently. Here are 6 such highly desirable coins minted after the year 2000. So, check out your pennies, nickels and dollars to see if you have any of the coins below.

2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter

Collectors love minting errors in coins, as this makes them rare. This particular error has made the 2004-D Wisconsin state quarter a rare find. The coin is supposed to have a cow next to a cheese wheel and an ear of corn. The misprint is the additional cornstalk leaf on the left side of the corn.

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The misprinted coins either have a downward or upward pointing leaf. The cause for this isn’t exactly known, but experts believe it is from unintended metal shavings becoming lodged in the die, causing a gouge during the coin-striking process. These coins were usually abundant in the Tucson area.

How Much Are These Coins Worth?

Due to its notable error, the coins have gained popularity and are highly sought after. The high leaf error is particularly more desirable as it has been sold for as high as $2350. However, recent estimates put most coins’ value at $50 for circulated and $130 for uncirculated coins.

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According to PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), the value ranges from $115 for MS60 graded coins all the way up to $3260 for MS70-graded coins in the most pristine condition. However, in 2021, an MS70 grade coin sold for $870 at a GreatCollections auction, so these estimates can be off.

2005-D 5c Speared Bison Jefferson Nickel

If you have some nickels lying around, don’t forget to check for this coin. In 2005, The US Mint changed the design of the reverse (backside) of the nickel to a Bison. In the defective coins, a long raised line appeared to pierce through the bison body from top to bottom. These coins were sold for hundreds of dollars, even in bad conditions.

Source: Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

According to experts, the error occurred either due to a die clash or a die gouge. A die clash occurs when the obverse (front) and reverse (back) dies come into contact without a blank coin between them. Similarly, a die gouge refers to a groove or indentation on a coin caused by a defect on the die.

How Much Are These Coins Worth?

These coins aren’t typically found in mint condition. In fact, it is so rare that the highest confirmed grade for these coins is MS 66, and there have been 24 confirmed sales of MS 66 grade by PCGS. In total, there have been only 650 confirmed coins.

Source: Belleair Coins Golds and Diamonds on eBay

It’s clear this coin is rare. So, how much are they selling for? According to PCGS, an MS 66 graded coin has an average price of $950. Even if you have it in bad condition, like MS 63, it can still be sold for $200. One of these coins sold for $1265 in 2010.

2005-P-D-S Minnesota Quarter Doubled Die

This is one of the most interesting coins we have come across on this list. This coin has so many varieties of defects. Most of the errors are so small that you can’t identify them with the naked eye. You need a microscope. For instance, there is a variant that has a small lump on one of the trees at the center of the coin.

Source: Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

The first type of error was discovered weeks after its release on April 5th 2005, and it created a frenzy among the public. This led to more errors being discovered. In total, more than 78 different types of error have been discovered on the reverse of the coin of the Philadelphia issue.

How Much Are These Coins Worth?

Typically, the coins with small errors aren’t worth too much and can be found for $1-2 on eBay without a 3rd party grading. However, It is also very rare to find these coins in mint condition, with a significant error. So, these sell for a lot online.

Source: eBay

According to PCGS, An MS 67-graded coin was sold for $800 on eBay recently. However, these coins usually sell for an average of $100-200 if they have a strong error identifiable without a microscope. Small errors in mint conditions are usually sold for $100-200.

2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse Of 2007

The American Silver coin is often recognized as one of the most beautiful and iconic silver coins in the world. So, any errors in the coin make it highly desirable to collectors. The defective coins minted in 2008 had the design of 2007 minted on the coin instead of the 2008 standard.

Source: USA Coinbook

The difference was in the letter “U” of the United States. The 2008 edition was supposed to have a “U” with a spur on the right side of the letter. But it had a bowl-shaped “U”, as used in the 2007 edition.

How Much Are These Coins Worth?

Since the American Silver coin is so popular, any minting error makes it highly valuable. Recently, 2 of these coins were sold for more than $1,000 on eBay. According to PCGS, the price estimates vary from $430 for an MS 64 graded coin all the way up to $1200 for an MS 70 graded coin.

Source: Belleair Coins Golds and Diamonds on eBay

However, in recent times these coins have been listed for $400 to $1,000 for MS69 and MS70 graded versions with an average asking price of $800. An early version of this coin, graded MS 70 is also listed for $1,600 on eBay.

Presidential Error Coins

From 2007-2011, a large number of presidential coins were minted and because of their historical significance, coins with some errors in them are highly sought after. Because of this, from 2012 to 2016, new coins in the series were minted only for collectors due to the high demand.

Source: Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

Some of the most famous examples of these error coins include the 2007 George Washington Dollar (Missing Edge Lettering), which didn’t include the letters on the edge. The 2007 John Adams Dollar (Double Edge Lettering) had a variety of errors, including overlapped errors where the letters on the edge were printed twice, creating an overlapping effect.

How Much Are These Coins Worth?

The coins were minted for 37 presidents with different designs. As such, there is a lot of supply of these coins and a lot of errors. So, unless there is a remarkable error, these coins aren’t worth much. Any coin that has a grading of MS 67 or less is usually sold for $2-3 on eBay. However, the price gets much higher for specific errors.

Source: Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

For instance, the highest a presidential error coin has sold for is $141,000. It was the 2007 JOHN ADAMS MISSING EDGE LETTERING. Other coins, such as (2007) WASHINGTON MISSING EDGE LETTERING, sold for $17,000. However, the average rate for these coins is $50-500 unless they are historically important.

How Much Can You Really Make From These Coins?

While you will probably not find extremely rare coins worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is worth knowing the possible value of some coins you have or might encounter so you can grab the opportunity to make a pretty penny.

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These coins in particular, were minted recently, so there is a good chance you might stumble upon one.

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