An Ohio Couple Born On The Same Day Are Blessed With A Set Of Twins On Their Birthday!

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Meet Scierra and her fiance Jose, a normal, everyday couple. However, unlike other couples, Scierra and Jose just so happen to share the same birthday. For some couples, sharing a birthday with a partner might be the sweetest part of their story, but for Jose Ervin and Scierra Blair, it was only the beginning.

Where It All Started

Scierra and Jose met and hit it off right away, but when Scierra revealed that her birthday was August 18, Jose was amused. He thought that she might be lying to get his attention, but when she pulled her ID out for proof, he was delighted and excited to get to know this woman who shared his birthday.

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With newfound excitement, they embarked on a journey to explore their common interests and celebrate their birthdays together, creating unforgettable memories along the way. Their connection was now not just chance but fate, making their relationship even more special.

Off On The Right Foot

With their story starting off on such a memorable foot, it would only suit that the rest of their story was equally as notable. After that first meeting, they made plans for what they might do for their shared birthday almost a year later. What neither of them anticipated was spending their birthday in the maternity ward.

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When Scierra found out that they were pregnant, she was delighted to find out that they were pregnant with twins. When they found out the genders, though, she was even more excited to find out that not only was she carrying twins, but they were a boy and girl.

Thrilling News All Around

Scierra’s father was excited about the babies too. He had teased her that she was only going to give him cats and dogs for grandchildren, so when Scierra and Jose found out that they were pregnant, he was absolutely thrilled.

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Jose was of course, excited about his incoming children, and though the babies original due date was on August 28, he told Scierra that he thought it would be fun if the babies were born on their birthday, August 18. She was less than amused, teasing him that it was already bad enough that they shared a birthday, let alone their kids.

A Playful Jest

Of course, Jose was just joking with his fiance. He had realistic expectations for the birth of their babies! If they weren’t born on their parents birthday like he hoped, he at least hoped that they would be Leos, just like them.

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As to be expected, though, babies have plans other than ours, and on her doctor checkup on August 17, Scierra received a surprise. Just 11 days ahead of her due date, her doctor asked her to come in for a precautionary c-section due to her son being in a breech position.

An Unexpected Diversion

Breech position is where the baby’s head is pointing upwards, instead of downwards in the uterus, and while it is possible to birth a baby who is breech, it’s more dangerous for mom and baby to attempt to do so. So Scierra being scheduled for a c-section was simply a precaution.

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The couple arrived at the hospital at 4:30 PM to prepare for the surgery, and then Jose went to Scierra and asked her if she would be willing to hold on a little while longer so that the babies could be born on their birthdays, just like he had originally wanted!

Mom Was Less Than Thrilled

Scierra was in good health and the babies weren’t stressed, according to the hospital staff, so Jose felt safe asking her if she would be willing to wait. Of course, he emphasized that he wouldn’t have asked Scierra to delay if there was any danger to her or the babies.

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Scierra was a little less enthused. Largely due to the fact that ahead of surgery, she wouldn’t be able to eat anything. Scheduling the surgery right away wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, but waiting until after midnight would have had her without food for hours.

Food Is Important, Too

She was cranky and ready for the delivery to be over, but Jose reassured her that it would only be an extra couple hours, and that it would go by really fast. Of course, it was easy for him to say that when he wasn’t the one waiting to deliver the babies!

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Finally, though, after Scierra’s mom asked her if she would wait too, she finally agreed. But only in exchange for a week of potato salad. So she sat and chewed on ice chips, and waited for midnight to pass before she was finally prepped and ready for surgery.

Don’t Mess With Mama

By the time that they got to surgery, Scierra was tired and cranky from not having any food for nearly nine hours. Additionally, she was scared; there’s always the chance that things will go wrong. At one point, she said that she nearly bit off Jose’s finger, though she wouldn’t fess to whether that was hunger or nerves.

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Despite the challenges, Jose was Scierra’s rock during the entire procedure, and kept reassuring her about their babies and how wonderful it was going to be that they all shared a birthday. After all, their kids being born on their birthday would be a beautiful and unique experience for all of them to share.

A Beautiful Result

Of course, everything went off without a hitch, and Scierra and Jose welcomed Jose Ervin III at 12:35 AM on August 18, and his baby sister Ar’ria one minute later, at 12:36. The couple were ecstatic with their brand new babies, though Scierra was understandably exhausted.

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Jose considers the babies his birthday present, and is perfectly happy with that. The babies were born in perfect health, and after some rest, the parents were thrilled to start planning their lives together with their new additions.

A Mathematical Oddity

Reading this story warms your heart, but it becomes even more incredible when you think about the mathematical odds of something like this occurring. In his book Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence, Joseph Mazur explains that if you have a room filled with 366 people, there is a 100% chance that two of them will share a birthday.

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What’s interesting about that particular statistic is that it only takes 23 people in a room for the chances of two people sharing a birthday to reach 50%. With that knowledge, the chances of Scierra and Jose having met at all becomes not just a sweet story, but an incredible coincidence.

Math Taken a Step Further

The mathematical odds don’t stop being significant there, either. The chances of twins being born is, in itself, a miracle of math. Only 31 out of 1000 live births are twin births, making the percentage of new babies being twins a little over 3%.

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Adding in the fact that their parents shared a birthday, and that the babies were born on said birthday, the odds become even more unlikely – about 1 in every 133,000 births hold those same statistics, according to the Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.

An Exciting Future Ahead

The fact that the entire family shares a birthday is a stunning occurrence, and even more miraculous for how happy they all are.

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As to the future, well, that’s to be left for later. The happy parents are already considering different ways that they could celebrate their shared birthdays with their children, but for now, there’re simply thrilled to be done with pregnancy, and to have a set of happy and healthy twins. Their story is a beautiful one, one that reminds us of the miracles that happen every single day.

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