This Viral TikTok Hack Could Seriously Damage Your Car

Source: Tiktok lifeasnaii

TikTok has become more than just a hub for hilarious videos. It has also become a breeding ground for life hacks. You can learn just about anything on the app. However, not all of these hacks are as effective as they seem. One particular car hack has gone viral, but experts are warning people to steer clear of it.

The Video In Question

The video that started it all featured a woman using a mixture of white vinegar and coconut oil to remove scratches from her car. It seemed like a magical fix for those with scratched cars who couldn’t afford professional repairs.

Source: TikTok aubreesmommy.1

Copycat videos quickly followed, showcasing the apparent success of the TikTok hack.

Cost Of Living

In the face of rising expenses, individuals are increasingly embracing DIY approaches as a way to avoid unnecessary expenditures. With a approximate cost of anywhere from $150 -$1,000 for a paint repair, you can see why

Source: Tiktok lifeasnaii

If a simple mix of vinegar and coconut oil will fix a scratch, then that certainly beats an expensive buffer repair bill at your local body shop for the price of some coconut oil and vinegar.

It Can Actually Make It Worse

But here’s the catch: while this hack might work temporarily, it can actually cause serious damage to your car. Savvy Tiktok commenters outlined this. The vinegar in the mixture is an acid that can eat away at your car’s paint.

Source: TikTok aubreesmommy.1

This leaves your vehicle more vulnerable to scratches and dings, ultimately leading to more expensive repairs down the line.

What It The Same Door?

Some of the more astute Tiktok viewers also noticed that the door in which the ‘magic’’ solution was applied to, was not the same side door during the reveal moment.

Source: Tiktok lifeasnaii

Take a closer look, was this camera trickery or simply a mistake in filming?

Quick Fix

Sure, it might be tempting to try this hack as a quick solution for surface-level scratches. However, a trip to the car wash or even a little rain will wash away the mixture, leaving you with the same scratches you thought you had fixed.

Source: Tiktok lifeasnaii

In the end, you’ll end up spending more money at the mechanic than if you had just taken your car in for the initial scratches. If the paint is damaged too much then the cost of a respray is even more than a buffer

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