California Teachers Quit Over ‘Indoctrination’ and ‘Woke Lies’ – Start Christian Online School

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A couple who taught for many years in California’s public schools have resigned, citing their concerns over what they describe as “indoctrination, not education”

They plan to open a Christian online school, which they say will offer an alternative to the prevailing educational approaches they associate with a left-leaning agenda.

California Couple Launches Christian Online School as Public School Alternative

Kali and Joshua Fontanilla have founded the Exodus Institute, a Christian online school, as an alternative to traditional public schooling.

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According to a detailed profile in the Washington Post, the couple has been actively involved in California’s educational scene for man.

Fontanilla Couple’s Discontent with COVID-19 School Closures Contributes to Public School Resignation

The Fontanilla couple, once educators in public middle and high schools, resigned from their positions to establish their own online educational institute

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The Fontanilla couple’s dissatisfaction with the school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic was cited as a contributing factor to their decision to resign from their teaching positions in public schools.

Fontanilla Couple Expresses Displeasure with Colleagues’ Support for Black Lives Matter Movement

The Fontanilla couple reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with their colleagues’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which they believed took an “anti-police stance” that they deemed “false and hateful.”

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Kali, 41, and Joshua, 42, were also convinced that the public school where they taught promoted harmful ideas about history and race. According to the couple, they believed the school propagated a false theory of systemic racism in America.

Conservative Parents’ Concerns Lead to Nationwide Educational Reforms

Conservative parents nationwide echoed similar concerns, leading to heightened anxiety and subsequent legislation restricting how educators could address topics of sex, race, and gender.

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It is reported that by April 2024, these new laws impacted nearly half of the country’s students.

Former Public School Teachers Launch Christian School to Counter Educational Propaganda

Kali and Joshua aimed to unveil what they perceived as propaganda propagated by the public school system and provide an alternative option for families.

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In 2021, the couple relocated to Florida to establish their Christian school..

Christian School Thrives as  Growth and Media Attention Propel Fontanilla Couple’s Educational Initiative

Their school has now grown to nearly 200 students, thanks in part to the increased attention garnered by Kali’s appearances and interviews on conservative media platforms like Fox News

Source: X/Kali Fontanilla

Kali regularly shares Instagram videos featuring right-wing rhetoric, amassing an audience of over 333,000 followers on the platform. This social media presence has proven to be an effective recruiting tool for the couple’s school.

Controversy Surrounds Kali Fontanilla’s Online Influence with Accusations of Conservative Indoctrination Arising

Kali Fontanilla’s online presence has not garnered universal praise. According to one report, she has faced a significant volume of critical messages from individuals online who accuse her of indoctrinating students with a conservative bias. One recent online critic referred to her content as “racist, one-sided, and whitewashed.”

Source: AP

Another user stated that they were unimpressed by what they described as the “trash” Kali is “trying to sell”.

California Implements Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement, Effective 2030

In October 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a groundbreaking piece of legislation that introduced a new graduation requirement for high school students across the state. Starting with the class of 2030, students will be required to complete an ethnic studies course to graduate.

Source: Reddit

This legislative move aims to broaden students’ understanding of diverse cultures and histories, reflecting California’s commitment to a more inclusive education system. The mandate is part of a broader effort to address racial and ethnic disparities and educate young people about the contributions and challenges of various groups in America.

California High Schools to Offer Ethnic Studies Courses Ahead of 2030 Graduation Mandate

In a significant educational shift, California high schools were mandated to begin offering ethnic studies courses starting with the 2025-26 school year, ahead of the graduation requirement that takes effect in 2030.

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According to reports, even before the new law was implemented, hundreds of high schools across the state had already integrated similar courses into their curriculums.

California’s New Ethnic Studies Curriculum to Focus on Historically Underrepresented Groups

The legislation enacted in California mandates that the ethnic studies curriculum must focus on four major ethnic and racial groups whose stories and histories have been traditionally underrepresented in educational materials.

Source: Association For Black Culture Centres

Specifically, the curriculum will highlight the contributions and challenges of Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. The newly designed ethnic studies model curriculum in California goes beyond the initial focus on Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, and Asian Americans to also include discussions about the legacies and ethnic heritages of Arab, Jewish, Sikh, and Armenian Americans.

Teacher’s Discovery Sparks Debate Over Ethnic Studies Curriculum in Salinas Public School

While teaching English in a Salinas district public school, Kali researched the school’s internal systems and discovered evidence that certain colleagues were incorporating elements of “critical race theory” into their ethnic studies lesson plans.

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This finding raised concerns about the curriculum’s approach to addressing issues of race and ethnicity within the educational setting.

Debate Ignited Over Critical Race Theory’s Presence in Salinas Public School Curriculum

The “critical race theory” is recognized as a college-level academic framework asserting that racism is deeply ingrained within American institutions

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Kali’s encounter with the theory during graduate school left her deeply unsettled and disheartened. This perspective challenges conventional narratives about race and discrimination in the United States.

District Officials Clarify Goals of Ethnic Studies Curriculum Amid Controversy

In response to inquiries from the Washington Post about the ethnic studies course, district officials stated that”embedded in the lesson outcomes was the question for students to analyze whether or not race may be viewed as a contributor to one’s experiences.”

Source: Youtube

This statement suggests that the curriculum aimed to encourage critical thinking and analysis regarding the role of race in society.

 District Reports Positive Feedback from Students on Ethnic Studies Curriculum

The district reported that it surveyed students who completed the ethnic studies class in 2022.

Source: Luis Alejo

According to officials, the feedback from those surveyed was “overwhelmingly positive,” indicating satisfaction with the course content and learning experience. This early adoption highlights a growing recognition of the importance of ethnic studies, which aims to give students a deeper understanding of the diverse cultural landscapes and historical contributions of various ethnic groups in the United States.

Examining the Politics of English Curriculum Authors

Joshua, Kali’s husband, reportedly conducted extensive research into the “American Dream” unit, which was part of the English curriculum.

Source: Thomas Simonetti

He personally delved into the political backgrounds of each author featured in the curriculum, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the ideological perspectives influencing the materials taught in the classroom.

Analysis Reveals Left-Leaning Views of English Curriculum Authors

According to the Washington Post, he found that at least 12 out of 19 authors were considered “left-leaning” by Joshua.

Source: Wikimedia/Carl Van Vechten

This assessment included figures like the “socialist” poet Langston Hughes and the “leftist” historian Studs Terkel.

Concerns Raised Over Perceived Bias in School Environment

Joshua informed the Washington Post that he observed what he perceived as bias within the school.

Source: Wikimedia/Kathleen Ballard, Los Angeles Times

He became particularly suspicious when he noticed that announcements about meetings for the Gay-Straight Alliance Club were broadcast directly over the loudspeakers

Discrepancies in Club Announcements Highlighted by Joshua

In contrast, Joshua noted that many other clubs did not receive the same level of exposure.

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For example, he pointed out that his chess group meetings were not announced to the students in the same manner.

Disillusionment with Obama as Cuts to Food Stamps Spark Concern for Families

Kali reportedly became disillusioned with President Barack Obama after he signed a law in 2014 that cut $8.7 billion in food stamps. The 2014 Farm Bill resulted in 850,000 households losing an average of $90 per month, according to MSNBC

Source: Wikimedia/Pete Souza

Despite Obama’s assertion that the bipartisan bill was “going to make a big difference in communities across the country.”Kali expressed concern, noting that her mother had relied on food stamps to support her and her siblings during her childhood.

Couple’s Concerns on Shifting Views on Politics and Education Policies

Joshua also admitted to finding agreement with many of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies, particularly Trump’s firm stance on immigration.

Source: Wikimedia/Shaleah Craighead

In the summer of 2021, Kali penned a letter directly to the School Board expressing her concerns. She warned that the district’s continuation of what she termed “divisive teachings” would “only harden the hearts of many of our students.”

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