Conservative Publication Pushes Readers Not To Vote For Trump

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Former president Donald Trump is well known for his controversial opinion on matters. He’s also been in and out of court since 2022, with his most recent case resulting in a $350 million fine. He was also banned from doing business in NYC for three years.

Apparently, these issues with Trump are severe to the Conservative and libertarian magazine National Review. So much so that they urged their readers on January 10th to not vote for Trump in the coming election. Read on for more information on the matter.

National Review ‘Hates’ Trump

Many find it strange that a conservative magazine is against Trump for president. The media was the brainchild of William Buckley Jr in the 1950s. It is a traditional news platform that leans more right than neutral.

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Surprisingly, National Review reached out to its readers to avoid voting for Donald Trump in the coming election. Why? They had a few reasons for their first-ever request.

Trump Causes ‘Wild Drama’

National Review claimed they do not endorse Trump because he tends to make “Wild Drama.” For context, Trump’s political career has multiple episodes of controversial moments and court cases.

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One problematic phase in Trump’s era was the secret recording of his conversation with Bush. The audio showed the duo, especially Trump, making derogatory statements about women in private.

Other Candidates Will Produce Better Results

The National Review further explained that America is better off with other candidates. These competitors have a better chance of producing “conservative results than Trump.” What do they mean by conservative results?

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“Conservative Results” is pretty vague for describing a president’s goals. Depending on the notion, conservatives aim to promote the military, nation-state, nuclear family, organized religion, aristocracy, etc. So, the National Review has some clarifying to do.

What Are The Alternatives To Trump?

The candidates for the 2024 presidential election primarily include Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and Joe Biden. Some competitors like DeSantis dropped out at one point for personal reasons.

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So, for now, the National Review doesn’t recommend any candidate. Their objective is to ensure Trump doesn’t secure the 2024 victory. However, the results of the polls show he might win this election.

Trump Is Ahead In The Polls

Trump received 57 felony charges where the court accused him of unlawfully mishandling and retaining restricted documents. Authorities also accused him of trying to overturn the 2020 election results.

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Despite these issues, Donald Trump still dominated the polls in 2024. He leads Biden and Nikki in every battleground state. Why? Some experts think it proves people’s distrust in Biden’s economy.

The Former President May Be More Effective This Time

National Review’s biggest problem is Trump’s inability to deliver conservative results. Even the New York Times claims Trump focuses on “personal loyalty” and “ideological convictions” too much.

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However, this issue may disappear if Trump becomes president in 2024. How come? The Heritage Foundation aims to work with Trump to further conservative and national goals if he returns to the White House.

The Heritage Foundation’s Plan

If Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, the Heritage Foundation will launch The 2025 Project. Before continuing, it’s worth pointing out that the Heritage Foundation is an activist American conservative think tank in Washington.

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Heritage aims to employ its database of potential conservative officials to produce traditional results. The Heritage president even stated that they will “prepare an army of vetted, trained staff to begin dismantling the administrative state from Day 1.”

The Plan May Also spread Chaos

While the Heritage plan may produce Conservative results, it may cause more chaos. Some argue that “Dismantling the administrative state” isn’t an attractive selling point, especially since it’s the controversial Trump.

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Other news outlets, like the New York Times, criticized the plan. They mention that Heritage made it around the possibility that Trump will return to office. Further inspection revealed that the plan’s creators were in Trump’s first administration with complete loyalty to him.

More Reason National Review Dislikes Trump

National Review mentioned several reasons they won’t endorse their fellow conservative for president. They claim Trump is too dramatic, controversial, and chaotic. However, other reasons exist for this dislike.

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The National Review editor argued that Trump continues to deny the 2020 election result. They claim he’s delusional for thinking his victory was stolen despite the fair trial. Also, they claim his grudge is based on no evidence, making his case “baseless.”

Trump Didn’t Stop The Riot

Legal authorities and Commentators blame Trump for the January 6th Capitol attack. Over 2000 protesters gathered to riot about the 2020 election results. The result was vandalism, death, and injury.

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National Review Dislikes Trump for his lack of involvement on Jan 6th. They argue that people gathered in his name, but “Trump did little or nothing to stop it.” According to the magazine, this makes him unworthy of the presidency.

Liz Cheney Agrees With National Review

Many conservatives share the same opinion as National Review. They feel Trump is unfit for president and should be replaced. One of such conservatives is Liz Cheney, an American attorney and politician.

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Cheney has warned against Trump’s second term several times. She claims it would spell the end of democracy for the United States. Her concerns may be valid as 19 former Republican representatives published a letter saying Trump’s legal issues were “existential for our democracy.”

‘Trump Is Inevitable’

Despite different opinions on Trump’s eligibility, he may still win the election. Even the National Review admits that “Trump feels inevitable.” The former president dominates the polls and keeps trending every month.

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Recently, Trump launched his Golden “Never Surrender High-Tops.” These generated a lot of buzz online, keeping him in the public’s ear 24/7. The National Review concluded that “nothing is settled until Republicans actually caucus and vote.”

National Review Is Entitled To Their Opinion

Politics Is a heated subject in America, with most debates revolving around politics. These conversations will include opinions that may contradict the other political party. Nevertheless, the opinion deserves respect.

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Some news outlets agree that the National Review made some solid points. Trump’s legal issues and baseless accusations may be symptoms of a bad president. However, democracy tells a different story. The polls show that people prefer Trump over the alternative. So he might come back for another term.

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