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Controversy Erupts Over the Construction of A Bali Beach Access Road

Source: Instagram @somethingincredibletookplace

The internet is buzzing with excitement over a remarkable road in Bali that leads to a stunning beach. However, this road has also sparked intense debate about its design. A video posted on Instagram by @somethingincredibletookplace showcases the breathtaking Pandawa Beach.

Road from a bird’s eye view. The footage starts above a crevice, descends between the gap, and eventually reaches car-level. Reddit user u/Bosuns_Punch then shared the video, shedding light on the road’s origins. Constructed in 2011, the road was a collaborative effort between the Indonesian government and private investors. It took two years to complete. While the road’s beauty is undeniable, it has left social media users divided, with some questioning its construction and suggesting alternative designs.

The video has captivated viewers, drawing them into a discussion about the road’s unconventional layout. Critics argue that it seems poorly planned, questioning why the road couldn’t have been built on top with a short ramp at the end. Others express concerns about the road’s stability during earthquakes or typhoons. Environmentalists are also alarmed, pointing out that the road disrupts animal habitats and damages nature. One user even calls the road a “very good way to destroy nature.” However, another user counters this argument, claiming that local fauna have already been scared off by previous disturbances.

Delving deeper into the issue, some users provide additional context. They explain that the road was not solely intended for beach access. Instead, it was constructed to accommodate large buses and provide access to a massive beachfront resort. Building a direct bus ramp from the cliff to the resort was not feasible due to legal restrictions on land ownership. The road was therefore built on an existing scooter road or pathway. Despite the differing opinions, one user sums up the general sentiment by describing the view as “absolutely stunning.”

The Pandawa Beach Road in Bali has become an internet sensation. Its unique design has sparked a heated debate among social media users. While some criticize the road’s construction and potential environmental impact, others provide context and defend its purpose. Regardless of the controversy, the road undeniably offers a breathtaking view.

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