Extraordinary Auction Features Classic Cars and a 1913 Steam Train

Source: Pearce and Associates

We all know about auctions. They might involve selling art or items from an estate. They might be active auctions, with people holding up paddles to bid. They might be silent auctions where bids are submitted in writing or electronically. But we want to tell you about an auction that’s unlike any other we’ve heard of.

Why Do People Auction Items Instead Of Selling Them Outright?

Let’s start with why people choose to auction items instead of just selling them. There are plenty of reasons. Some might like the option to have each item they’re selling featured and bought separately. That’s true when the items being sold are family heirlooms. It may feel mundane to simply sell these belongings, and auctioning them makes the experience special.

Source: Wikimedia/Ravenelartgroup

Another, more common reason to choose an auction is that it may increase the amount sellers can get for their belongings. When bidding is involved, there’s the possibility that bidders may drive up the prices and allow the seller to earn far more than they would with a straightforward sale. High prices are more likely when items are rare.

Whose Belongings Are Being Auctioned?

You’re probably wondering who’s responsible for the auction that intrigued us so much. Before we tell you what’s being sold, here’s what we know. Royce Kershaw Sr. was the owner of a successful railroad business. He passed it to his son, Royce Kershaw Jr., who died in July of 2023. It was his death that led to the auction.

Source: Pearce and Associates

Royce Kershaw Jr. inherited his father’s business and his estate. The estate included a warehouse that was full of Kershaw Sr’s collectibles. When his son died, the family decided that it was time to sell the warehouse and its contents to the highest bidders, whoever they might be. That’s when they decided on an auction.

What’s In That Warehouse?

Selling a warehouse is one thing. Auctioning off everything that’s in it is another, more complicated endeavor. It turns out that Royce Kershaw Sr. was a collector of machinery, especially classic American cars. Most of the items in his collection are decades old, including a 1913 Cadillac, a 1932 Ford three-window coupe, and a 1955 Thunderbird.

Source: Wikimedia/MercurySable99

There are other items in the collection that might surprise you. These include a 2005 Honda Element, a 2011 BMW x35i SUV, and a 1977 Mercedes 450 SEL. Many of the vehicles were purchased new by the Kershaw family while some were bought second hand. It’s undeniable that there’s a lot of money to be made selling them.

A True Muscle Car

One of the coolest cars in the Kershaw collection is a 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado. It’s a vehicle that Royce Kershaw Sr. bought new. People who have seen it say that it looks like he never drove it. If he did, he kept it in pristine condition. Its condition and rarity make it one of the prized items in the auction.

Source: Wikimedia/Niels de Wit

The Toronado is a coupe, a car with only two passenger doors and a tiny interior. The Toronado coupe is a muscle car, a vehicle with a powerful engine. This car in particular has a 425-cubic-inch V8 engine and front-wheel drive. A V8 is an eight-cylinder piston engine that allows for faster acceleration and more speed than other engines.

What Else Was In That Warehouse?

Was there anything else in that warehouse? The answer is yes, and one of the most unusual things is an entire 1913 log steam train. It’s difficult to imagine how a potential buyer might transport a whole train to their home, but it would be interesting to see them try! It’s arguably the rarest and most valuable item to be auctioned.

Source: Wikimedia/Orenstein and Koppel

Anybody who’s a train or railroad enthusiast and has money to spend might be interested in bidding on that train. It’s a unique piece of American history, after all! It’s unclear whether the train is in working order, but even if it isn’t, it would be amazing to see it on someone’s property or in a museum.

How Will Bidding Work?

In most auctions, there’s a minimum opening bid. It’s common for the opening amount to reflect the perceived value of the item being sold. It’s not uncommon for rare paintings and other artwork to have opening bids that are hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars. We wouldn’t have been surprised if that were the case here.

Source: Wikimedia/Tris T7

The auction is being handled by Auction by Pearce. According to Chip Pearce, the auction house’s owner, “everything starts at a dollar, and the last bidder wins.” Our assumption is that the family may not need to get high prices for these items, although their rarity will probably result in some big price tags when all is said and done.

When Will The Auction Take Place?

According to Auction by Pearce, the Kershaw family auction will begin at 7 PM Central Standard Time on February 21. The auction is online. Bidders will log in to view the items for sale and bid. There are viewing times on February 17th, 20th, and 21st for bidders to view items in person.

Source: Wikimedia/Sicnag

All viewings are from 10 AM to 2 PM at Auction by Pearce’s location in Montgomery, Alabama. There are two auction end times. The first part of the auction has a “soft” ending and will feature cars, car parts, and other rare items. The second part ends in March and features the antique train and other train-related items.

What Would You Bid On?

Whenever we read about an event like this, we love to take a few minutes to think about what we’d bid on if we had the money to participate. Since it’s unlikely that any of these items will sell for a dollar, it’s fun to dream about what we’d like to own.

Source: Pearce and Associates

The antique train is such a one-of-a-kind item that we think we might be unable to resist it. Items that might sell for less include shop equipment and collectibles. We particularly like the 1913 Baldwin passenger rail car, which is beautifully restored and looks brand new.

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