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Fire Engulfs American Chicken Farm, Containment Efforts Expected To Last Days

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A massive fire broke out at Feather Crest Farms near Kurten, Texas. The fire took emergency groups two days to control.

The fire started at 5 p.m. on Monday, January 29, in a rural area of Brazos County. Firefighters arrived within 10 minutes, and by 8:22 p.m., more than 100 firefighters were on the scene. Luckily, they managed to keep the fire restricted to only two buildings.

CEO’s Response To Feather Crest Farm Fire

“Monday evening, a fire occurred at Feather Crest farm in Kurten, Texas,” said Sam Krouse, CEO of MPS Eggs. “The fire affected two chicken houses on site, and we are very sad to say one house had chickens in it at the time that have been lost.”

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He also thanked his entire team for their swift response “We also deeply appreciate the first responders who reached the farm quickly and helped to prevent any further damage,” he added.

Stop The Fire From Spreading

As soon as firefighters arrived, they were met with a blazing sight. Both poultry houses were already engulfed in flames, including one where the chickens were. Their focus shifted to stopping the fire from spreading any further.

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Despite the relief of mild winds, the soaring height of the buildings posed a tough task. It stopped the firefighters from entering the three-story metal structures.

Water Shuttles Aid Firefighting Efforts

Water shuttles were really important for making sure the farm had enough water during the fire. Firefighters stayed up all night, keeping an eye on things to make sure the fire didn’t get worse.

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By Wednesday, they had the fire completely under control. They kept a close watch on the farm, checking regularly to make sure the fire didn’t start up again.

New Constructed Building Suspected As Fire Origin

Firefighters think the fire might have started in a new building that was recently built in the burnt area. A worker at the construction site said they were not working there right now, but other workers at the plant were back on the job.

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Even though the fire destroyed both buildings, the people in charge say there’s no need to worry about the environment. Right now, they haven’t said how many chickens were lost in the fire.

MPS Eggs Revamps Farm, Adds 1M Hens

In 2020, MPS Eggs bought Feather Crest Farms, a farm that’s been around for 70 years. They did a bunch of fixing up and made it bigger to make more eggs. Now it’s one of six farms owned by MPS Eggs all over the country.

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When MPS Eggs bought Feather Crest Farms, they added 1 million more hens to their farm, according to WATTPoultry. MPS Eggs is a big deal – they sell eggs to stores like Kroger and take care of a whopping 11 million hens! When Feather Crest Farms was bought, they had about 100 people working there.

Cause Of Fire Uncertain, No Fatalities Or Injuries

At a press briefing, Jason Ware, the deputy emergency management coordinator for Brazos County, said that only two buildings caught fire on the property. But they’re still not sure what caused it.

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Ware said that the fire only happened in these two buildings, and thankfully, nobody got hurt or died.

Rapid Response To Fire Outbreak

Around 100 firefighters rushed to the scene to tackle the fire, according to Ware. They came from different fire departments like the Brazos County Volunteer Fire Department, Bryan Fire Department, College Station Fire Department, and nearby counties.

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Since the farm is in a rural area, they set up a convoy of water trucks and a water shuttle to keep water flowing. It’s worth noting that some metals can catch fire and even explode, as Australian General Engineering warns.

Local Outages And Water Challenges During Firefighting Efforts

Bryan Texas Utilities reported that about 140 customers experienced power outages on Monday evening to ensure firefighters could safely combat the fire. Power was restored around 7:25 pm as multiple fire crews hurried to the scene.

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Firefighters from Brazos, Robertson, and Madison counties had to bring in water from distant areas due to low water pressure in Kurten, a town approximately 15 minutes away from Bryan.

Wildfires A Growing Threat in the U.S.

Lately, wildfires have wrecked big parts of land all over the United States, bringing a lot of sadness and trouble. From the tall forests in the Northwest to the hot plains in the Southwest, these fires happen a lot and mess up communities, nature, and money.

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The damage from these fires is really big, with millions and millions of acres burned every year. In just 2020, wildfires destroyed more than 10 million acres across the United States, making it one of the worst fire years ever.

Effect Of Wildfires On Homes And Communities

These wildfires don’t just burn land, they also take lives, wreck homes, and ruin nature. They burn down houses, shops, and even whole towns, leaving people with nowhere to live and no way to make money.

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It costs a lot of money to fix everything, with billions spent on fixing homes and fighting fires each year.

Impact On The Ecosystem

Wildfires don’t just cause physical harm. They really hurt the environment, messing up ecosystems forever and putting different kinds of living things in danger. Big, old forests can get destroyed, leaving animals with no place to live and messing up how nature works.

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The fires also mess with plants, which makes the soil erode, the water gets dirty, and there’s more chance of floods and landslides

The Causes Of Wildfires

Wildfires happen because of many reasons, including natural factors and things people do. Climate change makes it worse. When temperatures go up, droughts last longer, and the weather changes, it’s easier for fires to start and spread.

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People cutting down trees, building on land, and doing things that make fires more likely also make the problem worse. This all means that wildfires happen more often and are more serious.

PETA Plans Memorial For Birds Lost In Farm Fire

In memory of the birds lost in the fire, a group called PETA intends to erect a tall memorial in the area. The memorial will highlight who’s accountable for the birds’ deaths: anyone who isn’t a vegan.

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“Each of these chickens was an individual who died in terror and pain, engulfed by smoke and flames,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA urges everyone to prevent birds from being crammed into flammable warehouses in the first place by taking the easy step of going vegan.”

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