Leaked Documents Confirm Our Worst Fears About Gender Treatment

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Recent leaks from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) have shed light on the disturbing realities of gender treatment, particularly for children. The leaked documents reveal shocking details about the practices and protocols that have been adopted by medical professionals, raising serious concerns about the ethics and long-term consequences of these treatments.

WPATH: The Questionable Authority Behind Gender Treatment Guidelines

For years, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has been the go-to organization for gender treatment guidelines. However, the leaked documents reveal that WPATH is not the highly qualified medical body it was assumed to be.

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Three-quarters of its members are based in the United States, and many are activists who advocate for unrestricted access to gender-confirming treatments for anyone who identifies as trans, including children. Despite its lack of formal authority, WPATH’s standards of care have been widely adopted.

The Widespread Influence of WPATH’s Guidelines

WPATH’s standards of care have been used by various organizations, including the NHS, the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), and even the Scottish Government. The reliance on WPATH’s guidelines has led to a situation where questioning the ethics of these treatments is seen as transphobic and immoral.

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Many assumed that WPATH was a professional body of highly qualified medics, but the reality is that anyone can pay a couple of hundred dollars to join the organization. This revelation raises serious questions about the credibility of the guidelines being followed by healthcare providers worldwide.

The Shocking Realities Revealed in the WPATH Leaks

The leaked documents from WPATH reveal appalling evidence of the maiming of young bodies in the name of gender treatment. The files contain details of mastectomies with no nipples, incontinence, and even “nullification” – the creation of eunuchs.

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Doctors discuss the cancer risks associated with hormones in teenagers and describe operations where a fake vagina is created while the penis is kept intact. These gruesome details paint a disturbing picture of the consequences of these treatments on young, healthy bodies.

The Case of Jazz Jennings: A Cautionary Tale

One prominent case is that of Jazz Jennings, who was assigned male at birth and put on puberty blockers at the age of 11. Due to insufficient genital material, Jazz’s neovagina was created using the stomach lining, resulting in multiple corrective surgeries and a lifetime of pain.

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Jazz’s surgeon, Marci Bowers, admitted that Jazz will never experience an orgasm. This case highlights the dishonesty of telling children that they can change their sex without disclosing the long-term consequences of infertility and lack of sexual function.

The Neglect of Underlying Psychological Issues

The focus on gender dysphoria has led to the neglect of underlying psychological issues in some patients. The case of Scarlett Blake, a murderer and former GIDS patient who had also tortured a cat, highlights the potential consequences of ignoring deeper psychological issues in favor of gender treatment.

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Realizing that some of these children have deep psychological issues but ignoring them in pursuit of gender-affirming care is a form of malpractice. It is crucial to address these underlying issues and provide comprehensive mental health support.

The Myth of “Gender-Affirming Care” as a Lifesaving Necessity

Activists have propagated the idea that “gender-affirming care” is lifesaving, but the leaked documents suggest otherwise. The long-term effects of these treatments are largely unknown, and while some adults who transition may experience increased happiness, not all do.

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The NHS and many other European countries have backed away from using puberty blockers and this gross experimentation on children. The lack of knowledge about the long-term effects of these treatments should be a cause for concern and caution.

WPATH’s Latest Standards of Care: A Disturbing Revelation

The leak also reveals that WPATH’s latest standards of care suggest puberty blockers can be given at any age and that some boys may identify as “eunuch individuals,” potentially requiring surgical intervention. This information is not widely known within the general medical community.

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The idea of castrating boys as a form of gender-affirming care goes against the fundamental principle of “Do No Harm” in medicine. It is deeply disturbing that such practices are being considered and promoted by an organization like WPATH.

The Silencing of Professionals and the Need for Truth

Accusations of transphobia have prevented many professionals from speaking out about the realities of gender treatment. The leaked documents demonstrate that the preferred guidance advises the removal of healthy tissue from young bodies, disregarding the potential complications.

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This practice should not be called medicine; it is mutilation. We must acknowledge the truth about these treatments and their consequences. We must create a space for open and honest discussions about gender dysphoria and its treatment, free from the fear of being labeled as transphobic.

The Role of Money in Promoting Gender Treatment

The leaked documents also reveal that there is money to be made from the deep distress experienced by individuals with gender dysphoria. Medical insurance companies are willing to pay for some of these treatments, creating a financial incentive for their promotion.

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This raises questions about the motivations behind the push for gender-affirming care and whether the well-being of patients is truly the primary concern. It is essential to examine the role of financial interests in shaping the narrative around gender treatment.

The Need for Comprehensive Psychological Support

The care of our most vulnerable and disturbed children cannot be left in the hands of organizations like WPATH, which prioritize activism over medical ethics. We must provide comprehensive psychological support to these individuals and address their underlying mental health issues.

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Rushing children into irreversible treatments with lifelong consequences is not the answer. We must prioritize their long-term well-being and ensure that they receive the support and care they need to navigate their distress and find genuine healing.

The Consequences of Ignoring the Truth

Ignoring the truth about the realities of gender treatment can have devastating consequences. The stories of detransitioners who regret their decisions and are left with irreversible physical changes and emotional scars are a testament to the need for caution and honesty.

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We cannot continue to prioritize political correctness over the well-being of individuals, especially children. It is time to have an open and honest conversation about the risks and limitations of gender-affirming care and to explore alternative approaches that prioritize mental health and long-term outcomes.

The Importance of Evidence-Based Medicine

The leaked documents from WPATH underscore the need for evidence-based medicine in the field of gender treatment. We cannot rely on the guidelines of an organization that is heavily influenced by activism and lacks rigorous scientific backing.

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Medical professionals have a responsibility to base their practices on solid evidence and to prioritize the safety and well-being of their patients. We must invest in research to better understand the long-term effects of gender treatments and to develop evidence-based approaches that minimize harm.

A Call to Action: Protecting Our Children

The WPATH leaks serve as a wake-up call for society. We cannot continue to allow the mutilation of young bodies under the guise of gender-affirming care. It is time for medical professionals, parents, and policymakers to come together and re-evaluate the current approach to treating gender dysphoria in children.

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We must prioritize the long-term well-being of these children, ensuring that they receive comprehensive psychological support and are not rushed into irreversible treatments with lifelong consequences. Only by facing the truth and engaging in open, evidence-based discussions can we hope to protect the most vulnerable among us and prevent further harm.

The Way Forward: Honesty, Compassion, and Responsibility

The leaked documents from WPATH have exposed the disturbing realities of gender treatment, particularly for children. It is time for us to confront these truths with honesty, compassion, and a sense of responsibility toward the well-being of those who are struggling with gender dysphoria.

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We must create a space for open dialogue, where the voices of detransitioners and concerned professionals can be heard without fear of retribution. We must prioritize evidence-based approaches and invest in research to better understand the long-term consequences of these treatments. Most importantly, we must put the welfare of children first and ensure that they receive the support and care they need to navigate their distress and find genuine healing. Only by working together can we hope to build a future where the well-being of all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, is protected and upheld.

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