Former Record Holder Lynette Woodard Reverses Course On Caitlin Clark Scoring-Record Dismissal

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There’s been a lot of drama recently in the Basketball community, mostly over breaking the all-time scoring record. The best part is the clash between the former record holder Lynette Woodard and the recent champion Caitlin Clark.

Apparently, Woodard didn’t acknowledge Clark’s new record. She claimed that her era was more tough and Clark had things easy. But, fortunately, she’s changed her mind and now seems to be Clark’s biggest supporter.

Lynette Woodard Praises Caitlin Clark

Lynette Woodard took to Instagram to acknowledge Caitlin Clark’s recent record after Iowa lost to South Carolina. She proudly supported Clark, claiming to be rooting for her throughout her career.

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She wrote in her post: “…No one respects Caitlin Clark’s accomplishments more than I do. This is why I accepted Iowa’s invitation to participate in Caitlin’s senior day.”

Woodard Clarifies Her ‘Controversial’ Comment

Woodard also quickly addressed her controversial comments in her Instagram post. She wrote: “To clarify my remarks made at an awards ceremony on Saturday…my message was: a lot has changed, on and off the court.”

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“[This] makes it difficult to compare statistical accomplishments from different eras.” She continues, “Each is a snapshot in time. Caitlin holds the scoring record.”

Let’s Break It Down

Clark is the new all-time scoring record holder after beating Woodard’s mark. But what makes this interesting is that Woodard’s score was set before the NCAA even recognized women’s basketball and gave them their own category.

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Since there was no NCAA for women, Woodard played with the same requirements as the men, especially how the scores were calculated.

The ‘Controversial’ Comment

Woodard gave her controversial speech during the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association convention in Cleveland. She claimed she just wanted to “get the elephant out of the room.”

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While Woodard spoke, she said: “I don’t think my record has been broken because you can’t duplicate what you’re not duplicating. So, unless you come with a men’s basketball and a 2-point shot, you know … but just for you, so you can understand, so you can help me spread that word.”

People Weren’t Happy With Woodard

Both the media and people online weren’t happy with Woodards disrespectful comments. Many thought she was dismissive and a “Debby downer” by making Clark’s special moment all about herself.

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On the other hand, some people understood her point. The times were really different and it’s worth discussing whether the record is valid or should have a new category. 

A Closer Look At Woodard’s Past Record

Lynette Woodard has a total scoring point of 3,649 points across four seasons with the Jayhawks. This achievement was done from 1977 to 1981, which was years before women had their own category.

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Therefore, she played with a 2-point shot, instead of the 3-point Clark enjoys today. Also note that Woodard used men’s Basketball, which most women today will struggle to hold.

A Closer Look At Caitlin Clark’s New Record

Caitlin is the new all-time scoring record holder with 3,921 and counting, which beats Woodard’s previous 3,649. Naturally, Clark took advantage of the present changes that were not available during Woodard’s time.


These include the smaller ball and the 3-point system instead of the former 2-point. But despite the debate around the new score, Clark still humbled herself and invited Woodard to a game at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City.

Understanding How Score Points Are Calculated

To understand why Woodard was mildly unhappy with the new record, let’s break down how the sport counts points. Each time a player scores, they get points, and this depends on the system being used.

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In Woodard’s time, they used the two-point system where a player gets two points if they shoot within the three-point arc. But during Clark’s, the player gets awarded three points, making it relatively easier to beat the previous record.

What If Clark Used The Two-Point System Instead?

Woodard’s biggest criticism is that Clark wouldn’t have come close to her record at this point in her career. But how true is that? Well, let’s adjust the scores and assume that 20% to 40% of these points were originally scored as three-pointers.

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In that case, Clark’s adjusted score would be approximately 3,660 to 3,398 points. This estimate is definitely lower than Woodard’s  3,649, but very close. This means Clark would still have beaten Woodard’s record with a little more time.

It’s All In The Past Now

Whether Clark is on par with Woodard is no longer worth debating. Both women are icons in their era and should be treated accordingly. At the same time, Woodard quickly cleared the air and also showed support for the new record holder.

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Basketball fans can expect more games with Woodard giving her support like a big sister. But ultimately, there’s no “bad blood” between them.

Caitlin Clark Deserves More Recognition

Caitlin Clark is an outstanding athlete with more than her all-time scoring record under her belt. She was honored as the AP Player of the Year and Naismith College Player of the Year. She even got USBWA Player of the Year in each of her two final seasons.

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She was also named Big Ten Player of the Year for dominating her team in the Big Ten. Basically, she led the Iowa Hawkeyes to the three Big Ten tournament championships. She’s made her name in the Hall of Fame.

Woodard Was Outstanding In Her Time Too

Despite her “petty” comment, Woodard was a force to be reckoned with. She was a two-time Olympian and captain of the gold-medal-winning 1984 United States Olympic Team. She was also recognized as the Most Valuable Player (MVP), leading Kansas to three consecutive Big Eight championships.

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Don’t forget that Woodard was also honored with the Women’s Sports Foundation Flo Hyman Award in 1993. This award is so important to her image because it means that she’s not just an athletic woman, but an activist for gender equality in sports.

The Drama Is Over

Woodard apologized for her petty remarks and explained that she meant no harm. Now, she’s a big supporter of Clark’s career and promises to always lend a helping hand whenever.

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As for Clark, she genuinely appreciates the support and even plans to leverage her icon’s support as she continues her journey in basketball.

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