GOP Rep. Victoria Spartz Shows A Video Of How Trans Athletes Pose A Risk To Girls 

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During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on transgender athletes, Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana presented a video that showed evidence of biological males causing harm to females in sports contests, the point of sharing this was to argue against allowing transgender women to compete against females.The videos depicted incidents in Massachusetts and North Carolina where transgender players injured girls during basketball, volleyball and lacrosse games.

Male Biologically 

Spartz said the purpose was to depict the difference in strength between biological males and biological females,

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Typically females are innately less strong than males.   

Males Are Stronger

Spartz said, 

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“I actually would like to play some video. … I want to see what it really can cause, how much harm, and we can show examples to [how] much stronger guys playing the sports against biologically not-as-strong women.” 

Advantages Physically 

She urged the importance of recognizing the physical advantages that males naturally have over females in sports and that it is important to protect girls,  

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saying it is unacceptable that girls are getting hurt by biological males in sports.

Girls Are Actually Getting Hurt 

Spartz said,

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“Girls actually get hurt by males biological playing sports. I mean, it is really unbelievable for me that this is an issue that we cannot stand with women and girls on.” 

Women And Girls

She said,

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“Most of us, as I said, are not biologically as strong, and it is unfortunate the other side tries to really deter the conversation in a different direction and divert it. … Let’s talk about how we are going to protect our women and girls.” 

Differences In Strength 

Spartz emphasized that the conversation should not stray away from the simple fact that there is naturally a strength difference between biological boys and biological girls,

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It’s just science, plain and simple.

Policies Are Inclusive 

Various sports organizations and governing bodies have struggled with the difficulties of creating and implementing inclusive policies,

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While also addressing the matter of fairness. 

Be Honest

She said,

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“Let’s just be honest. Boys, you know, natural biological boys, have a different advantage against women playing sports. Let’s recognize and be honest about that and not divert [the] conversation.” 

Update Their Regulations 

Multiple organizations have revised their regulations in efforts to accommodate transgender athletes, 

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Typically with specified eligibility criteria that is related to hormone levels or undergoing gender reassignment procedures.


These measures have sparked more controversy and legal difficulties, 

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Highlighting the complex nature of trying to balance inclusion with fairness in an athletic competition.

Passing Legislation 

The debate has also spilled into the legal and legislative arenas, 

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With many states and countries contemplating or enacting laws that put restrictions on transgender individuals from competing in sports that align with their gender identity.

Transgender athletes

The debate surrounding the issue of transgender athletes highlights the urgency to create a platform where there can be informed and respectful discussions.  


It is critical for stakeholders to be involved with constructive conversations that consider the diverse perspectives, experiences, and rights of all individuals involved.

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