GOP Senator Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene A ‘Total Waste Of Time’, ‘Horrible Leader’

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GOP Senator Thom Tillis has reportedly targeted House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene in comments made during a recent interview with CNN. Tillis described Greene as a “total waste of time” and “horrible leader.”

Greene Opposed $95 Billion Foreign Aid Bill That Passed On Tuesday

Marjorie Taylor Greene bitterly opposed a $95 billion federal aid bill, which was passed by the Senate on Tuesday. The bill was reportedly passed with a bipartisan vote of 79-18.

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The legislation intends to provide additional military aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. It is expected that President Joe Biden will sign this into law on Wednesday.

Speaker Mike Johnson Supported Package After Blocking Previous Attempts

The House approved the package as four individual bills on Saturday after Speaker Mike Johnson confirmed his own support of it. This was an interesting development since Johnson previously blocked attempts to pass legislation with similar provisions earlier this year.

Source: Wikimedia/Office of Speaker Mike Johnson

Johnson has pushed back on the disappointment and anger expressed by Republicans over his support of the aid package. After a heated discussion of the House Republicans at the Capitol earlier this month, Johnson stated, “I am not resigning.”

Speaker Mike Johnson: ‘We Are Simply Here Trying To Do Our Jobs’

Johnson indicated that the motion to oust him from his position was “absurd” and “not helpful.” He explained that, “We are simply here trying to do our jobs.”

Source: Wikimedia/US Embassy in Turkey

Johnson reportedly referred to himself as the “wartime speaker” of the House. He made it clear that he would proceed with supporting the U.S. national security package even though it would require him to rely on Democrats to pass it.

Johnson Supported His Decision By Saying Russia, Iran And Chain Are A ‘Global Threat’

Mike Johnson justified his decision to support the package as an effective response to his claim of a joint threat from Tehran, Beijing, and Moscow to the United States. He described Russia, Iran, and China as “three of our primary adversaries” that “are working together.”

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Johnson added that “they’re a global threat to our prosperity and our security.” He stated that their overall advance “threatens the free world” and “demands American leadership.”

‘We Would Rather Send Bullets To The Conflict Overseas Than Our Own Boys’

Johnson referenced the old military adage that “we would rather send bullets to the conflict overseas than our own boys,” or troops. He stated that the consequences could possibly be “devastating” if a decision was made to “turn our backs right now.”

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Johnson reportedly discussed the emerging U.S. aid package recently with President Joe Biden and other congressional leaders as well. The speaker planned to move in separate votes regarding each section.

Greene Claims That Johnson ‘Betrayed’ Republicans, Called For Him To Resign

Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that Speaker Mike Johnson “betrayed” Republican voters with his decision to support the package. She reportedly called for him to resign as well.

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Greene warned that he would potentially face a formal motion to vacate. That type of motion would remove him from office if he did not decide to resign first.

Greene Claims On Social Media That ‘Mike Johnson’s Speakership is Over!’

Greene wrote on X/Twitter that “Mike Johnson’s speakership OVER!” She further expressed that “handing the gavel to Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Hakeem Jeffries, and the rest of the Democrats” was a sign of betrayal.

Source: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann

She added that Johnson allegedly “betrayed us on funding endless foreign wars.” She also claimed that Johnson “betrayed us on border security.”

Greene Filed Motion To Vacate, But Did Not Push For Immediate Resolution

Greene reportedly did file a motion to vacate that was specifically targeted at Speaker Mike Johnson. However, the Georgia representative apparently did not push for an immediate resolution.

Source: Wikimedia/Kevin McCarthy

In a recent interview with Fox news, Greene stated that Johnson “needs to do the right thing to resign and allow us to move forward in a controlled process.” Regarding the motion to vacate, she previously confirmed that it was “coming regardless of what Mike Johnson decides to do.”

Thom Tillis: Greene ‘Is Uninformed’ And ‘A Total Waste Of Time’

Thom Tillis referenced Greene in a recent interview when he said that she “is uninformed” and “a total waste of time.” Tillis further stated that he was “embarrassed to have actually lived geographically in her district at one time before she was there.”

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

He added that Marjorie Taylor Greene “is a horrible leader” that is “dragging our brand down.” An edited clip of Tillis’ remarks was posted online by the X/Twitter account Acyn, which is known for sharing footage of U.S. politics.

Tillis Claims Greene Is ‘The Biggest Risk’ To Republicans, ‘Not The Democrats’

Tillis further claimed that Greene is “the biggest risk to [Republicans] getting back to a majority.” He added that the Democrats were not the biggest risk.

Source: Pixabay/WokandaPix

Greene’s action towards ousting Johnson sparked anger from certain Senate Republicans. This occurred a little more than six months after the removal of Kevin McCarthy from the speaker’s office.

Mitt Romney Referenced ‘Folks’ That Make ‘A Lot Of Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing’

Utah Senator Mitt Romney stated that there are certain people that “try to get themselves as many tweets, as many followers, as they can.” He added that they just make “a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

Source: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Senator Kevin Kramer referenced Speaker Mike Johnson when he stated that if he is not good enough that “no one’s going to be good enough.”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz: Removing Johnson Would ‘Embolden’ China, Russia and Iran

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla) disagreed with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s efforts to remove Johnson as Speaker of the House as well. During a recent interview with Fox News, he was asked about Greene’s criticism of the foreign aid package.

Source: Wikimedia/US House of Representatives

Moskowitz stated that what Greene, Massie, and Gosar are trying to accomplish “would only embolden” China, Russia, and Iran.

Rep. Ro Khanna: Mike Johnson ‘Deserves To Keep His Job Till The End Of This Term’

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-California) acknowledged that she disagrees with Speaker Johnson “on many issues” and that he has “been very critical of him.” However, he indicated that Mike Johnson “did the right thing here.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Khanna further expressed that Johnson “deserves to keep his job till the end of this term.”

Republicans Would Require Votes Of House Democrats To Remove Johnson

The only way that the Republicans will be able to successfully remove Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House is to have the full support of House Democrats as well. However, there have been several House Democrats that have gone on record by opposing any attempt to remove him.

Source: Wikimedia/Martin Falbisoner

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Arizona) referred to the morning meeting with the heated discussions as an “argument fest.” House Republicans are driven to remove Johnson since his support of the foreign aid package reportedly shifts the attention away from adding security to the U.S.-Mexico border. 

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