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Great White Sharks Spotted Off Coast Of Florida, Just In Time For Spring Break

Source: Flickr/George Probst

Spring break in Florida is right around the corner, but this year, students looking to soak up the sun and surf may have some uninvited guests joining the party.

Ocean researchers have tracked multiple great white sharks in the waters off the Sunshine State just in time for the spring break rush, leading some to wonder if the giant predators could dampen the festivities.

Giant Sharks Arrive in Florida for Spring Break

As spring breakers descend upon Florida, some uninvited guests have also arrived – great white sharks.

Source: Facebook/OCEARCH

According to OCEARCH, an ocean research organization that tracks the species, two sharks were detected in the waters off Florida’s panhandle on March 5.

Keji and Rose

One shark, named Keji, has been in the area since the weekend. Tagged in 2021, Keji measures 9 feet 7 inches and weighs 578 pounds.


Rose, another shark tagged in 2020, was also detected on March 5. Rose is slightly larger at 10 feet 5 inches and 600 pounds.

Other Recent Sightings

Keji and Rose are not the only great whites that have been detected in Florida recently. On February 28, Scot, a 12.3-foot, 1,644-pound shark, was tracked swimming near the Florida Keys.


The next day, Bob, measuring 13 feet 4 inches and 1,308 pounds, was detected just off Palm Coast. Although OCEARCH only receives pings when sharks surface, these giants could still be prowling Florida’s waters.

Seasonal Migration

Great white sharks migrate seasonally. They spend summers in Canada but head south along the East Coast to Florida for winter. Although solitary, several sharks may end up in one place during migration.

Source: Shutterstock/DannyTorobekovArt

While the sharks’ presence coincides with spring break, attacks on humans are rare. Florida has the most shark attacks in the U.S., but incidents are uncommon.

How can Are Great White Shark Locations Tracked?

OCEARCH, a nonprofit organization, tracks great white sharks to research their behavior and migration patterns.


They tag sharks with GPS devices that “ping” when they surface, allowing people to follow the sharks’ journeys on OCEARCH’s website and smartphone app. Currently, OCEARCH is tracking nearly 100 great white sharks, including Keji, Rose, Scot, and Bob, recently detected off Florida’s coast.

OCEARCH Tracks Two Great Whites Near Panhandle

Two of the ocean’s most formidable predators, great white sharks, have been tracked in the waters off Florida’s panhandle just as thousands of spring breakers descend upon the state.

Source: Shutterstock/Alexius Sutandio

According to OCEARCH, an organization that tracks sharks to learn more about their behavior and migration patterns, two white sharks were detected in the region on March 5.

Following the Food

As winter approaches, great white sharks migrate south along the East Coast in search of warmer waters and ample food sources.

Source: ABC News/Calyso Star Charters

The sharks are solitary creatures but often end up gathering in areas with abundant prey during this time of year, like the waters around Florida.

An Opportunity to Learn

Although frightening to some, great white sharks pose little threat to humans and should be appreciated as an important part of Florida’s coastal ecosystem.

Source: Facebook/OCEARCH

Their seasonal migration is a natural wonder and a chance for scientists to uncover the mysteries surrounding these giant fish.

Despite Sharks, Beach Risk Is Low During Spring Break

According to the Shark Attack File, Florida sees the highest number of shark attacks in the U.S., but incidents are still relatively uncommon.

Source: Facebook/OCEARCH

The giant fish tend to keep to themselves and avoid contact with people. They are in the area due to their migration patterns, traveling down the East Coast in the winter after spending the summer in Canada.

Great Whites Are One of the “Big Three” Aggressive Sharks

Great white sharks, along with tiger and bull sharks, make up the “big three”- the species responsible for the majority of unprovoked shark attacks on humans.

Source: Facebook/NTV Uganda

Although interactions between humans and great whites are rare, they are powerful predators, and their immense size alone can inflict serious injury.

Sharks Do not Hunt Humans

People enjoying Florida’s shores during spring break should exercise caution, as with any ocean activity, but they need not live in fear of great white sharks.

Source: Fox News/Alexis Rosenfeld

As long as people avoid excessively splashing around like prey, the massive predators are unlikely to mistake them for food. Although powerful, great white sharks are not inherently aggressive towards humans. They tend to only attack when they feel threatened or are competing for food.

Scientists Still Seeking to Understand the Mysterious Great White

Tracking organizations like OCEARCH are helping shed more light on the species by tagging individual sharks to monitor their movements and behaviors.


By following sharks like Keji, Rose, Scot and Bob, scientists have gained insights into migration patterns and habitats. The great whites seem to travel long distances, migrating from Canada to Florida with the seasons. However, their exact routes and reasons for migration remain uncertain.

How to Safely Enjoy the Ocean With Sharks Nearby

Stay out of the water at dawn and dusk when sharks are most active feeding. Sharks are likelier to mistake humans for their normal prey, like fish or seals, during low light conditions.


Instead of swimming at dawn or dusk, hit the beach during the middle of the day. Swim or surf with a group instead. Do not enter the water if there are schools of fish present.

Dont Cancel Your Spring Break

The arrival of these massive sharks may seem frightening, but there is no need to cancel your spring break plans.

Source: Shutterstock/nito

While their presence is monitored, the chances of running into one of these giants remain slim. So grab your swimsuit and sunscreen – the beach awaits

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