GOP’s SOTU Response by Senator Katie Britt Criticized by Own Party Members

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The annual State of the Union ritual isn’t complete until the president’s opposition offers its rebuttal, sometimes in a less-than-flattering manner.

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Katie Britt, the junior Republican senator from Alabama, delivered the GOP’s response to President Joe Biden’s address on Thursday. Her passionate speech, at times delivered in a whisper resembling ASMR from her kitchen, felt more like an unsuccessful audition for a role on “Grey’s Anatomy” than a serious political response.

Sharp Criticism For Britt’s Rebuttal

Late into the night, Rolling Stone received numerous unsolicited critiques from GOP insiders, conservative Capitol Hill Staff, and MAGA lawyers. Even members of Trump’s own 2024 campaign criticized Britt’s overly dramatic rebuttal.

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“What the hell am I watching right now?” a Trump adviser asked, mid-Britt remarks. “Creepy,” one of the Republican pollsters noted.

Better Off As A Lame Skit

A lawyer associated with the Trump circle compared the performance to public-access television. A senior House congressional aide described it as “cringe” and predicted it would become a “lame [Saturday Night Live] skit” over the weekend.

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“I’ll give Biden this – he at least gave a better speech than Katie Britt,” one national Republican consultant said bluntly.

Conservative Commentators Critical Of Britt’s Speech

Online, the reaction from conservative commentators wasn’t too different. “I’m sure Katie Britt is a sweet mom and person, but this speech is not what we need,” TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

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“Joe Biden just declared war on the American right and Katie Britt is talking like she’s hosting a cooking show whispering about how Democrats ‘don’t get it.'”

This Shouldn’t Repeat Itself

Allie Beth Stuckey, a podcast host, pleaded to her fellow Republicans that such a speech should never be allowed to repeat itself.

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“I know y’all were going for the relatable mom speaking in her kitchen from her heart, but it didn’t work. Just a straight, strong speech will do in the future. Thanks.”

GOP Should Have Come Up With A Better Response

Radio host Jesse Kelly wrote that Britt’s rebuttal was not what he’d “prefer out of the GOP response, but there’s no question Katie Britt has mastered the ultimate weapon of dimes everywhere; the fake cry. That’s a seasoned pro right there.”

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Across Capitol Hill, the rebuttal was met with widespread derision. A Republican staffer likened it to “giving a high school freshman speech.” “She really thinks she’s killing it. But it’s comical, like SNL quality,” they added.

Britt Fails But Biden Delivers

While his opposition’s response was absolutely flat, President Joe Biden gave a rousing State of the Union speech Thursday night. He talked about important issues like democracy, reproductive rights, helping Ukraine, fair taxes, and lowering prescription drug prices.

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He also mentioned the threat he sees from Donald Trump, calling him “my predecessor.” Biden arrived at Congress a bit later than planned, greeting supporters and taking selfies as Democrats cheered for “Four More Years.” He started his speech with a joke, saying, “Good evening. If I were smart, I’d go home now.”

A Big Moment For Biden

The speech was a big moment for Biden, as he’s facing challenges. He hasn’t been campaigning much and isn’t facing strong competition for the Democratic nomination. Sometimes, when he appears in public, like on late-night TV, he’s met with protests about the situation in Gaza.

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However, there have been positive signs for President Biden. With Super Tuesday confirming a rematch against former President Donald Trump, recent polls show a slight surge for Biden and a small lead nationally for the Democrats.

Energetic State of the Union Performance Defies Doubts

Biden faced many tough topics during the evening, but he tackled them with unexpected energy and agility. Regarding his fitness to serve, Biden’s lively performance defied critics who expected him to struggle with confusion or mistakes.


At 81, Biden is only three years older than his Republican rival, Trump. Both men have occasionally shown signs of language difficulties compared to four years ago.

Biden Exceeds Expectations At State Of The Union Address

However, questions about Biden’s age, especially as he moves less fluidly and occasionally loses his train of thought, have become a central part of discussions about his presidency.

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Expectations for Biden during the State of the Union were low, so just delivering the lengthy speech without incident would have been seen as a success. But Biden exceeded expectations. He was sharp and even teased Republican lawmakers in the audience. He poked fun at former Senate colleague Lindsay Graham for seeming impatient for him to finish.

GOP Propaganda Falls Flat

Before Britt’s epic fail, Republicans were quick to note the stark contrast Britt’s speech would pose to Biden’s. The youngest-ever Republican female senator following remarks from the country’s oldest-ever president.

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“She’s young, female, and full of energy – opposite of everything Joe Biden is,” Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.), a fellow member of the Senate GOP’s freshman class, told The Hill. “The contrast between the two, it’s so different.”

Political Priorities: Family Vs. Reproductive Rights

The party also aimed to highlight that Britt is a mother to two teenagers. Speaker Mike Johnson pointed out that “as the only current Republican mom of school-aged kids serving in the Senate, Katie is fighting to preserve the American Dream for the next generation.”

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Democrats, on the other hand, focused on reproductive rights. Britt’s speech comes after Republicans rushed to respond to the Alabama Supreme Court’s surprising ruling that frozen embryos are legally children.

100 Percent Pro-Life

The senator, who describes herself as “100 percent pro-life,” expressed support for IVF, although she has previously stated that life begins at conception. As Democrats prioritize reproductive rights as a key issue in this election year, they have portrayed Britt as an extreme anti-choice advocate.

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“Republicans have been running, dodging, and hiding their extreme position against IVF. all week, but today they chose to catapult their anti-freedom extremism to center stage by tapping anti-choice extremist Katie Britt to deliver their State of the Union response,” said Alex Floyd, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee.

A Potential Vice President To Trump?

According to a few sources, Britt has been considered as a potential vice president by GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. This national appearance is crucial for her political future.

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Britt endorsed Trump in a December op-ed, expressing her belief in a brighter future for the nation. However, there is little indication that Britt has been discussed as a potential running mate inside Mar-a-Lago.

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