Greg Locke Says Christianity Is Under Threat In America And Recent Bible Burning Is A Sign That

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Gregg Locke, a Tennessee pastor known for his controversial and provocative behavior of setting fire to books and performing exorcism, has witnessed an occurrence that has made him believe that Christianity is under attack in America.

According to Greg, his security camera caught a man setting fire to 200 Bibles. This happened right in front of pastor Greg’s church and this could only mean one thing, that several people are posing threats to Christianity in America. 

Greg Locke’s Rise To Fame

Initially, nobody really knew who Greg was beyond his local community in Tennessee. However, he gained some attention after involving himself in some activities that brought him into the limelight. 

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Greg became a social media influencer in 2016 when a video of him expressing his opposition to Target’s inclusive bathroom policies gained widespread attention on social media. After that, Greg has become a target to those who do not like him and his religion.

A Deliberate Attack On His Faith 

Pastor Greg Locke is the head pastor at Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee. On the 31st of March 2024, a very scary event happened to the man of God, an event which he described as a deliberate attack on his faith. 

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This situation happened around 6:00 am on Sunday when an individual stopped the pastor’s car in the middle of an intersection close to the church’s entrance and immediately poured a ton of gasoline on a trailer of Bible and set it ablaze. 

Police And Firefighters Quickly Got To Work 

Both the local police and firefighters were immediately sent out to the scene to put out the fire coming from the trailer. 

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Thanks to the quick response from the firefighters, they were able to put out the fire before it could spread further. Thanks to this quick act no significant damage was done. 

The Need To Keep The Investigation A Secret 

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office told the public that they were currently investigating the matter and would soon get to the root of it. He told reporters that the trailer with the Bibles in it was left to burn in the middle of the intersection. 

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When they were asked for more information, the law enforcement officers replied that they could not give further information on the matter as they needed to be confidential. 

This Has To Be A Joke 

In a video that was uploaded on the church’s website, we could see how shocked Greg Locke was. He was filled with so much disbelief while he was speaking to his congregation during the Easter revival service. 

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Greg had a question, he was curious to know the rarity of situations like this. Greg wanted to know if there was any other church in America that had ever had Bibles burnt just to block their way. 

A Quick Post On Social Media 

Pastor Greg has presented himself to be a social media firebrand so it wasn’t shocking when he quickly took to social media sharing the details of what had just happened. 

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Greg quickly took to Instagram and Facebook where he uploaded pictures of the damages caused by the fire, a catchy picture focusing on the trailer that was filled with burnt bibles. 

A Catchy Caption 

Following the pictures of the incident, pastor Greg put up a caption explaining the situation surrounding the incident. He stated, “The security camera of the church captured the individual committing the attack.” 

Source: Facebook/Pastor Greg Locke

The footage showed a man packing the trailer that had about 200 burnt Bibles in the front of the church building. A key evidence that might become instrumental in investigating the case. 

An Attack In 2020

The Global Vision Bible Church has faced quite a lot of attacks in the past, in 2020 just before a planned event with Roger Stone, a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, pastor Locke had messages of condemnation directed at him. 

Source: Eva Marie Uzcategui

Graffiti of phrases like “repent” and Locke+ Stone were left on the church building while Letters of “FU” were sprayed on the pulpit. 

Witches Have Tried To Infiltrate The Church 

Locke also mentioned how witches tried to penetrate his church and how they attempted to destroy his ministry. This was after he had set up a tent to accommodate people who were captivated by his support for Trump and his career as an exorcist. 

Source: Stephanie Amador

People didn’t like this idea and he had a clash with different people including his neighbors and local officials. He was never the type to be liked 

A Lot Of Things Have Happened To Us But Not Bible Burning 

Locke mentioned that in the past the church has had various vandalous activities directed towards them but this was quite different. It was on a different level, a level that he never expected. 

Source: X/pastorlocke

The scale of this particular attack is quite shocking and disturbing as it has never happened before. To Locke, this was a deliberate attempt to rebel against the church and its beliefs.

The Need For Prayer 

When it all happened, pastor Greg was all jovial about it and walked up to the police officers telling them that he would need them to provide the church with the burnt pages of the Bible. 

Source: X/pastorlocke

To him, the church community could learn a few lessons from this incident. He also suggested that the church could distribute the burnt pages to its members. This was a means to remind them of how important it was to pray. 

This Is A Sign: A Sign That Christianity Is Been Threatened In America 

Locke had interpreted the fire incident to be a sign of a continued attempt to threaten Christianity as a whole in the United States. 

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He also suggested that the fire incident was a signal that the return of Jesus Christ and the biblical prophecies of the End time was coming and might be fast approaching.

An Increased Attack On Christianity 

Locke didn’t hold back from expressing his belief, he mentioned that Christianity is facing a different level of persecution within the United States. He, however, pleaded with his members to be extremely vigilant and assertive during this period. 

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Locke also advised his congregation to reject all acts of complacency and stop being passive when it comes to their faith. He wants them to demonstrate greater courage and never be intimidated by societal pressure.

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