‘Don Lemon Show’ Views Drop Over 90 Percent After Elon Musk Interview

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Don Lemon’s show apparently experienced a massive decline in views about the initial breakout figures generated by the former CNN anchor thanks to his interview of Elon Musk. Multiple reports confirm that the views generated on X/Twitter by Don Lemon’s show dropped by more than 90%.

Lemon Went Viral With Elon Musk Interview In His Debut Episode

Don Lemon seemed to have a solid formula for launching his show. As part of his debut episode, he booked an interview with X/Twitter owner and Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk himself.

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The interview generated even more views and essentially went viral shortly after the interview aired. Apparently, the two had a behind-the-scenes fallout regarding the questions that Don Lemon chose to ask.

Latest Video Of Don Lemon Show Generated 1% Of Views From Elon Musk Interview

An analysis of the views generated by Lemon’s five posted episodes shows the full scope of the viewership decline. One report claims that the latest video was viewed a little more than 1% of the times that the Elon Musk interview video was viewed.

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Even when considering the show as a whole, the statistics do not get much better. The cumulative views of the four episodes posted after the Elon Musk interview generated less than 20% of the views from the Musk interview.

Don Lemon Said ‘Elon Musk Decided To Scrap The Deal’

Lemon claimed that it was Elon Musk’s idea to get rid of the initial deal that he made with Lemon. Lemon stated that “Elon Musk decided to scrap the deal.”

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Lemon also expressed that Musk’s decision took place “after months of begging” and “wooing” Lemon. According to Lemon, Musk wanted Lemon “to offer some exclusive content on his platform.”

Lemon Allegedly Demanded Free Tesla Cybertruck, $5 Million Advance

Multiple reports indicate that Don Lemon made several extravagant demands as part of the deal that he made with Elon Musk. For instance, one of the alleged demands was a free Tesla Cybertruck.

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Other alleged demands included a $5 million advance over and above his $8 million salary. One report even says that Lemon demanded an equity stake in X/Twitter.

Lemon May Have Wanted Power To Modify X’s Policy On News Content

Another demand that Don Lemon allegedly made deal with the way that X publishes and posts news content. Lemon reportedly wanted the ability and power to modify the policy that X/Twitter currently has enforced regarding news content.

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Musk apparently was aware of the demands in advance of his interview with Don Lemon. However, X reportedly backed out of the deal.

Don Lemon Was Informed Of Musk’s Decision ‘Hours’ After Their Interview

According to a statement posted to X by Don Lemon, it did not take very long after their interview for Elon Musk to finalize his decision. Elon reportedly informed Lemon of his decision “hours after” the interview conducted with him.

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Lemon highlighted that the end of his deal with Musk did not hinder the release of the premiere episode, which still aired as scheduled on Monday, March 18.

Lemon Stated That Musk Said He Would Have Elon’s ‘Full Support’

Lemon stated that Elon assured him that he would have his “full support” as part of the new show on X. He also explained that “Elon publicly encouraged” him to join X with the new show.

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According to Lemon, Elon told him that his “digital town square is for all.” Musk’s team reportedly pursued the deal in multiple conversations “and made significant commitments about the support X would provide for the show.”

Lemon Claimed That ‘There Were No Restrictions’ On The Elon Musk Interview

According to Don Lemon, “there were no restrictions on the interview that he willingly agreed to.” Lemon added that his questions to Elon Musk “were respectful and wide ranging.”

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Lemon continued by stating that his questions ranged from the presidential election to SpaceX. Don felt that they “had a good conversation,” but that “clearly” Elon Musk “felt differently” about it.

Elon Musk Said Show Was ‘Jeff Zucker Talking Through Don’, ‘Lacked Authenticity’

Elon Musk addressed the termination of his deal with Don Lemon in his own posts on X/Twitter as well. Musk stated that Lemon’s approach was basically just “CNN, but on social media.”

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He added that the CNN model would not work “as evidenced by the fact that CNN is dying.” Musk further explained that he did not get “the real Don Lemon.” Instead, “it was really just Jeff Zucker talking through Don” – meaning that it “lacked authenticity.”

Lemon Interviewed Ambassador Linda Greenfield, Only Generated 26K Views

The fifth episode of Don Lemon’s show on X/Twitter featured an interview of Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. The episode first aired on Monday.

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However, that did not make much of a dent in the overall views for Don Lemon’s overall show. One report shows that the interview only generated a little more than 26,000 views.

Tucker Carlson Generated Average Of 6 Million Views For Episodes On X

Tucker Carlson used the same social media platform to generate views for his own content. The former Fox News host reportedly garnered tens of millions of views.

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One report shows that Carlson generated close to 60 million views and counting. This equals out to be an average of 6 million views per episode, which is more than doubled the views of Lemon’s most popular episode so far.

Don Lemon Interviewed Journalist Kara Swisher, Became Lemon’s Second Top Video

The second episode of Don Lemon’s show had him face-to-face in an interview with veteran journalist Kara Swisher. Swisher also featured quite a few segments about Elon Musk.

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Analytical studies show that the Kara Swisher episode has become Don Lemon’s second-most viewed episode so far.

Don Lemon Left CNN In April 2023 After Reports Of Alleged Misogynistic Behavior

Don Lemon made headlines in April of 2023 when his departure from CNN was first announced. The news followed a series of reports of alleged misogynistic behavior exhibited towards his colleagues.

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There was also a series of on-air remarks that were heavily criticized. This was all in addition to a massive shake-up that affected cable news around the same time across multiple networks.

X Announced Three Brand News Shows Launched Back In January

X announced back in January that the social media platform would be releasing three brand new shows – including the Don Lemon Show. Former lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard was reportedly the star of the second show promoted by the social media platform formerly known as “Twitter.”

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In addition, sports commentator Jim Rome was also announced as being the lead of his own show on the platform. Some perceived that particular decision as an effort to move the focus of the social media platform far away from Elon Musk’s own controversial posts.

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